coordination models coordination multi-agent systems tucson logic programming tuple-based coordination complex systems iot lpaas socio-technical systems mas molecules of knowledge intelligent systems tuprolog pervasive computing middleware statistical mechanics nature-inspired computation knowledge-intensive environments self-organisation self-organising systems nature-inspired models intelligent agents explainable ai blockchain labelled logic programming autonomy prolog nature-ispired computing stochastic systems software agents uniform primitives stochastic coordination neuro-symbolic integration symbolic knowledge extraction symbolic knowledge injection trustworthy ai explainable artificial intelligence symbolic vs. sub-symbolic explanation-ready agents symbolic vs. subsymbolic social intelligence mmas communication intelligence conversational systems autonomous systems conversation chatbots digital democracy linda stream processing xpath services artificial intelligence interoperability anonymisation contact centres big data bison project m-health agent-based modelling and simulation diabetes mellitus self-management of chronic diseases unreal engine unity3d game engines environment agent societies jason jade multi-paradigm programming 2paas spatial computing academic publishing open access behavioural implicit communication asynchronous operation invocation rbac-mas event-based systems ebs autonomy; autonomous systems; multi-agent systems; expressiveness of coordination models uniform collective adaptive systems mas; coordination; situated action; middleware; tu coordination middleware situated action aose biochemical agent-based modelling & simulation tucson4jade autonomy; autonomous systems; intentional agents; autonomy; autonomous systems cloud computing space-aware systems event-driven programming software architecture facebook liquidfeedback interacting systems mok kie biochemical tuple spaces mok-news news management systems data mining model checking behaviour prediction behaviour analysis semantic coordination sosc futurict european projects bulk primitives distributed computing respect
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