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This program used with PR celebrations program.Both programs helps hotels(and business) to build a strong customer care programs to maintain their customers and From the events this program helps business to take more customers.

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  1. 1. SAMPLE PROGRAM FOR HOTELS 2016 andreas andreou PUBLIC RESPONSIBILITY 99423240
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION: With our experience in various fields we are delighted to work with BR family hotel.We start to develop positive and long lasting relationships with our clients.Our strategies and tactics reflect BR family hotel and its public needs.The plan will enhance BR hotel public image by focusing on connecting with the consumer base.Our PR agency understands the importance of relationship building with customers and consumers.We have made a proposal and campaign to the interests and potential opportunities for BR hotel.Our goal is to enhance and expand the public opinion of BR family hotel. ANALYSIS: SWOT Strengths: Opportunities: >Growing market. > Customer service. >Sale increase from events. > Logal support. >Spread aweareness throught >Participation at promotional contest/events. events/exhibitions. >Adjust to get clients. Our task is to bring together as many as possible business to make a strong B2B plan for mutual aim. Weaknessess: Threats: >Lack of awareness >Similar services in the area. Locally/nationally. >Unknown reasons such as: >Not generating enough buzz. Economy/income/sale dicrease/ >Lack of market research. a crisis. >Limited online presence. >Limited number of rooms.
  3. 3. ANALYSIS: Research:Community and business.Pro history with marketing/pr services. What we found?NEEDS?IS a promotion or customer service? Relationships among companies?Lack of communication?Media coverage,articles,local newspapers,radio,magazines? PROJECT: This PR project plan focused on two pieces: 1.Build Relationships and 2.Media exposure. Through research we found important statistics and answers.So now we are in place to move forward to build relationships with business and to increase awareness about the hotel(and other collaborators). OBJECTIVES: To increase awareness about hotel (with possible collaboration with local winery services).To build strong relationship with our clients.To increase web traffic by 10%,to increase revenue by 10% and to increase customers by 10% for both businesses.In collaboration with local wineries(if is accepted) we create events to build branding and awareness.We create lectures about wine in our place and into hotels to promote both services. STRATEGIES: Connections with new people to generate buzz,awareness and business and online media to generate awareness and buzz. TACTICS: We puplicizing PR at various areas(local tv- radio,media,newspapers,magazines). Relationship buildings with stakeholders. Proposals on business needs. Discount and coupon offers during events/lectures(as an extra for your money safety). Email invitations,mail postcards. Events with collaboration with wineries and artists.Our company can start a PR program based on B2B if the rules are accepted from all sites.
  4. 4. Hotel,winery and artists are the potential sites.Our company will create a program for ten years to build relationships between both clients and companies. This sample program is accompanied with our celebration sample program.For more information call or email us. This is a sample program. With respect, Andreas Andreou. Public Responsibility,Ammoxostou 47,Nicosia,Cyprus. 0035799423240