Energy audit on site v02 andreas iliou


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Energy audit on site v02 andreas iliou

  1. 1. Energy audit on site V02 September 2011-2013 Andreas Iliou TCS EEngineer All rights reserved.
  2. 2. claim 1 – Power produced ,less than expected • • Client complains about less efficient system (e.g inverter A towards B ) Check strings alone and compare with each other (with Ampmeter) • Check Voltage and current (mismatch-shortcut-bypassdiode still working ?) • Voltage ok ?! Uo If Voltage is nearly the same –carry on with current • String with less voltage or current – probably shaded ? • Visual inspection of string wether shaded or not – probably dirty (birddrops)
  3. 3. claim 1 – Power produced ,less than expected • Check layout of inverters • change the two inverters and check again current and voltage • If value still the same …check inverter temperature • • • if value changed , check air vent of 2nd inverter – clean if necessary Rearrange position of inverter if it gets pre heated air Change the position of the inverter and….. – check again • • • If still less efficient check cable size –keep in mind max drop < 1 % If everything ok , check loop of system and change supply line If not satisfied with measurement
  4. 4. claim 1 – Power produced ,less than expected Measurements : 1) Visual Inspection cells or cracks – if ok 2) Check voltage of different strings e.g 80V DC less ?? 3) Measure current: module is producing 1,5A other strings produce 2,3-2,4A instead ….check with label – backside If the system is not shaded , carry on with thermal image
  5. 5. claim 1 – Power produced ,less than expected Hotspot issue: 4) Thermal image from the front view 5) If it s problematic- clean surface and make another pic from the back
  6. 6. claim 1 – Power produced ,less than expected Solution : 6) Visual inspection if the module shows same hotspot from back and front view: No visual crack or hotspot to be seen Outcome of inspection e.g: - J-boxes show hotspots as well More than one cell shows hotspot issues E.g Voltage measured is only 2/3 of Uo (28V actual reading <-> 44V DC labelled) Diode is defect j-box must be changed
  7. 7. claim 2 – Power produced ,less than previous years Claim 2: check if the system is shaded or dirty – if not ?! are the cables damaged or defect- if not?! check with Tool like ( Tri Ka ) and compare with existing datas from prev. years check corrosion or weak connections are their any shortcuts ( modules or bypassdiodes )- if not ?! cell damage in the module- cracks shortcut inside j-box ( water ) – if not ?! problem of degradation ?! how old is the system- output power still as expected ?!
  8. 8. claim 3 –No power produced during daytime Claim 3: meter not turning at all is it still cloudy or dark outside ?! check dc switch – or + broken – if not ?! check AC breaker or earth leakage tester – if not ?! check over protection unit -> shortcut – if not ?! measure strings seperately problem with frequency –if not ?! check voltage of each phase –if not ?! No DC supply: Probaly to dark or less starting voltage Inverter or tracker damaged Fault on iso, check each string individually