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Music magazine plan

  1. 1. This is a list of fonts that could be used for my Headline, out of these options I would pick Font 3, this is because Font 3 is a san serif font, its essential for my headline to be san serif because I want my magazine to appeal to both males and females, if I were to choose a serif font males would most likely not read the magazine but if a female were to see a san serif headline they would most likely still read it. This is a list of fonts that could be used for majority of the texts I would include in my magazine, out of these options I would pick hip hop 1, this is because hip hop1 is plain and bold which makes it easier for my target audience to understand every word in my music magazine. Hip Hop1 , Hip Hop2 , Hip hop3, Hip Hop4, Hip hop5, Hip Hop6, Hip Hop7, Hip Hop8
  2. 2. I would pick either blue or purple for my colour scheme, this is because blue and purple are funky colours and hip hop is a funky genre, also blue and purple are bright colours which means they would help make my music magazine stand out more so it can catch my target audiences attention.
  3. 3. Master head Issue date/Date Tag Line Main Story Main image Extra text (Give away’s / competitions) Sub Story’s Barcode/ Price
  4. 4. Contents Page Date image pages image image image image
  5. 5. Master head Issue date/Date Main Story Sub Story’s Extra text (Give away’s / competitions) Barcode/ Price
  6. 6. Mock up Put your Hip where your Hop is Check out Christina millian’s new album Chief keef talks about his new album finally rich Release Date: ;) 12.10.14 Scan for the chance to win a free speaker from pringles Be the first to hear about the hip hop gossip! Price: £1.50
  7. 7. The excitement begins from the moment you turn to page 1! 1. Exclusive Nicki Minaj interview! 22. Christina Millian talks about her boyfriend! 31. Jayz reveals the release date of his new album 14.P diddy purchased a 1.5 million dollar car 5.Win free concert tickets to see Ciara!
  8. 8. 12G's Justin kilo sat down with Young Money artist Nicki Minaj for a exclusive interview. Minaj has created quite a buzz for herself working with Lil Wayne and being signed to his new label, along with guest appearances with some of the top names in the industry. She talks about her start in music, her new album and much more so check it out. I2G: We’re in the house with the hottest female MC out right now, Nicki Minaj. How are you doing at this time? Nicki Minaj: I’m fine, how are you? I2G: I’m doing well, thanks for taking the time to speak with us. Nicki Minaj: Thank you. I2G: What was it like growing up in Queens, New York? Nicki Minaj: We didn’t have that much money so we relied on each other and being on the block so to speak. We had to pa## the days away. We definitely weren’t taking any trips or vacations or adventures, none of that type of thing. My mother was very good to us. We grew up in the 80s, the crack era. It wasn’t always nice but I think it was a good experience. We saw a very rough surrounding. For me, I was just always like I’m gonna’ make it up outta’ here. That’s how it was. I2G: How did studying acting and signing in school help your career progress further than just dreams and aspirations? Nicki Minaj: I do lots of weird voices and I kind of act out my raps. That’s something that’s always been in me. Acting was always a part and faucet of my life. It just comes very natural. I think it’s a good thing. All rappers predominantly sound the same and want you to think their meanest person in the world, and that they’re all gangster and all that. My acting allowed me to be playful and crazy, and it helps me tell stories and all that. I think it’s a good time; rap needs that kind of stuff. I2G: I like how you switched it up there and went on to tell us how acting has helped your music. In terms of acting, is there a chance will ever see Nicki Minaj on the big screen? Nicki Minaj: Yeah. I’ve actually been reading some scripts for some movies. It’ll definitely happen soon. I’m a trained actress, not someone who started doing music and then went to act; I actually studied it. I’ll definitely be doing that very soon. I2G: How did singing background vocals and hooks for local rappers help you gain notoriety? Nicki Minaj: A lot of rappers want somebody to always sing on their records. If you can hold a note, they’re gonna’ ask you to come and be apart of their creativity. At that time, they were eager and on the streets selling drugs or in the studio making music. That was a big part of our lives were I grew up. I’m glad I did that because here I am working on my debut album, when I hear beats, I write records not just about rap, but also pop and R&B records. I’m glad I started out with that foundation because that’s a big part of music. Not only being able to write a 16 [bar verse], but sometimes rappers feel that’s all they need to learn how to do, but it’s not.
  9. 9. I2G: You were initially discovered on MySpace. How do you think such social networking spots have helped benefit the careers of aspiring artists? Nicki Minaj: It gives you a chance to present yourself to the world without sitting in the background waiting for the record company to do it for you. I2G: So you can get discovered on the internet without the help of the label, but you can also be heavily bootlegged. Is the internet a give and a curse for hip-hop? Nicki Minaj: I wouldn’t even say the internet is a gift and a curse for hip-hop. All types of music are bootlegged, including movies which are bootlegged. It’s just different now. I2G: What was your reaction like when Lil Wayne contacted you? Nicki Minaj: I was excited and jumping up and down and screaming; that type of thing (laughs). I thought it was a joke. I didn’t think he was really trying to contact me. I thought he was trying to punk me or something (laughs). When I figured out it was true, I felt like the luckiest girl in the world. I2G: Shortly after, you were contacted by all sorts of prestigious publications. XXL Magazine contacted you and ran a feature for example. Did you see instant results from affiliating yourself with Lil Wayne? Nicki Minaj: Definitely. I remember having to go on MySpace and then Lil Wayne came out on the “Upgrade You” freestyle and said “I just signed a chick named Nicki Minaj” and my inbox was flooded (laughs). When I say flooded, I couldn’t open the inbox fast enough. Him *Lil Wayne] just saying my name caused a different reaction from people. I2G: It took a couple of years before the official announcement of you signing to Young Money. Was that an easy decision for you to make? How come it took so long? Nicki Minaj: When I was young and we were both at very crucial points in our lives. It was the right thing to do to wait it out and see how the situation went. Me personally, I felt the need to weigh out my options because I didn’t want to sign to the type of record deal I thought female rappers usually get. I wanted to get an insane buzz going and have everybody talking about Nicki Minaj. I promised myself that is when I would sign. I was always wanted to be with Young Money but I didn’t know it what capacity. I was in a period where I was thinking a lot and working hard. I knew that if I worked, the labels would come to me. That’s why I wanted to wait and didn’t sign two years ago when they first contacted me. I don’t think it would have been a good idea for any of us. Lil Wayne still had a few questions about how he wanted to run his company at that time. I think I played chess and I won. I2G: You made a very good decision there. How is the debut album coming along? Nicki Minaj: its coming along well just a few finishing touches to add. 12G: Excellent, I think that’s enough thanks for your time Nicki Minaj: no problem