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What is second nature marketing


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What is second nature marketing

  1. 1. “Second Nature” Marketing Marketing Skills That Can Become An Every Day Practice
  2. 2. Andrea Walker /W. Social Marketing 2 What is “Second Nature” Marketing? • Marketing that you do everyday but just don’t think is marketing • Understanding what your brand is • Defining your mission • Not afraid to learn new things It Can Be Second Nature if…  You take a good hard look at your current pr/marketing practices.  Study your current direct results  What do you want to learn and how can it strengthen your company’s brand?  Adapt your practices to attract more customers/clients  Know how to successfully integrate all your practices together in a cohesive manner.
  3. 3. Andrea Walker /W. Social Marketing 3 Tools to Consider… • Internal Communications • Relationship Marketing • Community Involvement • Social Media • Inbound Marketing • Content Creation About W. Social Marketing Andrea Walker is CEO/Owner of W. Social Marketing, an integrated public relations/marketing firm. To learn more about ‘Second Nature” Marketing for your business, email