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Band Management Service

  1. 1. Band Management ServiceStanford University TGA TeamEntrepreneurship Technology Course André Eduardo BaldiniProfessor Chuck Eesley Gustavo Campos Tomy Carlo Inhauser
  2. 2. Band Management ServiceThe Band Management Service is a collaborative internet service thatprovides tools to make this task easier for musicians.• Manage the band setlists• Schedule rehearsals and shows• Find musicians who wants to join a band• Create a good communication channel with band members and fans• Keep and publish material about the band including its own website• Advertise• Find near bands who need a specific musician
  3. 3. Band Management Service People who likes music can use the Band Management Service to: • Keep track of their favorite bands • Receive news and shows agenda • Hear songs • See pictures and videos • Write reviews and vote in their favorite bands • Discover who will play near their location • Write reviews about the bands and their songs
  4. 4. The SurveyBand Management ServiceThe Survey link: most important informations obtained with this Survey are:• The vast majority of the Bands use Social Networks to keep in contact with their fans and publish their material.• Almost all Bands manages their own website and they don´t pay nothing to advertise or publish their material.• The main difficulty for Bands is properly show their stuff.
  5. 5. Market Size AnalysisBand Management ServiceThe market size of Independent Bands Independentand Musicians is very hard to define. Bands Around The World (?)We found +60.000 Bands that use Social IndependentMedia in Brazil, but we imagine this Braziliannumber is underestimate. Bands (?)If we imagine each band spend 100dollars per year, we will have a 6 Milliondollars market a year. + 60.000 Bands uses Social Network in Brazil
  6. 6. Face-to-Face InterviewsBand Management Service We did interview four potential customers and got the following feedback which changed our business model: • Our mobile app was going to be paid, but we learned that fans are not willing to pay for this kind of app, so we changed it to a Targeted Advertising model. • We learned that garage bands’ biggest problem is to find musicians to complete the cast, so we added the feature with searches based on location and instrument. • The need for a place to organize setlists, lyrics and scores was confirmed as we were planning to offer.
  7. 7. Face-to-Face InterviewsBand Management Service • Most garage bands don’t have a budget, so one of the interviewees told us the basic service should be free or really cheap. • For the sake of usability the “social network style” was suggested, and also the integration with existing social networks to share content in multiple channels. • One very important suggestion was to focus on a small set of features to start with, because this kind of site can take many paths to evolve and offer many services.
  8. 8. ConclusionBand Management Service The Independent Bands have many channels to publish their stuff and to keep in contact with their fans, but these channels don´t offer the necessary exposure to make them known. We will evaluate the possibility to create a streaming radio with songs from independent bands, to bring an extra channel to promote the bands and advertise their material.