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Cd+Ds Me 2012 12 11


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Introduction to the IXP gravity of the UAE-IX in general and to the GCC region.

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Cd+Ds Me 2012 12 11

  1. 1. Internet eXchange Point GravityContent Delivery & Digital Services Middle East 2012Andreas SturmHead of Business Development DE-CIX2012-12-11
  2. 2. IXP is ... • When at least 3 networks (ASNs) exchange IP traffic for their mutual benefit aka peering • Beneficial for its participants because of – providing lowest latency paths – routing around congested internet paths – providing redundancy • Located in carrier neutral data center(s)UA E-IX Facts and Vision #3
  3. 3. IXP gravity is ... • The „natural“ force of atraction between content (video) + eyeballs (you&me) and between transport networks/ carriers/ ISPs • The „natural“ force of atraction exerted by a competetive IP marketplace such as Frankfurt, GER, home of DE-CIX, the worlds largest IXP. Frankfurt has ... – 11+ colo operators with 200,000+ square meters of space – Single sites have 280+ carriers / ISPs connected – 5+ million population – Financial, logistic and telecommunications capital of Germany – Telegeography ranked Frankfurt the No. 1 Internet traffic hub in EuropeUA E-IX Facts and Vision #4
  4. 4. Middle East – Great potential for an Internet hub • Large region of over 350 million people • Common language: Arabic • GDP growth rate at 4.1 percent in 2010 and 5.1 percent in 2011 • Internet traffic growth 2007 – 2011: 98 percent per year • Increase of submarine and terrestrial connectivity between the Middle East, Europe, Asia, and Africa • Geographically well positioned as a transit hub between Europe, Africa, and AsiaUA E-IX Facts and Vision #5
  5. 5. UAE-IX is … … the only neutral Internet exchange platform for the Middle East that interconnects global networks, network operators, and content providers in the GCC region … built on a fully redundant switching platform located in the secure world-class Datamena datacenter in the International Media Production Zone (IMPZ) in Dubai … fully managed by DE-CIX, the world’s largest Internet exchange operator based in Frankfurt … fully supported by the TRA-UAE, the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of the United Arab EmiratesUA E-IX Facts and Vision #6
  6. 6. UAE-IX Pricing • UAE-IX charges a monthly recurring charge ("MRC") for its Public Peering service plus one-time installation fees / non recurring charges ("NRC"). There are no additional charges for traffic or the use of the UAE-IX route servers. Pricing Speed/ Gbps NRC MRC 1 GE line rate 1 750 USD 950 USD 1000 Base-LX 10 GE line rate 10 2,250 USD 3,850 USD 10000 Base-LRUA E-IX Facts and Vision #7
  7. 7. Customers • Akamai Technologies (USA). as20940 • Anexia Internetdienstleistungs GmbH (Austria), as42473 • CMC Networks (Mauritius), as25818 • du (UAE), as15802 • Gulfsat Communications Company (Kuwait), as51530 • Medianova Internet Hizmetleri A.S. (Turkey), as21245 • Packet Clearing House (USA), as42, as3856 • Research in Motion (RIM) (Canada), as18705 • Sify Technologies Ltd (India), as9583 • Zajil International Telecom Company KSCC (Kuwait), as6412UA E-IX Facts and Vision #8
  8. 8. What our customers say ... • “The connection to the UAE-IX is a critical part of Akamai’s peering strategy in the Middle East” says Christian Kaufmann, Director Network Architecture at Akamai. “It provides us with a more direct access to local providers in the region while lowering the latency and therefore ensuring higher-performing user experiences on any device, anywhere in the Middle East.” • “RIM’s support of the UAE-IX is an important part of our growth strategy in the Middle East, and contributes to our commitment of offering the best service to our customers,” said Robin Bienfait, RIM Chief Information Officer.UA E-IX Facts and Vision #9
  9. 9. Upcoming Events • For upcoming events to meet us, please visit our website: • If you want to be informed about updates and new developments, please sign in for the monthly DE-CIX newsletter by sending a short email to marketing@uae-ix.netUA E-IX Facts and Vision #10
  10. 10. JOIN US NOW Phone: +971 44524777 Alternative phone: +49 69 1730 902 92UA E-IX Facts and Vision #11