Kho chang ching ppt


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Kho chang ching ppt

  1. 1. Background Increasing number of competitors that have the same interests in Chinese’s restaurant with more widespread promotions
  2. 2. Objectives •To strengthen Kho Chang Ching existence in its customers •Expanding Kho Chang Ching market share in Chinese restaurant •Increasing Kho Chang Ching brand recall as a delicious and classy Chinese restaurant
  3. 3. Symbol Base of Authority Brand Personality Core Value The Taste that Crosses the Border Emotional Benefit Ideal Customer Image Luxurious Chinese Restaurant Noodle and seafood Chinese cuisine specialist A Classy, prestigious and delicious Chinese Restaurant Modern, High Class, and Exclusive Functional Benefit Originality and scrumptious Chinese Restaurant Kho Chang Ching Honeycomb
  4. 4. The Taste That Crosses The Border Core Value Kho Chang Ching Brand Personality Exclusive A Classy, prestigious and delicious Chinese Restaurant
  5. 5. Kho Chang Ching Male & Female 30 – 50 y.o Exclusive Modern High Class Cuisine Lover
  6. 6. ARCAS Sheet what stimulus to undertake them know what to reminded to make it relevant technique How to present check point to select the brand Last push for purchase such as purchase privillage and sales talk as recommendation To be purchased repeatedly A ttract R elate C ompare A ction S ustain Every 5 meals get 30% discount voucher promos Family package menu Print Ad Adlips Radio and Social Network Internet Ad, POP