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Growth Hacking For Mobile - Hack 2 Validate & Hack 2 Grow


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Before product/market fit startups hack to validate.
After product/market fit startups hack to grow.

Real growth hacking is NOT the new marketing. It is the intersection between product, marketing and data. When you place Product/Tech into this "equation" your startup will have a myriad of way to ignite and drive growth.

In the age of social, the right growth strategy with the right product-market fit will lead to massive scale through viral loops. (Aaron Ginn).

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Growth Hacking For Mobile - Hack 2 Validate & Hack 2 Grow

  1. 1. Growth Hacking For Mobile ! Hack to Validate Hack to Grow @andreehuk
  2. 2. same fashion ≠ different results @andreehuk
  3. 3. “whenever i followed another person’s advise i lost money” {jim rogers} @andreehuk
  4. 4. what is growth hacking? @andreehuk
  5. 5. the new marketing @andreehuk
  6. 6. the intersection between product, marketing and data ! “in the age of social, the right growth strategy with the right product-market fit will lead to massive scale through viral loops” {aaron ginn} @andreehuk
  7. 7. example airbnb @andreehuk
  8. 8. example airbnb # of guests @andreehuk
  9. 9. example twitter @andreehuk
  10. 10. example twitter “We dug in and tried to learn what the “aha” moment was for a new user and then rebuilt our entire new user experience to engineer that more quickly” {josh elman, joined twitter in oct 2009} @andreehuk
  11. 11. example twitter @andreehuk
  12. 12. example reddit @andreehuk
  13. 13. what is growth for you? bpmf or apmf? @andreehuk
  14. 14. “product-market fit is the only thing that matters” {marc andreessen} @andreehuk
  15. 15. before product/market fit hack to validate ! after product/market fit hack to grow @andreehuk
  16. 16. “growth hackers make products that are easily understood beyond a niche tech crowd” {bronson taylor} @andreehuk
  17. 17. simplify, simplify, simplify @andreehuk
  18. 18. simplify, simplify, simplify @andreehuk
  19. 19. simplify, simplify, simplify @andreehuk
  20. 20. simplify, simplify, simplify This is focused and simple old new @andreehuk
  21. 21. tracking on mobile @andreehuk
  22. 22. tracking on mobile ios cuts the cord between acquisition and install ! android doesn’t, yeah @andreehuk
  23. 23. tracking on mobile cookie {ios} referrer url {android} unique identifier device fingerprint {web > app} @andreehuk
  24. 24. tracking on mobile 3rd party tools ad other app has sdk of ad network ! ad network is integrated with 3rd party tracking tool app download your app w/ 3rd tracking tracking sdk @andreehuk
  25. 25. tracking on mobile @andreehuk
  26. 26. tracking on mobile @andreehuk
  27. 27. growth hacking bpmf @andreehuk
  28. 28. single-player utility ! hack 1 @andreehuk
  29. 29. single-player utility
  30. 30. single-player utility @andreehuk
  31. 31. single-player utility @andreehuk
  32. 32. learnings single-player utility • get value out on your own • solves chicken-egg problem • its scalable • after they became hooked integrate smart viral loops @andreehuk
  33. 33. how to tackle content v0.1 ! hack 2 @andreehuk
  34. 34. @andreehuk
  35. 35. how to tackle content v0.1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 9 when they started 8 @andreehuk
  36. 36. how to tackle content v0.1 1 This is restrict ive This is focused and simple 2 new @andreehuk
  37. 37. learnings tackle content v0.1 • keep the core features as accessible as possible • avoid/mind restrictive features @andreehuk
  38. 38. how to ‘fake’ or ignite activity? ! hack 3 @andreehuk
  39. 39. spur activity Aw’sm party? We ll… @andreehuk
  40. 40. how to ignite activity? A Empty party Sorry mate, no buddies @andreehuk
  41. 41. how to ignite activity? user a invites user b invites non-user c b + c do not know each other @andreehuk
  42. 42. how to ignite activity? user c become friends user b signs up non-user c @andreehuk
  43. 43. alive and kickin’ @andreehuk
  44. 44. how to ignite activity? alive and kickin’ A Sorry mate, no buddies @andreehuk
  45. 45. learnings ignite activity • non-trustful connections can get your product to the next milestone • make it appear like the party is in full swing @andreehuk
  46. 46. tackle content v0.2 ! hack 4 @andreehuk
  47. 47. tackle content v0.2 existing users already have a bunch of ‘friends’ new users? w/ time+cash: onboarding flow like twitter @andreehuk
  48. 48. tackle content v0.2 user list signs up @user @user @user @user @user @user @andreehuk
  49. 49. growth hacking apmf yeaaah, luv’ that @andreehuk
  50. 50. aw’sm invitations ! hack 5 @andreehuk
  51. 51. aw’sm invitations user d @andreehuk
  52. 52. aw’sm invitations Andree Password possible only w/ android @andreehuk
  53. 53. learnings aw’sm invitations • “pre-fill” the sign up experience • create an end-to-end invite loop @andreehuk
  54. 54. walkthrough testing ! hack 6 @andreehuk
  55. 55. walkthrough testing adword version 1 text version 1 Sign up now normal on the w adword version 2 eb text version 2 Sign up now @andreehuk
  56. 56. walkthrough testing not done on mob ile, why? @andreehuk
  57. 57. walkthrough testing POSING Welcome! Going out tonight? Dinner with friends? Create an event and add photos… Invite friends on POSINGLIFE, via WhatsApp or Email… Create the event. Then add photos or invite friends or simply share it with others. Whatever the activity, this is your new event! soft-coded < Swipe responsive webs ite tracked w/ andro id version a version b @andreehuk
  58. 58. learnings walkthrough testing • mobile can be as flexible as the web • make the onboarding experience consistent • test holistically on web & mobile @andreehuk
  59. 59. give to get ! hack 7 @andreehuk
  60. 60. tracking on mobile user a sms email else… non-users @andreehuk
  61. 61. tracking on mobile iphone android are set up as publisher on MAT, w/ separate id’s @andreehuk
  62. 62. tracking on mobile &site_id_ios=4759&site_id_android=4760&site_id_web=5112 &inviter={phone}&invitee={email,phone#} publisher_id=5433 ! site_id_ios=4759 site_id_android=4760 site_id_web=5112 ! inviter={phone} invitee={email,phone#} app of inviter, e.g. iphone app ! what app to download depending on invitee device ! inviter and invitee details for callback to our server @andreehuk
  63. 63. growth hacking for mobile yeaaah, luv’ that points to consider @andreehuk
  64. 64. points to consider • can track every sort of event, e.g. btn’s, $ • KISS • the most important metric first • the fewer the better • start with android, then move to ios • data sent cannot be removed • reduce chaos • keep testing & prod versions separate • trigger tracking where the data itself changed • trigger tracking after event happened @andreehuk
  65. 65. worldwide
  66. 66. appendix @andreehuk
  67. 67. NPS of around 30-40 ! ask how likely are you to recommend my aw’sm product to a friend? @andreehuk
  68. 68. NPS of about 35-45 @andreehuk
  69. 69. NPS of about 35-45 @andreehuk