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Kevelaer declaration 27 may 2012


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Documento firmado pelo Príncipe e Grão Mestre da Ordem Militar e Hospitalar de São Lázaro de Jerusalém e pelo Patriarca da Igreja Católica Greco-Melquita.

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Kevelaer declaration 27 may 2012

  1. 1. DECLARATION ON THE NINTHEENTENARY OF THE ROYALRECOGNITION OF THE IDRDER OF&AINT ILLAZARUS OF+J- ERUSALEMt HEBrotherhood of Saint Lazarus was formed in theearly 12th century, and first recognized by a document ofdonation of King Louis VI of France in 1112, and shortlyafter by similar documents of King Henry II of Englandbefore 1121, and King Fulk of Jerusalem in 1142. N 1255, the Order was canonically recognized by theBull Gum a Nobis Petitur of Pope Alexander IV as aHospitaller and Military Order , of Chivalry under theRule of Saint Augustine.
  2. 2. t N1262, Pope Urban IV in the bull Circa Prelararumlerosolymitanorum placed the Order of Saint Lazarus inAcre, the last city still held by Crusaders in the HolyLand, under the protection and authority of the Patriarchof Jerusalem to the exclusion of all other episcopalcontrol.:&N1607 and 1608, the Bulls Romanus Pontifex andMilitantium Ordinurn of Pope Paul V established theOrder of Our Lady of Mount Carmel as a lay order,which King Henry IV of France immediately mergedwith the knights and possessions of the French Order ofSaint Lazarus. The King of France was given the right tonominate the Grand Master of the Order. ARDINAL Legate de VendOme confirmed in theBull Ludovicus Sanctae Mariae of 1668, under Papalauthority of Clement IX, the union of the Orders of SaintLazarus of Jerusalem and Our Lady of Mount Carmel,and affirmed that the United Orders had the authoritythat each order had previously enjoyed, singly andjointly, under apostolic authority, and specifically the
  3. 3. rights and privileges enumerated under the Bulls ofPopes Pius IV, Pius V and Paul V.At-N those Bulls, Pius IV in Inter Assiduas Dominici in1565 reconfirmed the privileges granted to the Order byprevious Popes, confirmed the Orders mandate forservice to lepers and the defense of the Church, andgave the Grand Master, as elected by a council ofknights and with the election confirmed by theProtector, full power and authority over the Order. Healso provided that the Order possessed the samehonours, privileges, exemptions and jurisdictions as theOrder of Saint John of lerusalem. Pius V in Sicut BonusAgricola reconfirmed these privileges. N 12 March 1825, the Minister of King Charles X ofFrance indicated that the United Order of Saint Lazarusof Jerusalem and Our Lady of Mount Carmel was to beleft to become extinct, which under canon law wouldoccur one hundred years after the death of the lastmember if the Order was not canonically reorganized.The last legitimately admitted member died in 1856,leaving a window for valid canonical reorganization openuntil 1956. (
  4. 4. SUBSEQUENT to this declaration and therelinquishment of all protection and control of theUnited Orders of Saint Lazarus and Our Lady of MountCarmel by the French monarchy, the Protection of theMelkite Greek Catholic Patriarch of Antioch, of all theEast, of Alexandria and of Jerusalem (in full communionwith the Apostolic See) was sought and obtained forsuch a reorganization of the Order, and the legitimateadmission of members, under his authority. SpiritualProtection of this same Order of Saint Lazarus wasgranted by Patriarch Maximos III (Mazloum) in 1841 andcontinued by his successors, and through His BeatitudeGregorios III, Patriarch of Antioch, Alexandria and ofJerusalem, with authority vested in the Grand Master,Grand Magistral Council and Chapter-General inaccordance with the constitution of the Order.c 1VEN at Kevelaer, Germany, this 27th day of May2012, the Feast of Pentecost. .. 1~ ~6c HIS EXCELLENCY DON CARLOS GEREDADE BOURBON, MARQUIS OF ALMAZAN ANDGRAND MASTER OF THE ORDER OF STLAZARUS OF JERUS
  5. 5. Ko Nthe occasion of this pilgrimage to the sanctuaryof Kevelaer, we want to confirm, once more, theSpiritual Protection of the Patriarch of Antioch and allthe East, of Alexandria and of Jerusalem, which wasgranted in 1841 by our venerated predecessor PatriarchMaximos III (Mazioum) to the Military and HospitallerOrder of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem, was continued byhis successors, and especially confirmed by PatriarchMaximos IV (Sayegh), of blessed memory, on February11, 1965.EARLIER. on June 3, 1911, Patriarch Cyril VIII (Géha)had blessed the modern reorganization of the Order.ACCORDINGLY, we commend and encouragethe continuation and expansion of the Orders traditionalcharitable and hospitaller work in its ecumenicaldimension, under the authority and governance of theGrand Master, presently His Excellency Don CarlosGereda de Bourbon, Marquis of Almazan, and of the
  6. 6. Grand Magistral Council, in accordance with itsconstitution and statutes.*]Ewish that the good relations between the Orderand the Melkite Greek Catholic Patriarchate will continueand grow, especially for an efficient support of thecharitable and hospitaller projects of the Patriarch andthe Patriarchate.WVNthis special occasion, we bestow our Apostolicblessing to all the members of the Military andHospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem.61VEN at Kevelaer in Germany this 27th day ofMay 2012, the Feast of Pentecost. çZJTi GREGORIOS 1119 PATRIARCH OFANTIOCH AND ALL THE EAST, OFALEXANDRIA AND OF JERUSALEM