Andre Dan: Welcome 2010 In 14 Slides


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Present myself in 2010 and value my activities in 2009.
My objective: give ideas to contact me, and eventually take me as speaker or consultant...
Happy new year!
Will 2010 bring you what you desire.

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  • Merci André de m’avoir envoyé ta nouvelle présentation 2009 et merci d’avoir remarqué que j’étais parmi les premiers à y avoir répondu en 2008. Le cru 2009 m’est apparu encore mieux avec un ’look André’ de nouvelle génération. Et oui la barbe naissante te va bien et te rajeunit. Ta communication par l’image exprime bien tes nombreux champs d’intervention et ta capacité de travail que je sais être grande. Penses néanmoins à te ménager. Je te souhaite que ce document te permette de t’attirer autant voir plus de clients qu’en 2008 et 2009. Je crois que nous allons nous retrouver bientôt autour d’un diner. ’Collèguement votre’ Eric
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Andre Dan: Welcome 2010 In 14 Slides

  1. 1. Paris Hi! is my home Salut ! 1 minute Video English Welcome Français 2010 in 14 slides I’m André Dan Citizen of the World since 1957
  2. 2. 2008 2009
  3. 3. I always love Watching sports Meeting people Listening Thinking to music
  4. 4. In 2009, I visited Israel Tel Aviv/Haifa/Jerusalem, for business (business mission: and I loved Technion, Microsoft, Comverse,Telecom…) Tunis,Tunisia 1st time Kinshasa, 1st time
  5. 5. Enterprise Social Networking in France Social Networking Conference, I gave a conference in London 24 September 2009 André Dan, president Challengy, Paris, France
  6. 6. I advised for the Private Social Network between VCs & 450 CEOs I advised for the Selection of Innovative Solutions Forum de l’Innovation, 29/09/2009
  7. 7. I created that conference in 2008 for Why and how to use Social Networks in your business using Viadeo & Facebook. I gave 12 conferences and workshops in 2009 in Paris, Boulogne-Billancourt, Bobigny, Strasbourg, Geneva, Lausanne
  8. 8. I organized the 7th Year’s Selection Process (20 start-up) & MC of the event
  9. 9. HR & Social Networking debate
  10. 10. 3rd International Congress of Black Women I gave conferences and workshops on social networking for business, associations and politics With Patricia, With the family the visionary organizer minister of Congo
  11. 11. I was at the MEDEF event for the 1st time I gave 4 conferences I coached 6 entrepreneurs’ elevator pitches
  12. 12. So this is Andre Dan France, Europe, Speaker, USA, Consultant, Trainer, Africa, Coach, e-Coach Israel… Social Networking: Business & in real & on line, Tourism internal & external, Missions open & private, B2B & B2C Professor and Coach (Investors +Entrepreneurs): in Entrepreneurship Executive Board Member Board Member Master of Ceremony, moderator of companies
  13. 13. Welcome & visit Connect with me on Read my conferences & workshops’ slides Watch my videos And PLEASE give me your feed-back
  14. 14. A N D R É DA N Social Networking Services I look forward to meeting YOU in 2010 AD-Jan-2010 Skype: andredan GSM: +336-8038-5710