Andre Dan: Enterprise Social Networking In France Conference 2009


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Here is a conference which I had a great pleasure to give at the ’Social Networking Conference’ in London in September 2009.
I was lucky to meet other international experts, and users from all over Europe.
Let’s exchange openly!

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Andre Dan: Enterprise Social Networking In France Conference 2009

  1. 1. Enterprise Social Networking in France Social Networking Conference, London 2009 24 September André Dan, president Challengy, Paris, France
  2. 2.
  3. 3. Agenda • Enterprise Social Networking – Key functions – Leading tools • in France – Boostzone: think tank – blueKiwi: software vendor – Inspheris: software vendor – Challengy: consulting & coaching • Global evolution – ROI – Market Dynamics
  4. 4. Enterprise Social Networking Key functions • Facilitate communication – Informal exchanges – Top-down & Bottom-up – Projects’ knowledge management – Capitalize information • Enable the move from an information system to a relations systems with people in the center – For a new collective performance • Facilitate innovation and change
  5. 5. Enterprise Social Networking Key functions People/Groups Messages Pages Blogs The Enterprise Social Networking Platform Forums Comments Documents Tags RSS Widgets
  6. 6. Enterprise Social Networking Leading tools IBM Connections 2 French tools The open ones And 1 French open tool
  7. 7. in France Enterprise Social Networking Think Tank • An independent think tank and consulting place since 2004 • Dedicated to the impact on CORPORATE STRATEGIES of the evolution of society and the WORLD OF WORK • With a particular focus on how our connected society requires a change in paradigm in management towards NETWORK CENTRIC MANAGEMENT(NCM) • With a public site where selected « Fellows » publish in French and English, and a private site, Le Cercle, a closed forum reserved to thought leaders and corporate practitioners • Producing researches, training, thought leading pieces, unique small size events on practical NCM issues, conferences • With a specific and closed Research Seminar organized as a PhD seminar • Managed via a scientific committee composed of senior executives of large companies • Serving Fortune 500 clients on the consulting side but does not disclose client’s names • The Boostzone Institute looks for the impact its members can have on their organization and is not trying to achieve a major Internet visibility
  8. 8. in France Strategic Impact through Connected People DominiqueTurcq, PhD. Président Boostzone Institute CEO Boostzone Consulting February 21st 2008
  9. 9. in France The Founder: Dominique Turcq •Education •HEC MBA (France) •PhD in corporate sociology and in Management (Paris) •Doctor Course Kobe University (Japan) •His careers spans several worlds: •Academic •Professor of international strategy at HEC, INSEAD (France), IIST (Japan) •Corporation •SVP Marketing at Sony (France and US) •SVP Strategy at Manpower Inc. (US) •Consulting •Partner with McKinsey&Cy with career in France, Europe, India, US, China, Japan,Germany •Administration: •Member of several French non partisan Government organization on economic and world of work prospective issues
  10. 10. Who’s blueKiwi Software? in France blueKiwi Software is the leading European provider of Enterprise Social Software. “a refreshing change to the way we work, and a juicy return to fruitful interaction...” Created in 2006 by Carlos Diaz and Christophe Routhieau 30 employees – Offices in Paris. Distributors in the UK, Scandinavia, Belgium and Germany 75 clients – 75000 users Strategic and distribution partnership with Dassault Systèmes Technological partnerships with Microsoft, Alcatel-Lucent and Sinequa 10 SI partnerships with 10 companies like Logica and Atos Origin
  11. 11. in France Announced in June 2009 1. Dassault Systèmes and blueKiwi Software Form Strategic Alliance Partnership – To create a worldwide leader in Enterprise 2.0 Software – To add the ‘social layer’ on the PLM 2.0 platform and deliver on Dassault Système’s vision – To distribute blueKiwi worldwide as part of the DS portfolio (2000+ sales rep and 700+ VARs) – To engage joint development and invent new usages 2. blueKiwi Software Raises Second Round of Funding: $6m – To accelerate International expansion – To bring on board an industrial partner : DS invests $4m – Sofinnova participates in this second round and stays leading investor – Bernard Charles will support personally blueKiwi Software
  12. 12. in France Dassault Systèmes Overview $1.97B Blue Chip People #1 in PLM Revenue* Customers (2008) • Market footprint • 7,875 employees • 26% market • 100,000 (end users) = $3.6B • 80 nationalities share: +1pt in customers • 22.2% of revenue 2008 • 28 countries • 11 industries reinvested in R&D* • 6 brands: • 20 R&D labs • 2 million users • Unique business • SolidWorks model with 64% • 44% of • CATIA recurring revenue* employees work • SIMULIA in R&D • Operating margin: • DELMIA 25.6%* • ENOVIA • 3DVIA * Non-IFRS financial information excludes the effect of adjusting the carrying value of acquired companies’ deferred revenue, amortization of acquired intangibles, and stock-based compensation.
  13. 13. We’ve got clients for a reason!
  14. 14. We Focus on Solutions! in France We provide a new way for businesses to improve the performance of virtual teams, tap into their employees', partners’ or customers’ great ideas, and eliminate the bad use of email as a communication tool
  15. 15. in France SMB & Enterprise Current Pricing
  16. 16. in France Orange Team Together We Can Do More • Orange is the key brand of France Telecom, one of the world's leading telecommunications operators • 122 million mobile customers worldwide • 200,000 employees Business Opportunity • Accelerate Technical Support problem resolution -> increase customer satisfaction • Facilitate transversal collaboration and identify experts -> improve productivity • Foster innovation with new ideas -> reduce the cycle • Engage people and accelerate new comers integration -> reduce ramp up costs • Support the company global cultural shift from a network to services operator
  17. 17. in France Orange Team How is social software being applied to the challenge? • Enterprise wide approach and unified solution in order to create more value (Metcalf low) • Bring new collaborative solutions within the group community by community, with a ROI driven approach: identify specific usages and build business cases accordingly • Example of communities created so far • Web 2.0: innovation / sharing • Activity, Planning and Monitoring: management • Performance & Experts: mutual aid / performance improvement • Technical support advisors: customer satisfaction • Management control: innovation / sharing • Workspaces are created whenever needed : 41 groups to date • Information sorted by themes, search engine, folksonomy and filters • Strong analytics to monitor and drive the social network performance
  18. 18. in France Orange Team • What are the results? Eric, 31, technical advisor in an Orange 1. Technical Support Community shop « Every day, a lot of customers come to • 92% of problems find solution within our shop to ask for help for various a day reasons. Obviously, I can’t know • 63% increase of the Net Promoter everything, so it is necessary to have a place to discuss with my colleagues. Now, Score in three months* I know the best expert in every domain • 83% of technical advisors see and I can quickly mobilize the right person efficiency improvements to get a sure answer. Sometimes, that’s my turn to help other people when it • Question: should Orange Team be concerns my skills. Orange Team is a real extended to other communities? sharing tool and drives recognition by my • Customer service: 77% Yes managers, that’s why I am highly motivated to do my best to help my • Job experts : 92% yes colleagues. I’m loving it ! » * OPF survey between Oct and Dec 2008
  19. 19. in France Orange Team Evolution d'Orange Team What are the results? 2500 25000 2. Global user adoption 2000 20000 Axe MEMBRES et CONTRIBUTIONS • 883 members as of to 1500 15000 date Axe VISITES 1000 10000 500 5000 • 2131 contributions 0 0 sept.-08 oct.-08 nov.-08 déc.-08 janv.-09 févr.-09 mars-09 • 20927 visits -500 -5000 Membres Contributions (cumulé) Visites (cumulé)
  20. 20. in France Introducing The Inspheris’ Enterprise Software Suite
  21. 21. in France Mission Empowering the collaborative dimension of your organization to benefit from the Business Social Networking Services. Socialization Access to Non Structured Information Best Practices Innovation Business Communities Knowledge management Employee incentive Collaboration Enterprise 2.0
  22. 22. in France Core Software Communities - Profile – Networking Admin - Policies - Cty Management - - Tags - Search … Statisics - Tracking … Q&A – Ideas - Contributions Workshops – Best Practices - Innovation Wikis - Documents - Video Events – Schedule - Deadlines IM - Chat - Notifications - Blogs News – Emailings Software’s Stem
  23. 23. in France And yet another Social Business Software ? Presence on the French market for more than 4 years Leader in the « custom-made » Entreprise Social Projects Inspheris System is the only « à la carte » solution, based on a Software Stem, that allows you to configure your own Social business platform. Delivered (Onsite, or in Saas mode) Either as a standalone packaged platform Or as an implementation into your existing Intranet, …
  24. 24. in France Clients
  25. 25. Consulting & Coaching Challengy SN in real Private social Open social Services network network For the Teach methods and Advise, brainstorm Teach the e-identity, Organization tools to build a correct e-reputation online community (Viadeo, Facilitate convivial (Ning, BlueKiwi, Facebook…) to build and professional Inspheris…) the organizational meetings branding Coach the users For the Individual Teach & coach: social Coach for using the Coach for business networking on how collaborative or career to use social networks potentials management for projects, business or career
  26. 26. Global evolution Enterprise Social Networking ROI • Tactical ROI – Time saved in email. – Money saved on storage of multiple copies of docs. – Time saved in process. • Strategic ROI – What business problem do you need to solve? – Enabling geographically dispersed teams. – Mergers – getting folks integrated and up to speed. – Brain drain – retaining knowledge leaving via retirement or cutbacks. • Visionary ROI – Collaborative Culture – the total is more than the sum of its parts. – Cross Pollination of teams, ability to “connect the dots.” – Quality Improvements. – Support for innovation.
  27. 27. Global evolution Enterprise Social Networking Market Dynamics 1. A Booming Market – Enterprise Social Software – Forecast to grow from $437.2m in 2009 to $1,996.7m worldwide in 2013, (CAGR) of 54% (Forrester – Global Enterprise Web 2.0 Market Forecast – April 2008) 2. User Demand – A Social Layer Coupled to Business Applications – Employees using social networks are 7% more productive than their colleagues (HBR 2009)
  28. 28.