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Siclari,andrea life cycle of a butterfly


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Siclari,andrea life cycle of a butterfly

  1. 1. The Life Cycle of a Butterfly Intended Audience for Lesson: 1st Grade Students Subject: Science By: Andrea Siclari
  2. 2. Technology Integration Rationale Technology can be useful in teaching the topic of life cycle of a butterfly to show students the process of metamorphosis through the use of videos, pictures and online models. Through the use of technology, students can discover real life visuals of butterflies and other animals who experience life cycle changes. The use of technology can also help to address the various learning styles of students. The internet can provide pictures, videos, audio and reading materials to keep students engage in their learning using 21st century learning skills. Click here to listen to this slide using Camtasia Relay!
  3. 3. Reliability of Resources All websites used in this presentation have proven to be reliable sources of information related to teaching and the life cycle of a butterfly. By clicking on hyperlinks and graphics, you will be directed to the original sites and links throughout the presentation. Majority of information was obtained from government and organization based site.
  4. 4. Butterfly Blog Second grade teacher, Allison Stuckey shares teaching strategies and tools in her blog entitled “Stuckey in Second”. Her blog is filled with creative and unique ideas she utilizes in her own second grade classroom. She has a specific post discussing her own method in teaching the life cycle of a butterfly. She shares a fun and kid-friendly activity booklet she created for students to learn about the butterfly life cycle.
  5. 5. Podcast: The Very Hungry Caterpillar This podcast is presented by teacher, Sarah Bowlen. This podcast could be used as a review for young learners after reading the story "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" by Eric Carle. The speaker related the story to the phases of metamorphosis using kid-friendly language. Scroll over speaker to listen to podcast
  6. 6. Podcast: Life Cycle of Butterflies This podcast is presented by second grade students in Ms. Dickenson’s class. It focuses on the phases of metamorphosis. This podcast can be an example of a project a teacher can utilize in his or her own classroom. This radio podcast project would be a great way to get students to work together to explain the phases of metamorphosis. Students can share this podcast with their friends and family members at the end of the unit. Click on the image to listen to the podcast
  7. 7. YouTube video: Hoopla Kidz TV This kid-friendly video tells a short story of how a hippos new friend changes from a caterpillar to a butterfly It also provided an activity for a teacher to utilize in his or her classroom Click on the image to watch the video clip
  8. 8. Pinterest: Life Cycle of a Butterfly Boards Pinterest can be a good resource for teaching to find blogs, podcasts, YouTube videos, samples of worksheets and even fun activities to utilize in a classroom.
  9. 9. Internet Resources The Children’s Butterfly Site “Originally developed by renowned lepidopterist Paul A. Opler in conjunction with the Fort Collins Science Center. This project is based upon work previously supported by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) National Biological Information Infrastructure (NBII) Program. Today, the Children's Butterfly Site is now a project of the Butterfly and Moth Information Network. Funding support comes from advertisers.” The Academy of Nature Science of Drexel University “The Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University is a world-class natural history museum. It is dedicated to advancing research, education, and public engagement in biodiversity and environmental science” Science Learning Hub “The Science Learning Hub is developed by educators and teachers in collaboration with New Zealand scientists to provide resources for teachers of school years 2-10. It is funded by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment and managed by the University of Waikato.”
  10. 10. Kidspiration Created using Kidspiration
  11. 11. Teaching Material: Worksheet utterfly-lifecycle-handout.pdf
  12. 12. Teaching Material: Word Search “Life Cycle of a Butterfly” Word Search Created on http://puzzlemaker.discoverye Search.asp
  13. 13. Teaching Material: Craft Arts and crafts activity for 1st grade students to visually display the phases of metamorphosis in a butterfly using dry pasta. Found on a teacher blog: http://eberhartsexplorers. oin-buggy.html
  14. 14. Teaching Materials Teaching Material: Story Read aloud for class discussion on life cycle changes.
  15. 15. Subject Specific Internet Resource ScienceNetLinks A teacher can utilize the lesson plan entitled “Observing the Life Cycle of a Butterfly”. “Through a series of activities, students will study the life cycle of a butterfly while noting its development as it metamorphoses from a caterpillar to a butterfly. During this time, students will learn about the attributes of a butterfly through both observation and comparing and contrasting. ”
  16. 16. Using the Use of internet Internet: Teaching/Learning Interactive Website This website can be used by kids to view real pictures, learn new facts and explore the different butterfly species at the San Diego Zoo.
  17. 17. Using the Internet: Teaching/Learning Online Books This website can be used by kids to learn about the different species and subspecies of butterflies throughout the world.
  18. 18. Web 2.0 The website lets you create a one-page website, showing off what you know. Click This website can be utilized in a classroom by allowing students and the teacher to create a one-page website together about everything they learning about the lifecycle of a butterfly
  19. 19. Thank you for watching!