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Work Log


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Work Log

  1. 1. Product Work LogName__Sean Andreassen_______________________________________ Date_4/11/12_____Product ____Magnetic Generator__________________________________________________Date/Time: Activity: Comment/Suggestions:2/18/12 I constructed the base of the generator Drilling into the bottom of the boards was 12:00-12:30 Commentary: difficult though overall this was fairly For this I used wood to build the straightforward. bottom of the board first, and then I added arms to support the wheel. I used wood because it has no magnetic attraction.2/26/12 Activity: Comment/Suggestions: 12:30-4:30 I wound 20 and 23 gauge magnet wire This was very difficult together on a spool. and time consuming. I would have the spools Commentary: set up next time. Also, counting to 900 I tried to wrap it one way, though this required a lot of did not work so I had to lay long concentration while sections out in my yard, twist them carefully winding the together and then wrap them on the wire. spool.
  2. 2. Date/Time: Activity: Comment/Suggestions:3/3/12 I set up the wheel on the base and lined I had to line the wheel it with magnets. I also filled the with tape, glue them on 1:00-4:30 magnet spool with iron. there, and then tape them down. The force Commentary: of the magnets on the spool often pulled them Getting the magnets to stay on the loose so I had to keep wheel was not easy because there is taping them. very little area for them to stay on. Also, I cut and fit iron welding rods into the pool to attract the magnets.3/18/12 Activity: Comment/Suggestions: 2:00-4:00 I used the magnet wheel and the spool This involved minute to find the optimum speed and distance movements to best find that it would operate at. the distance that the wheel should be to the Commentary: spool, and how long it would take to reach I had to test the set up before finishing standard operating the product to ensure that it would speeds. work.3/31/12 Activity: Comment/Suggestions: 11:00-3:00 I studied the schematics for the wiring I did not know much and began to work on this. By the end about wiring or of this time I had the wiring set up as I electricity before I saw it on the schematic. started this, so I learned a lot by doing this part Commentary: of the product. I also know now that I do not There are many different schematics want to be an electrical that can be used so finding a suitable engineer. one was not simple.
  3. 3. Date/Time: Activity: Comment/Suggestions:4/3/12 I finished all of the wiring as it was With my limited said, and began to test it. knowledge in this area 1:30-3:30 I struggled to find the Commentary: problem so I met with my administrator. I had to drain the batteries in order to test that the generator is working. The voltage out of the generator was not what it should have been so I had to troubleshoot it.4/6/12 Activity: Comment/Suggestions: 3:00-5:15 After meeting with my facilitator I was I enjoyed working on able to fix an issue in the wiring and this, and I am now able get the maximum output from the to charge electronic generator. devices with very little effort in a power Commentary: outage. This required using a voltmeter to measure the output.4/14/12 Activity: Comment/Suggestions: 2:00-7:00 After one of the tests for my project, a I know that I need to portion of the wiring caught on fire, so watch the transistor to I had to rewire the project. ensure that it does not become overloaded by Commentary: the batteries or the magnets. This was a surprise, though when I rewired this the lengths of the wires fit much better together.