Developer Economics Q1 2014: The State of the Developer Nation


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Key Insights from VisionMobile's State of the Developer Nation Q1 2014 report, from the Developer Economics series. Based on a survey of 7,000 respondents - full report available as free download at

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Developer Economics Q1 2014: The State of the Developer Nation

  1. 1. JUST OUT! Developer Economics 2014 6th ed. 7,000+ Mobile app developers Biggest mobile dev research To date 6th edition Copyright 2014 VisionMobile
  2. 2. Developer Economics State of the Developer Nation Q1 2014 - Based on the largest, most global developer survey Based on data from the largest developer survey (Oct-Nov 2013, 7,000+ respondents) - The sixth State of the Developer Nation report This is the sixth Developer Economics report in our ongoing series, published bi-annually - Tracking the latest trends of the app economy In-depth analysis and insights into the key issues in the app economy, including platform prioritisation, going beyond tablets, trending revenue models, and making the right choices in developer tools. - Full report available for free download (published Feb 5 2014) At Copyright 2014 VisionMobile
  3. 3. State of the Developer Nation Q1 2014 Top 10 insights and charts Copyright 2014 VisionMobile
  4. 4. App development is a $68 billion industry The global app economy was worth $68 billion in 2013 and is projected to grow to $143 billion in 2016. Out of a total global mobile developer population of 2.3 million individuals in 2013, Asia has the most app developer citizens at 760,000 individuals. Copyright 2014 VisionMobile
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  6. 6. HTML5 is much more than a platform HTML5 is both an app deployment platform (on-browser) and a technology for creating native apps (off-browser). 37% of mobile developers use HTML5 as a platform, i.e. to develop mobile websites, or web-apps. An additional 15% of app developers use HTML5 beyond the browser, via hybrid apps or HTML5-tonative tools. Copyright 2014 VisionMobile
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  8. 8. iOS attracts the most loyal developers iOS attracts the most loyal developers with 59% of developers that target iOS prioritising it over any other platform. Despite the fact that more developers (71%) use Android, just 52% of developers who use the platform consider it their primary. Copyright 2014 VisionMobile
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  10. 10. iOS is strong in mature markets, but not in emerging ones iOS or Android first? iOS is the preferred platform for developers in North America and Western Europe while Android wins in every other region. The difference is especially pronounced in Asia, where 46% of mobile developers prioritise Android vs. 28% for iOS. Copyright 2014 VisionMobile
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  12. 12. Tablets are a companion development option Tablets attract 83% of app developers but just 12% of developers target tablets as their primary development screen. Despite the buzz around watches, TVs and thermostats, very few developers are actively targeting them. Copyright 2014 VisionMobile
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  15. 15. 60% of developers are below the “app poverty line” 60% of developers are below the “app poverty line”, i.e. earn less than $500 per app per month, according to our latest Developer Economics survey. Copyright 2014 VisionMobile
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  17. 17. iOS has a larger „middle class‟ than Android In terms of developer revenues per capita, iOS maintains its momentous gap with median revenues between $500 and $1000 per app / month, much higher than the median revenues of Android developers ($100 - $200 per app / month). As Android continues to grow in mid- and low-end handset segments, we don‟t see the revenues for Android developers catching up with iOS anytime soon. Copyright 2014 VisionMobile
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  19. 19. Contract work and e-Commerce lead the revenue model league The median revenues of organisations involved in e-Commerce are $2,750 per app/month, by far the highest among all app revenue models that we track. Contract development was responsible for 56% of the app economy in 2013. Contract development is now the most popular direct revenue model, with 26% of app developers currently developing apps on commission. Copyright 2014 VisionMobile
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  21. 21. User analytics and cross platform tools are essential iOS has the most sophisticated developers, based on tools use. Enterprise IT developers are relatively slow in adopting mobile app development tools, with 25% not using any tool - clearly an opportunity for the 100s of tool vendors targeting corporate budgets. Copyright 2014 VisionMobile
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  24. 24. There is no such thing as a long tail developer Many companies naively assume that there are long tail and tier-1 developers. The picture is far more nuanced. Developers in the Hunters segment care for revenue, Digital Media Publishers care for reach, Hobbyists care for documentation, Enterprise IT developers care for speed and cost. Copyright 2014 VisionMobile
  25. 25. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A LONG TAIL Copyright 2014 VisionMobile Copyright VisionMobile 2013
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  28. 28. About VisionMobile VisionMobile is the leading research company in the app economy and mobile business models. Our research and workshops help clients compete and win in their rapidly changing industries. The firm‟s semi-annual industry report series, “Developer Economics”, provides benchmarking of developer attitudes, trends and monetization by region. Developer Economics is now the largest, most global research on the apps economy, currently surveying over 7,000+ mobile apps developers worldwide. To find out more, visit
  29. 29. About this research The online survey received over 7,000 responses, making this the largest mobile developer survey to date. Respondents to the online survey came from over 127 countries, including major app development hotspots such as the US, China, India, Israel, UK and Russia and stretching all the way to Kenya, Brasil and Jordan. The online survey was translated in 6 languages (Chinese, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish) and promoted by 60 regional and media partners within the app development industry. As a result, the survey reached an unprecedented number of respondents, globally balanced across Europe (36.5%), Asia (32.1%) and North America (19.7%). The online survey also attracted a significant developer sample from Africa (6.6%) and South America (3.4%). All data has been weighted by region and by main platform in order to minimise sampling biases. Copyright 2014 VisionMobile