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Template for writing Use Case Specifications


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MS Word template for writing Use Case Specifications

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Template for writing Use Case Specifications

  1. 1. Use Case Specification UC x Project y Use Case Specification 1/3 Short Description A short description of the Use Case, summarizing content and value. Actors/Use Case Diagram List of Actors that take part in the Use Case or a graphical representation of the Use Case and its actors. Activity diagram Graphical overview of the Use Case flows Included and extended Use Cases List of Use Cases that are called from this use case, i.e. use cases that are included in this use case and use cases that are extended by this use case. Preconditions Conditions that need to be fullfilled for this use case to initiable Main Flow The Use Case starts when ... 1. Alternative Flows A1 - Name of flow At xx if yy … 1. Error Flows/Exception Flows E1 - Name of flow At xx if yy …
  2. 2. Use Case Specification UC x Project y 2/3 1. Postcondition Minimum Guarantee List what will be true at the end of any/all executions of the use case. Success Guarantee List what interests of the Stakeholders are satisfied when the Use Case after successful conclusion of the Use Case. Extension points If there are many extension points inside the use case it may be wise to list them here, in order to get an overview. Quality Attributes Usability 1. Performance 1. Accessibility 1. Other 1. Scenario table Id Content Name/description Frequency Priority s1 MF Main Flow 1000/hour 55 s2 MF+A1 Product not in stock s3 MF+A2 New customer
  3. 3. Use Case Specification UC x Project y s4 MF+A1+A2 New customer trying to buy product not in stock 3/3 s5 ... Miscellaneous References List other relevant requirements, test and business documents Revisions and decisions Version Date User Comment/Change/Decision/Approval Investigations List of any remaining questions that need to be investigated.