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Making google predictable with data science


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Using SEO for high rankings on Google is an effective way to drive the growth of your business - but in the face of RankBrain, Penguin, and Panda, how can you make sure that the SEO advice you receive will actually work? The answer is in data science and the same mathematical approach that Google themselves use. This presentation explains the key aspects of SEO, from onsite to offsite practices, and - crucially - how you can assess your website and your competitors to accurately predict the impact of your optimisation.

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Published in: Marketing
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Making google predictable with data science

  1. 1. Making Google predictable with data science Andreas Voniatis Nov 2015
  2. 2. You
  3. 3. How SEO works Technical Offsite
  4. 4. How to predict ranking factors
  5. 5. Competitors
  6. 6. Rankings
  7. 7. Competitors + Rankings
  8. 8. WHAT : SEO DRIVERS Google uses over 800 factors
  9. 9. Data sources
  10. 10. Readability
  12. 12. Collecting the data
  13. 13. Test your ranking factors
  14. 14. Is your factor really a factor?
  15. 15. How do you compare?
  16. 16. Insight into action
  17. 17. Making Google predictable