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Sanyiko Fleet & Fuel Control Solution


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Swiss Kenko Company Limited presents the new SANYIKO FLEET and FUEL CONTROL Solution. Take back control over your fleet now!

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Sanyiko Fleet & Fuel Control Solution

  1. 1. SANYIKO FLEET Management Version 3.1 Take back the control over your Fleet and reduce running costs SWISSKENKO LTD Elgon View Estate Mobile +254 717 350 053 Tilil Crescent Plateau Road P.O.Box 2921 30100 Eldoret, Kenya - -
  2. 2. Our aim and perspective CompleteFLEET Solution - -
  3. 3. Complete Set of Equipments based on Your needs! - -
  4. 4. Door Control Usage Ignition Control Control Vehicle GeoFencing under Fuel Control Control Driver Map Control Control Over Speeding - -
  5. 5. SANYIKO FLEET FunctionsVehicle Data Vehicle Remote Trip Manager Fleet Tasks Fuel Control• Vehicle Details Commands • Trip Planning • Service Planning • Recognize Fuel & Type, all • Shutdown & • Geo Definition • Service Release Loss in Fleet• Equipment Restart • Start – End • Service Review • Fuel Trip Config Details • Remote Recognition • Service Billing Estimation• All Documents Reconfiguration • Event Summary • Task Archive on • Fuel Refill Alerts• All Creditors • Remote • Trip Map Vehicle with reflection• All Debtors Handshake to Fuel Receipts • Trip Review • Task History• All Events • Remote • Loss mapping • Trip Archive • Task Delegation• All Commands Password Reset & Controlling • Overall usage • Unplanned Trip • Over 20 estimates• Accounting review Command Types • Fuel Overview - -
  6. 6. Vehicle Data To get all the functions in SANYIKO FLEET Running, we install a Tracking and a Fuel Control Device in your Vehicles.Vehicle Basic Information Functions and Processes• Related Addresses, Supplier, • SMS Reconfiguration Spare Supplier, Permanent Commands Driver, Fleet Entry & Exit Date• Number Plate, Chasis Number, • Vehicle Reports Engine Number, Tracking,… • Settings of Tracking Devices• All related Documents, • Settings for Fuel Control Logbook, Insurance, Service Reports, Docs, Pictures, … • Searching, Sorting, Listing,• Connected Debtors, Creditors, Direct Links to addresses, Comments, Tasks, Calendar,… drivers, … - -
  7. 7. Vehicle Remote Commands Remote Commands enables you to send directly from SANYIKO Fleet all possible Commands per SMS to the Vehicle without using a phone or type a command• Shutdown and Release • Device Reset Command • Device Detail Request• Device Reconfiguration from Remote• Device Update • Reset Password• GEO Setting • 15 to 25 Commands• IP Reconviguration depending on the Equipment Type - -
  8. 8. Vehicle Trip Management SANYIKO FLEET visualizes every Trip in your Fleet with many Details. We differentiate Planned Trips and Unplanned Trips. Unplanned Trips can be legal or illegal done. We show them all as single Trips.Planned Trips Unplanned Trips• Define Trips and Approve • Every movement without a them Trip Plan is recognized as unplanned Trip• Make a Geo Trip Definition • You can review the Trip and• Maintain Trip Geo Categorize as ok or fraud Templates • Trip Mapping and Reporting• Hold all Trip Information to gives you an overview the single Trip • Visualize unplanned• Review and Archive Trips movements - -
  9. 9. Fleet Task Management Every Vehicle in your Fleet needs you recurring attention for Servicing, Exchange, Parts Replacements and more. The SANYIKO FLEET Task Management enables you to plan, delegate, control, bill, review and archive.Task Management Task review and archive• Planning of single or • Control the task after recurring tasks completing• Delegation of task in your • Controlling of tasks and Team and Follow Up archiving directly connected• Billing of Tasks with Vehicle • Building a complete Vehicle History Online without grabbing in paper files - -
  10. 10. Fleet Fuel Control Swisskenko has developed a unique Fuel Device which can connect the existing Fuel Gauge in your Vehicle without drilling holes. We are able to connect even two to four tank on one single Vehicle.Fuel Control Features Flexible Implementation• Alert Fuel Theft • Single Tank connection• Alert Fuel Refill using internal Fuel Gauge• Approximate Trip usage • Additional Tank with• Compare consumed Fuel additional Stick from Device with accounted • Even big Lorries with Fuel Bills connectable trailers can be• Locate Refills and Thefts on tracked separately Google Map - -
  11. 11. - -
  12. 12. SANYIKO basic FunctionsCollaboration CRM & Projects ERP & Logistic Financials Administrator• Account • Campaign • Product • Complete • SANYIKO Management management database debtors process management• E-Mail & Team • Opportunity • Complete sales • Complete portal E-Mail management process creditor process • Report engine• Calendar & • Project • Complete • Complete • Template engine Appointments management purchase accounting • Services• Task • Service process process management management management • Warehouse • Integrated • Basic data• Document • Timesheet management processes • Monitoring management management • Helpdesk management - -
  13. 13. Open to connect with other - -
  14. 14. SANYIKO Architecture Individual Solutions SANYIKO FLEET Complete Fleet Management SANYIKO CRM / ERP Standard Solution Businesswideweb - .net Application and Development Framework Windows 2008 Server – .net 2.0 MS SQL Server 2008 - - -
  15. 15. Open to expand and use the functionsof a complete CRM / ERP environment with the same handling terms! - -
  16. 16. What you get• Around 52 Year development man power since 1999 in Swiss Quality• The security of future technology updates• The flexibility to add and adapt your own functionality as an independent solution• A lot of functionality out of the businesswideweb development framework• Solid Microsoft .net Technology base - -
  17. 17. Consulting ASP Evaluation CompleteInnovation Fullservice Installation available Repair Training Support - -
  18. 18. Hosted Server solution versus Single Server Installation Host SANYIKO in the cloud Local installed application server Centralized computing modelThe decision for one or the other solution depends with the availability of a reliable and fast Internet connection at all involved Office locations. - -
  19. 19. The infrastructure decision• Our SANYIKO product based on the bw2 development platform is web based with a .net SmartClient – normally hosted online• On many places in Western and Rift Wally Kenya, the internet connection are not reliable enough and still very expensive.• We suggest for the moment local installations to offer hospitals the best possible reliable solution.• A solar basic infrastructure for this hospitals can have several additional benefit for the delivery quality - -
  20. 20. Direct and indirect Cost - -
  21. 21. Sustainable cost safings The aim of SANYIKO FLEET is to give you back the control over your Fleet and to sustainable safe money this Year, next Year, and in FutureDirect cost savings In Direct cost savings• Reduce Number of overall • Better Controlling trips in your Fleet • Faster access to archive• Recognize Fuel Fraud • All the relevant data online• Recognize shady repairs in one system• Compare same types • Optimization of• Planning of return trips administration process• Visualize unplanned trips • Less systems to maintain - -
  22. 22. Flexible and modular system offer• Select the needed accessories for the different types of Vehicles• Select the GPS Tracking, Fuel Control Feature• Define the different Fuel Control Features• Define the ConCurrent CC Users for SANYIKO FLEET CRM• Define the ConCurrent CC Users for SANYIKO FLEET ERP• Choose Installation Setup Procedure (Service center or on Site)• Choose Maintenance & Support Level - -
  23. 23. - -
  24. 24. We offer You the most completeFleet Management Solution in Kenya• GPS Tracking is only a small part of a Fleet Management System• SANYIKO holds all Fleet Data in one System• All the functions are made to interact with Your Vehicles and Drivers• The BW2 Framework enables us to interact with other Systems• You can run the system in House or as an Application Service• We install and maintain the accessories in Your Vehicles• We install the SANYIKO FLEET System for you• We train your internal Stuff and your Drivers• The Software maintenance contract ensures update and bugfixes•… - -
  25. 25. Thank you for your timeWe guarantee you a professional project processing, after sales support and service. SWISSKENKO LTD Elgon View Estate Mobile +254 717 350 053 Tilil Crescent Plateau Road P.O.Box 2921 30100 Eldoret, Kenya - -