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It is rarely straight forward to understand just how your business can maximise the benefit from such a disruptive technology and transition. We support you to understand how the transition supports you overall business strategy and objectives. What the business impacts from a cost, risk and service perspective? Which of your applications are suitable candidates for Cloud Computing.

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Cloud consulting flyer final

  1. 1. AVAILABILITY SERVICES Guiding you along the path VIRTUALISATION & CLOUD CONSULTING to virtualisationYou may be considering moving We appreciate that with a multitude of potential IT configurations, each customer’sfrom a physical to virtual IT circumstances are unique. That is why ourinfrastructure for any number consultants will not prescribe an ‘off the shelf’ infrastructure design but, instead, work withof reasons. Perhaps you you to develop flexible solutions that reflectneed the increased capacity, the realities of a multivendor IT estate. Our experience of working with companies ofunprecedented flexibility and all types, sizes and with a variety of differentimproved efficiency that only IT environments means we can help you avoid potential pitfalls and fully realise the significantvirtualisation can bring. You may benefits of virtualisation.want to cut power and cooling How it workscosts or avoid the expense of If you decide virtualisation or a move toreplacing a physical server. the cloud is right for you, our consultants will work with you through every step of theWhatever your motivation for migration process.change, SunGard AvailabilityServices can guide you throughthe complexities of migrating to avirtualised or cloud Infrastructureas a Service (IaaS) environment.
  2. 2. VIRTUALISATION & CLOUD CONSULTINGGuiding you along the path to virtualisation STEP 1 – DiscoVery This powerful first step involves high-level The data analysed and gathered will provide interviews and one-to-one meetings with IT your organisation with information to make and business teams within your organisation informed decisions as to the benefits, risks to gain a deep understanding of all layers and costs associated with the transition to a of your existing IT environment and your virtualised or cloud environment. business objectives. At the end of the Discovery process, our virtualisation specialists will have a clear idea of your compatibility for virtualisation and suitability for the cloud. We will present an initial report detailing the business benefits of virtualisation, the cost of your current IT environment and the impact of keeping it unchanged. The next stage in the process is to conduct a technical Assessment of your existing infrastructure. STEP 4 – MIGRATION Whether your plan involves migration to physical to virtual (P2V) or virtual to virtual (V2V) or, a hot or cold migration, our expert consultants will draw up a thorough bespoke strategy migration plan in which they meticulously cover every detail, leaving nothing to chance. Our consultants will exhaustively test and validate your virtual or cloud infrastructure before working with you to execute against the migration plan.
  3. 3. STEP 2 – ASSESSMENTIf feasible to transition to a virtual or cloud Analysis of your applications and theenvironment, this step is designed to business risks associated with changedetermine the true scope of what can and An understanding of what can becan’t, or shouldn’t, be virtualised based achieved within your current environmenton both the prerequisites for virtualisation through virtualisationand the predicted cost benefits. Ourconsultants will conduct a thorough Considerations for change in yourassessment of your current state operational service modelinfrastructure and applications and present: Identification of servers that can be A customised report of resource virtualised and those that cannot utilisation and consumption within your An equipment adoption list for current infrastructure migration into a virtual environment High level view of your future state architecture Additional recommendations for data centre optimisation A management summary presentation to help gain buy-in across the business. The results will provide you with a comprehensive, fully costed proposal incorporating automated and manual methods of migration, together with the recommended next steps. STEP 3 – SERVICE DESIGN Our consultants will design a bespoke solution that maps your unique business, technical and resource requirements to a virtualised hosting infrastructure that is right for you. The design will encompass all the aspects necessary to ensure a resilient virtual environment including infrastructure, network, security, backup and recovery. Our consultants will present their initial findings to you for validation and discuss next steps. This involves comparing conversion and migration options, discussing the advantages and disadvantages of each, their recommendations and the benefits you can expect to realise.
  4. 4. VIRTUALISATION & CLOUD CONSULTING Guiding you along the path to virtualisation Why SunGard A proven track record – We have Best practice methodology – Our a decade of managed service and consultants follow ITIL and PRINCE2 virtualisation experience informed by over methodology, VMware best practice, three decades of being the world’s leading BS25999 Business Continuity principles disaster recovery provider. and ISO/IEC 27031:2011 Guidelines for ICT Bespoke solutions – We partner with you Readiness for Business Continuity. Given to understand your goals and then work our heritage in Availability Solutions, with you to design IT solutions to address uptime is the central consideration at the exactly what you need. We can support heart of each consulting assignment. you no matter where or how you want Removes the burden of infrastructure to run and manage your systems - from management – Whether our your floor to ours, from a secure cloud recommendation is for a virtual, physical or to working with another of your service hybrid solution, we can free you to focus providers. on your core business, whilst maintaining Vendor-agnostic recommendations – complete control. Because we are not tied to any one manufacturer, we are free to scour the market for best-of-breed solutions. Our advice is objective and based on what is best for you. Find out more To discuss how SunGard’s Virtualisation & Cloud Consulting service can help you shape your IT infrastructure to achieve increased flexibility, availability and resilience, call 0800 143 413 or email United Kingdom & European Head Office, Unit B Heathrow Corporate Park, Green Lane, Hounslow, Middlesex TW4 6ER 0800 143 413© 2012 SunGard Availability Services (UK) LimitedSunGard and the SunGard logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of SunGard Data Systems Inc. or its subsidiaries in theUS and other countries. All other trade names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. V1:01/12