2012 03 10 Kingdom of God


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What do the Bible says about the Kingdom of God? Is it something that we will see after we died? Is it something that we can experience while we are alive?

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2012 03 10 Kingdom of God

  1. 1. KINGDOM OF GOD HAS KING The Kingdom of God has a King – the Christ – and there is no other like Him
  2. 2. KINGDOM OF GOD HAS CITIZENS The kingdom has citizens. One gets citizenship through Christ – and entry is by being born again – which is just the start and not the end of the process. The citizens of this kingdom – are co-equal regardless of whether they are malefemale; poor-rich; master-slave; gentile or Jew. The citizens are equally loved and favored of God and are brothers of the King – and take after Him as priest-kings (Why.1:5).
  3. 3. KINGDOM OF GOD HAS BOUNDARIES It has boundaries – that are continuously expanding – which conversely means that the boundaries of rival kingdoms are regressing. Every time a person is saved, healed, delivered, blessed – the kingdom of God advances.
  4. 4. KINGDOM OF GOD HAS CODE OF CONDUCT, LIFESTYLE It has a code of conduct, culture and lifestyle – The code of living is made evident in the Word. If one says one belongs to this kingdom, it should show in lifestyle and the biblical code that governs one’s lifestyle. Many who say they are citizens of this kingdom are pretenders or temporary residents if their lifestyle and conduct does not increasingly reflect the nature of the King.
  5. 5. KINGDOM OF GOD HAS CULTURE The culture of the kingdom supercedes all other earthly cultures. One cannot be an Indian first and then a Christian. One cannot elevate Keralite culture over kingdom culture. Scriptural values become the guide or plumb line by which we measure, embrace or discard cultural values and traditions.
  6. 6. KINGDOM OF GOD HAS RESOURCES The kingdom has unlimited resources in Christ – that are released to its citizens based on their ability to handle money – and based on the principle of giving and receiving – unlike the world which operates on a buy-sell-work and save model.
  7. 7. KINGDOM OF GOD HAS LEADERS Even though the citizens are co-equal, this is not a democratic kingdom – but is established in godly order through faulty individuals appointed as leaders to shepherd people. These leaders are called to be servants and fathers before they are anything else. A leader who is not first a servant and a father – will never be able to lead people into God’s kingdom purposes.
  8. 8. KINGDOM OF GOD HAS LEADERS The King also appoint equippers such as apostles, prophets, teachers, evangelists and pastors to equip the citizens of the kingdom for kingdom purpose and work.
  9. 9. KINGDOM OF GOD HAS PURPOSE There are many tribes within this kingdom, each having its own skill, trait, ability and destiny – but the purpose is one – TO MAKE KNOWN THEIR KING…TO SHOW HIM OFF…TO PRESENT HIM ACCURATELY - TO ALL THE WORLD.
  10. 10. KINGDOM OF GOD HAS PURPOSE The King is made known – through accurately representing Him – in lifestyle, conduct and word.
  11. 11. KINGDOM OF GOD HAS KING The King lives in the midst of His people. The people are His favorite resting place. He – the Christ – the Son of God – has taken up residence in each individual citizen – and in their corporate existence.
  12. 12. KINGDOM OF GOD HAS KING When citizens begin to realize this and live out of this Christ-life within them – the King becomes evident to the world.
  13. 13. KINGDOM OF GOD HAS CHARACTER This kingdom is characterized by righteousness, peace and joy. This kingdom is within you because Christ the author and Finisher, the reason, the life of this kingdom – lives within you.
  14. 14. KINGDOM OF GOD HAS RESOURCES When you seek and pursue the rule and reign of Christ in your life – then all other things follow you and get added onto you. You don’t then have to chase after things that you are supposed to reign over.
  15. 15. KINGDOM OF GOD HAS GOVERNMENT The power of the rule and reign of Christ through our lives here on earth – is brought to life by the presence and the power of God the Holy Spirit. The Kingdom of God can never gain entrance or come to full realization apart from the agency of the Holy Spirit, who is indispensable to insure and produce Kingdom obedience, character, gifts, growth, outreach and victory.
  16. 16. KINGDOM OF GOD HAS EMBASSY Every church has the potential to be an embassy of the kingdom – promoting the cause of the King – but many have represented His character and nature inaccurately and have lost their right to be spokespersons for the King.
  17. 17. KINGDOM OF GOD HAS EMBASSY While Christ's Kingdom authority is not limited to His church, it is still the focal point of Christ's Kingdom work here on earth – and as such every church should aspire to be an embassy – and its sons – ambassadors who accurately speak and act and live out the life of the King.
  18. 18. KINGDOM OF GOD HAS EMBASSY The church therefore has a responsibility to preach the kingdom, herald Christ as King, proclaim the good news of salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ and make disciples of all nations - with the accompanying call to repentance, faithful obedience, healing of the sick, casting out of demons and other accompanying signs.
  19. 19. KINGDOM OF GOD HAS RIVALS The kingdom of God has rivals – the satanic kingdom and the even more subtle – counterfeit church – which parades itself as religious but is a whitewashed tomb full of bones. Bothe these kingdoms are being – and will be brought to nothing – till there is only one kingdom – the Kingdom of God – is left standing.
  20. 20. KINGDOM OF GOD HAS BENEFITS The Kingdom of God is like a treasure (Mat.13:45) – that has to be pursued. Many get born again – and are happy with entry into the kingdom of God – but go no further for 40-50 years as is evident by the absence of kingdom teaching and understanding in churches.
  21. 21. KINGDOM OF GOD HAS CLOUT To enjoy and live in the fullness of the rule and reign of Christ – you have to sell everything – so that you can buy this treasure called the Kingdom of God. You have to press in to draw from and live in the abundance of the kingdom – Luk.16:16
  22. 22. KINGDOM OF GOD HAS PRICE Selling everything means selling your reputation, success, past mindsets and positions, doctrines, principles, isms, old loyalties, programs, ambitions, plans, money…just so you can apply afresh the principles of the kingdom in all things pertaining to life.
  23. 23. KINGDOM OF GOD HAS EMBASSY The kingdom within you then becomes visible because of the practice of principles that you unearth and that you learn from those that are already walking and teaching the awesome life that the rule and the reign of Christ actually entails.
  24. 24. KINGDOM OF GOD HAS AUTHORITY Kingdom must be established in individual, marriage, household and community. We have established the rule and reign of God in the household – but not in individual lives.
  25. 25. KINGDOM OF GOD HAS AUTHORITY Some of it is due to selective hearing or listening around; some of it is an outcome of pride and independence and a refusal to draw on the grace of the house and of the father, some of it is spiritual laziness.
  26. 26. KINGDOM OF GOD HAS PURPOSE You can have all the prophetic revelation you want – but it is not enough for us to know the purposes of God in our lives. We need to step into the purposes of God.
  27. 27. KINGDOM OF GOD HAS PRICE Otherwise as it says in Yes.28:20 – for some of us – despite all the teaching - the bed is still too short to stretch out on, And the blanket is still too narrow to wrap oneself in.
  28. 28. KINGDOM OF GOD HAS PRICE If we don’t migrate to application of truths heard – then soon the teaching will be like throwing pearls to swine.
  29. 29. KINGDOM OF GOD HAS PRICE Ams.23:23 - Buy the truth and don’t sell it. Pay a price to get it – and don’t squander it.
  30. 30. KINGDOM OF GOD HAS PRICE You sell human knowledge, human acceptance by men, every inaccuracy in your life, your own wisdom, every inaccurately doctrine etc. to embrace the truth.
  31. 31. KINGDOM OF GOD HAS PRICE Survey your life and see what are the things that cause you not to buy the field entirely.