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6 tips on creating pr content for your company


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6 tips on creating pr content for your company

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 W. Social Marketing 2309 
 Think Like A Journalist… 6 Tips on Creating PR Content For Your Company 1. No Waiting Around Media is great but it’s not the only way to tell your story. Create content you can share with the public as well as distribute through traditional & online platforms. 

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 2. What’s Your Story? Figure out what kind of story you want to tell about your company. Does company news center around… 
 • Company accomplishments & milestones
 • New products
 • Company developments
 • Company expertise
 Your Story Interesting? Is 
 Think about your story’s relevance to your audience. Does your story provide some kind of value to the public? For example, does the story inform, entertain or both? Know what, when, where & why when crafting your story. 
 4. Package Your Story Think about elements you can incorporate to bring your story to life and add more depth. • Video • Photos • Graphics • Sidebars-polls, quizzes, contests 

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 5. Share Your Story Send your press release to media contacts but post a longer press release on your website. This also helps with the website’s search engine optimization. Also share company news on the following… 
 • Blogs-keep content conversational
 • Social networking sites
 • Video press release
 • News wire services
 • RSS & Subscribe widgets
 • Website & project partner websites
 6. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Ask customers/fans to share content on their own social networking sites or blogs. Also, tap into your professional network & friends for help in sharing your company news. Encourage company employees to help promote.