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Start App - Pitch


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Published in: Technology, Business

Start App - Pitch

  1. 1. A smart solution for your business take-off problems.
  2. 2. StartApp TeamAndrea Trinetti – Planner & Business Controller – Milan, ItalyEclectic and ever sated by new experiences, expert in planning and control, but lover of everything thatsunconventional. I divide my self between the more pragmatic issues of economy and the most abstract world ofinnovative marketing and new media, constantly accompanied by my many passions.Skilled in:- KPI analysis- Business planning- Budget & mid-term plan definition- Mid-term forecasts- Monthly reporting- M&A scenarios Fano – Digital Designer – Milan, ItalyArt, graphic and communication lover. Curious about everythings new and unexplored. A full time Digital Designerand a part time dreamer.Skilled in:- Web & print graphic design- Packaging design- Image identity- Logo design- Web interfaces
  3. 3. What?In an economic environment increasingly dynamic and full of new businessinitiatives, is basilar for a startupper to translate ideas into a structured plan, butthat’s not so easy to realize without a professional advice.No matter if you just want to start a business in your garage or a little craft shop.StartApp lets you create your personal business plan for small commerce.Why?This application will be developed as an easily understood tool by all those userswhich wants to approach the business world with their ideas, but dont have thetechnical means to build a complete business plan.How?
  4. 4. Business PropositionOur idea will be developed as a mobile application for tablet devices,exploiting the simple usability and the large diffusion of the App Store andGoogle Play Store.The intuitive wireframe and the tactile interface will be the plus of thisproduct.The user experience will be focused on a playful framework that makessure that the app is perceived as very friendly by any kind of user, fromprofessionals to dummies.The revenue model will be based on advertising revenues for the freeversion and download revenues coming from the downloads of the “ad-free version” app and from the "in app" add on modules downloads.DownloadAdv
  5. 5. Market InsightsWe will address to the “Mobile Apps for Tablet” market. Our Customers will beadults between 18y and 45y who use tablets as a professional support for theirbusiness activities too and are planning to start a new business initiative.Numbers says that:“today 18% of adults own atablet computer and 77% oftablet owners use their tabletsevery day”“21% of owners of the new iPadsay they use it in a work situationand the 13% of all iPad ownerssays the same.” (CIRP)“Today 5% of tablets are usedmainly for professional use and41% for both personal andprofessional use.” (Accenture)
  6. 6. Project roadmapY1 Y2 Y3 Y4 Y5Development Break-even Enhancement Consolidation Sell-outY1: Starting founds used for technical development and database purchaseY2: Revenues covering period costs that are focused on marketing pushY3: App enhancement with a new graphic release and more featuresY4: Market consolidation with specific marketing initiativesY5: Sell-out to a potential investor, like a professional software enterprise
  7. 7. Economic Forecasty1 y2 y3 y4 y5downloads 3.000 5.000 15.000 25.000 50.000Adv Revenues 1.991 7.907 52.688 55.852 81.783Download Revenues 5.705 8.910 17.805 29.676 59.351Total Revnues 7.696 16.817 70.494 85.527 141.134Development Costs 10.000 2.500 9.000 2.500 2.500Marketing Costs 7.500 6.000 7.000 12.000 12.000IT Costs 1.500 2.000 3.000 2.000 2.000Other Costs 6.000 2.000 2.000 2.000 2.000EBITDA -17.304 4.317 49.494 67.027 122.634
  8. 8. User Experience
  9. 9. To give a completedescription of your project,you will start to input someinformation about yourbusiness idea.StartApp will guide youwith some input fieldswhere you can give a simpledescription of your team(WHO), write a shortabstract of your project(WHAT), explain what is themeaning of your businessidea (WHY), etc.Business description
  10. 10. After a qualitativedescription of thebusiness idea, the appexperience continueswith an intuitive “wonderwheel” that allows you toscroll the macrocategories of commerceand choose the referralcategory of your startup.Let’s try with FOOD!The Wonder Wheel
  11. 11. From the selection inthe first wonder wheelyou will land in a subcategory wheel, thathelps you to chooseyour business niche.For example you cantry to plan the openingof a bakery shop.Select sub-categories
  12. 12. In each businesscategory you will find alist of sample products.You can choose some ofthem or add newproducts.After that, the productsthat you have chosenwill be collected in theproject database.Then you will be able toinput the productsdirect costs to definethe first block of youreconomic plan.Product mix
  13. 13. Every product that youhave chosen must beedited entering in thespecific fields thedescription(MATERIALS), thequantity needed for thesingle product (QT), themeasure unit used(M/U) and the unit price(U/P).Those informations willconverge to theeconomic database andwill be used to definethe direct costs amount.Product editor
  14. 14. When the data entryprocess is complete(direct and indirectcosts, capex, revenuemodel), your project isready to betransformed into asmart presentation.You can choose yourfavorite template froma lot of preset models.Then the app will meltall the data previouslyentered and you will beable to generate yourpresentation.Template selection
  15. 15. At the end of theprocess you couldchoose if save yourwork for futureamendments or exportyour project as a pdffile, ready to be used asa professionalpresentation for yourstakeholders.Export / Save project
  16. 16. App navigation mapBUSINESSDESCRIPTIONWONDERWHEELSUB CATEGORYWHEELPRODUCTBSELECTPRODUCTSEDITREVENUESDIRECTCOSTSINDIRECTCOSTSEDITIND. COSTSCAPEXEDITCAPEXEXECUTIVESUMMARYEXEPORT/SAVEPRODUCTAPRODUCTNREVENUEMODELBUSINESSPLANSELECTTEMPLATEEDITPRODUCTSThis map representsthe basic architecturebehind all stages of theproject creationprocess.The user can navigateback and forth withinthe various steps tocorrect or change theentered values, beforegenerating the finalpresentation or savingonly certain phases ofthe process.This is just a generalwireframe that could beenhanced during thesoftware developmentprocess.
  17. 17. Thank you.