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How Brands Can Survive & Thrive Online - Digital Evolution

Andrea Vascellari's presentation about "digital evolution" and how "digital species" - in this case websites & web properties of brands and organizations - need to adapt to environmental changes (new technologies, etc...) or else they will be wiped off the face of the world wide web.

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How Brands Can Survive & Thrive Online - Digital Evolution

  1. 1. @vascellari Digital Evolution Time is ticking... Andrea Vascellari - CEO
  2. 2. @vascellari 'Real World' The Earth  is 4.54 billion years  (based on radiometric age dating of meteorite material, terrestrial and lunar samples)
  3. 3. @vascellari 'Digital World' Arpanet (1957) first knowledge transfer network ... Internet (1990) TCP-IP prot. credit:
  4. 4. @vascellari Primary cause of extinction inability of species to adapt to environmental changes. !
  5. 5. @vascellari Mass Extinctions
  6. 6. @vascellari Digital Extinction credit:
  7. 7. @vascellari Anyone?
  8. 8. @vascellari Ellesmerocerids! Among the earliest cephalopods order to emerge The only shelled cephalopods that survived the end-Cambrian extinction. All the following cephalopods are derived from these forms
  9. 9. @vascellari A few 'bits' later... we've gone a long way...
  10. 10. @vascellari Forget Websites...Think of Digital Brains Digital brains aren't that different from human brains... Hindbrain (vital functions) Midbrain (reflex center) Forebrain   (2 hemispheres: logic & creative) credit:
  11. 11. @vascellari Digital Brain Digital brains aren't that different from human brains... Hindbrain (index, config, css, etc.) Midbrain (forms, spam filters, etc.) Forebrain  (overall design & functionality) credit:
  12. 12. @vascellari Game Changers credit: new / evolved species environmental changes
  13. 13. @vascellari Evolution Failure? you get wiped off the face of the www : D - btw - we love Darwin ;)
  14. 14. @vascellari Natural Digital Selection Strategy What to do to survive? credits: - btw - we love Darwin ;)
  15. 15. @vascellari Natural Digital Selection Tactics How to do it? credits: - btw - we love Darwin ;)
  16. 16. @vascellari Digi-Evolution Google is a digi-sage  it picks the best digital brains that people need to achieve certain objectives. - btw - we love Darwin ;)
  17. 17. @vascellari A Good Place to Start - btw - we love Darwin ;) + -
  18. 18. @vascellari don’t go extinct... survive & thrive in the digital jungle!
  19. 19. @vascellari [email_address]    
  20. 20. @vascellari [email_address]