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Tigers Marketing Strategy


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Published in: Sports, Business, News & Politics
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Tigers Marketing Strategy

  1. 1. Andrea Rupe
  2. 2. Detroit Sports Fans MLB Fans Detroit Tigers FansTarget Market
  3. 3. Entertainment VenueBaseball TeamDetroit Tradition Who Are We?
  4. 4. • Increase Ticket Sales• Increase Brand Merchandise Sales• Increase Fan Base • Economy • Competition Within MLB • Off Season Goals and Challenges
  5. 5. Improving Social Media
  6. 6. • Game Day Information• Updated Scoring• All Tigers, All the Time• Exclusive Fan Photos Twitter And Facebook
  7. 7. • Update Regularly• Become It’s Own• Encourage the Following of OtherSocial Media Sites Google +
  8. 8. • Up Dated Scoring•Live Broadcast•Breaking News•Player Profiles•Live Chats with Players Mobile App
  9. 9. $3 Million Dollars Budget
  10. 10. GoogleAdWordsPay perClickMeasurement