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Seminar_solutions technologies_printing_food_packaging_sentimenti_packaging_retail_observatory_2010_eng


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Printing Packaging Solutions for the Food Industry. Latest Technologies, 4 colours quality for an optimal category management

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Seminar_solutions technologies_printing_food_packaging_sentimenti_packaging_retail_observatory_2010_eng

  1. 1. Flexographic printing solutions and technologies for fresh food products packaging Con PRO – PRO observatory annual Congress (Packaging Retail Observatory) 11th June 2010 Rimini Fair – Packology Andrea Sentimenti │ Chief Marketing Officer Gruppo Fabbri S.p.A PRO – Packaging Retail Observatory
  2. 2. Purchase decisions are taken in-store • Over 80% of fresh food products are sold by largescale retail trade with self service solutions • 70% of buying decisions are taken directly inside the store • Increase in impulse purchases ‐ 3 seconds is the average time for a decision PRO – Packaging Retail Observatory
  3. 3. The impact on the shelf is crucial We have few seconds to: • attract consumer’s attention • “suggest” a product that, among many, better identify the customer functional, emotional and identity needs • make our product immediately identifiable and recognizable PRO – Packaging Retail Observatory
  4. 4. Packaging is a marketing tool • The container of the product is seen as an indispensable artefact to complete the bid value characterized by two values:  an object used to protect 81,7%  a thorough communication media how much do you agree with those who say….. 53,8% 36,6% Source: Q?Mark 36,6% 29,0% 23,7% 17,2% 6,5% 8,6% 4,3% 1,1% la confezione serve esclusivamente per proteggere, gestire, trasportare il prodotto Molto la confezione serve a distinguersi dai prodotti concorrenti Abbastanza Così così PRO – Packaging Retail Observatory 1,1% la confezione è un vero e proprio veicolo di comunicazione Poco Per niente
  5. 5. Packaging is crucial for the success • Apart from the price that synthesizes almost all the mix components, the packaging represents an aspect of primary importance. According to your experience, how much each of the following variables is important to the success of a product (giving for granted its importance)? Source: Q?Mark PRO – Packaging Retail Observatory
  6. 6. An appealing packaging creates Value • The managers interviewed agree that a well designed packaging enables to display a product in a better way. PRO – Packaging Retail Observatory
  7. 7. “Graphics” and visual aspect constitute the parameter with the higher impact • The graphical aspects of a pack are the ones changed with the highest frequency. PRO – Packaging Retail Observatory
  8. 8. Fresh food is very little differentiated • The fresh food packaging serves the unique function of “protection” • It does not help to create a differentiated image and does not generate added value PRO – Packaging Retail Observatory
  9. 9. The product must communicate • Draw the consumer’s attention • Convey a consistent message aimed at their target • Inform and promote itself • Enhance and support the brand PRO – Packaging Retail Observatory
  10. 10. “Flexo” printing offers new solutions also for fresh food • Uses a soft material to print directly on the substrate • High versatility of substrates • Needs shorts set‐up times • Allows innovative qualitative and technological results PRO – Packaging Retail Observatory
  11. 11. The last frontier: four‐color process • Not just color line and "planes“ color, but photo quality prints with shades and perfection of detail never seen before on flexible materials • CMYK ‐ Cyan Magenta Yellow Black, cleverly superimposed • An innovative mix of techniques, precision of detail and technological performance PRO – Packaging Retail Observatory
  12. 12. Enhancement of the “brand” • The use of flexo printed films in many colours become element of promotion for both brand and food PRO – Packaging Retail Observatory
  13. 13. Enhancement of the product • The use of colour graphics and particular images allows a more specific identification of the product and of the producer/distributor, facilitating the consumer’s choice PRO – Packaging Retail Observatory
  14. 14. Products differentiation • Each product can have its own identity and "image" PRO – Packaging Retail Observatory
  15. 15. Higher attractiveness • The use of a functional packaging makes the packed product more attractive and secure than a loose one. PRO – Packaging Retail Observatory
  16. 16. Category management • Customized unit sales, well‐displayed on the shelves, allow the Large Scale Retail Trade to differentiate its offering operating a modern "category management" PRO – Packaging Retail Observatory
  17. 17. Andrea Sentimenti │ Chief Marketing Officer Gruppo Fabbri S.p.A. Packaging Retail Observatory tel: +39 0332 286253 +39 0332 286253 fax: +39 0332 830457 email: sito web: PRO – Packaging Retail Observatory