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Blank paper challenge


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Blank paper challenge

  1. 1. Do we make one exchange or Change a lifePAST It all started with 7 crazy students anda wish to change the world. Then…the waveslightly got a shape: Bill Clinton, Kofi Annan,Martti Ahtissari and many others. We’vetouched millions of lives.. But can we domore?Our purpose as an organization is to create abetter world, through powerful stories thatshape great individuals. Is it about numbers, or about changing lives? We have in our hands a huge responsibility. The responsibility of shaping behaviors. Wishes, fears and dreams are laying behind every exchange number; furthermore AIESEC can create powerful stories that will shape great individuals. We should focus on what’s 100% real: each and every student that we get in touch with, cause in the end, it’s all about them.FUTURE AIESEC is a movement. An open tribe. A group of crazystudents on a mission to start a wave in Romania. The pastpromotions of Romanian students are responsible leaders in oursociety. We are the best solution for the biggest national issues. We arethe voice our generation.