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Product catalog for commercial line of The Sliding Door Company

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Commercial Catalog

  1. 1. The signature choice for today’s interiors.
  2. 2. room DIvIDersslIDIng ParTITIons IT’s TImeconFerence roomsPrIvacy walls To quesTIon everyThIngcubIclesmoDular sysTems you knowswIng Doorsbarn Doors abouTPockeT DoorsFleX wall soluTIonssTorage enclosuresTrackless soluTIons commercIal InTerIors. The signature choice for today’s interiors.
  3. 3. Lovick Design — Santa Monica, CAroom Divider shown in 3 inch trio frame designin black finish with laminated glass (a combinationof clear and semi translucent glass).
  4. 4. why should wallsbe barriers thatclose off creativethinking?starting today that era is over!Imagine a new world in which wallscan open, close, even disappear ona whim. A new world where naturallight can illuminate and give life toan entire workspace. Imagine thefreedom to create unheard-of newfloor plans... the freedom to explorenever-before-possible divisions ofspace... the freedom to design therevolutionary look of tomorrow.Imagine an office where employeescan hardly wait to get to work...whereoptimism reigns... and productivityexplodes. Tear down those stiflingwalls! The glass age is here. Visit / work 5
  5. 5. why shouldn’t walls move, slide, reconfigure… even completely disappear? when is a wall not a wall? When it’s a sliding glass wall from The Sliding Door Co. Slide them closed for privacy. Open them up to encourage interaction and make spaces appear larger. Try doing that with outdated cubicles or drywall offices. Now imagine how this flexibility will enhance the functionality and appearance of conference rooms, offices, hallways, storage areas or whatever project you have in mind. Welcome to the future.modular Flex wall system shown in 11 footheight panels with smoked clear glass andblack frame finish. Contact a commercial specialist for more information 7
  6. 6. why shouldn’t it be possible to update your office rather than replace it? Privacy at last! Instead of throwing away outdated cubicles and rebuilding from scratch, the perfect solution is to add-on our sliding doors and fixed panels to optimize privacy, help reduce sound and enhance functionality and productivity of the work space. All of this at a fraction of the cost of starting fresh! This revolutionary design will change people’s ability to have immediate privacy and flexibility of their working space. work station solution (sliding door and fixed panels added onto a typical cubicle system) shown in 1.5 inch silver frame with combo glass and extended handles.8 Visit / work
  7. 7. why should installation entail dust, dirt, multiple permits and hassle? Imagine how quickly you could install a row of offices if framers, electricians, contractors and painters were not involved. Imagine how neat and clean that installation would be if you didn’t have to deal with the mess and inconvenience associated with drywall and paint. Imagine how easy it would be if you only needed one installation crew to upsize, downsize or reconfigure your space. The Sliding Door Co. can install or move your commercial project with no mess, no waste, no downtime. With virtually no business disruptions, it’s truly an innovative and simple solution.modular work station shown in 1.5 inch black framefinish with combo glass. Contact a commercial specialist for more information 11
  8. 8. why shouldn’t every workspace get natural light? when it comes to light transmission, drywall represents The Dark Ages. Every office can’t have a window, but thanks to glass walls and partitions they can benefit from the natural light. With 9 glass types to choose from, you decide the level of opacity… or lack of. Call The Sliding Door Co. today and see the light. office Partitions shown in 1.5 inch silver frame finish with combination of frosted and clear glass in various design patterns.12 Visit / work
  9. 9. room Dividers Create a truly showcase conference room. Trackless systems Give your office the “wow” factor wall slide Doors More stylish than pocket doors. office Partitions Flexibility is a hallmark of our officeOpen the panels to create the feeling of space. Close them with these space-saving doors. With our chic styles, More modern than swing doors. Our wall slide doors partitions. Walls open and close. Choices of finishes,for privacy. Choose the color, glass types and style to contemporary colors and beautiful glass types, they’re open and close with one finger yet are astonishingly sizes, glass types, frame styles and hardware arefit your vision. Panels are the quietest, smoothest gliding just too beautiful to hide. safe and strong. practically the industry. Just slide and divide.
  10. 10. why shouldn’t something this innovative also be affordable? value is a hallmark of our innovative products and service. When you only have to deal with one supplier instead of multiple suppliers and trades, it’s bound to be more cost effective. When you measure time in hours or days rather than weeks or months, it’s certain to save you money. When you don’t even disturb the work schedules of your employees, it’s a cinch to help your bottom line. Come to think of it, cost effectiveness just might be our biggest innovation of Fronts (swing Door, Fixed Panel and Transom).Swing doors shown in 3 inch silver frame with laminatedglass and locking lever set. Fixed Panel and transom with1.5 inch frame and clear glass. Contact a commercial specialist for more information 17
  11. 11. why should your choices be limited? Frameless wall slide / modular Freestanding systems room Dividers office Partitions suspended Doors Privacy walls swing Doors Choose from 7 stylish frame colors and Choose from many stylish door designs 2 frame widths. Choose from 2 standard or create your own custom design, heights, 4 standard widths or unlimited and choose from a broad selection custom sizes. Choose from 9 glass types, of hardware options. Suddenly “multiple from clear to black. choice” has a whole new meaning.18 Contact a commercial specialist for more information Visit / work 19
  12. 12. why shouldyou haveto settlefor ordinarysolutions? extraordinary style, quality, flexibility, safety and selection. Extraordinary service and an extraordinary ease of installation. Plus extraordinarily affordable. At last we know why the term “no brainer” was coined. Contact a commercial specialist for more information 21
  13. 13. why should everyoffice look the same?unlimited combinations. One employeeneeds privacy. Another needs lots ofaccess. One needs a door. Another needssliding panels. One needs frosted glass.Another needs clear. The conference roomneeds 8-foot glass. The boss needs coffee.No problem.
  14. 14. give us a day. 1 2 2 2 we’ll give you an office. Our quick and clean assembly system means it is 3 3 possible to construct one or more complete offices 4 3 5 in a day—or if you prefer, overnight. Which means no downtime for employees. Downsizing or relocating offices? Panels and frames are reusable for quick dis-assembly and reassembly in a new location. It’s not an over-statement to call that an overnight sensation! aDa compliance The bottom tracks for our doors are ADA compliant, being only 3/8" high which can easily be recessed into flooring. Ramped options are also available. environmental Friendliness The Sliding Door Co. is committed to caring for our environment and the footprint we leave on the planet—from the design to the manufacturing of our doors. All materials are recyclable. No harsh chemicals are needed for cleaning. 51. Top l connector2. 2” x 4” beam3. upper Track4. side outlet l Perfect for Green Construction Projects5. 4” x 4” column6. bottom Track7. Floor Flange 4” x 4” 6 6 7 Visit / work 25
  15. 15. Innovative technology. unmatched design. ultimate safety has been our main focus since Frame FInIshes day one. Our patented panel safety mechanism features a unique sliding clamp device that ensures our doors will not leave their tracks. silver maple walnut wenge black charcoal white sTanDarD Door sIzes glass TyPes (Custom sizes available) width height 24 80 30 96 36 40 milky laminated Frosted linen combo glass clear smoked smoked black clear Frosted Frame DesIgns Patented system smoothest and quietest wheels Our patented wheel-To-Track We only feature the highest quality locking mechanism insures panels materials. All of our products are will not leave the tracks (shown here built to last — from the aluminum without wheel cover.) framework, to the upper roller guide to the bottom wheels. solo Trio quattro Pentagon Tokyo Duo-T continental / " 2 /" 3 / " 3/ " /" /" Tracks /" /" Please contact a commercial hanDles anD locks specialist to receive details 1 /" 3/ " 4 / " regarding track specifications Top 2 /" 2 /" 2 /" / " 2 /" 3 / " 3/ " /" /" bottom /" /" single/ " 1 Double3 / " Triple 4 / " Double ramped round extended lever set w/ Indent handle Push lock latch Pull Additional ramped options available designer handle designer handle dead bolt key lock with key lock 2 /" 2 /" 2 /"26 Visit / work Contact a commercial specialist for more information 27
  16. 16. why Drywall vs.woulD InsTallaTIon: Multiple trades InsTallaTIon: + One tradeyou ever Slow installation + Rapid installation Extremely messy + Minimal disruption Disruptive + Unitized panels Stick built + Non destructiveconsIDer Destructive + Pre-finished Extended schedule + Condensed schedule cosT: cosT:Drywall High installation cost + Low installation cost Multiple materials + Complete package with High disposal cost doors, hardware, glass Separate trades for power, + No disposal cost communication and data + Tax advantageagaIn? Harmful to environment + Environmentally responsible FleXIbIlITy: FleXIbIlITy: Non-reusable + Modular Tear down and re-erect + Versatile takes weeks + 100% secure Stays with building + Encourages change Discourages change + Moves with you Fixed asset + Maintains and increases light Blocks natural light
  17. 17. contact a commercial specialistroom DIvIDers for more information.slIDIng ParTITIonsconFerence rooms wesT coasT sTuDIo cITy bronXPrIvacy walls 12319 Ventura Blvd. ABC Carpet and Home Outlet Store arcaDIa Studio City, CA 91604 1055 Bronx River Ave. Westfield Santa Anita t 818 505 1929 Bronx, NY 10472 400 S. Baldwin, Suite 2175cubIcles t 718 517 6268 Arcadia, CA 91007 wesT los angeles t 626 446 1465 12201 W. Pico Blvd. new yorkmoDular sysTems Los Angeles, CA 90064 230 5th Ave. Ground Floor chaTsworTh t 310 826 6900 New York, NY 10001 20235 Bahama St. t 212 213 9350 Chatsworth, CA 91311swIng Doors wesTlake vIllage t 818 997 7855 2820 Townsgate Rd. #101 washIngTon D.c. Westlake Village, CA 91361 2127 14th St., NW DownTown los angeles t 805 497 8686 Washington, DC 20009barn Doors 1111 S. Grand Ave., #104 Los Angeles, CA 90015 mIDDle u.s. t 202 588 8840 t 213 744 0244PockeT Doors PacIFIc chIcago IrvIne 221 W. Ohio St. hawaII 9810 Irvine Center Dr. Chicago, IL 60654 851 Pohukaina St., Suite C-1FleX wall soluTIons Irvine, CA 92618 t 949 753 1747 t 312 494 9494 Honolulu, HI 96813 t 808 529 1580 housTonsTorage enclosures las vegas 6825 W. Russell Rd. #100 3601 W. Alabama St. #107 Houston, TX 77027 canaDa Las Vegas, NV 89118 t 713 850 0707 ToronToTrackless soluTIons t 702 202 4185 easT coasT (for all canadian provinces) 75 Ingram Drive san DIego Toronto, ON M6M 2L7 2210 4th Ave. ForT lauDerDale t 416 637 4620 San Diego, CA 92101 1200 Stirling Rd., Suite #1B t 619 692 1294 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33004 t 954 923 5252 more To come san FrancIsco Visit our website for 680 8th St., Suite #163 mIamI most recent updates. San Francisco, CA 94103 89 NE 40th St. t 415 626 2622 Miami, FL 33137 t 305 640 5494 seaTTle 2911 4th Ave. South Seattle, WA 98134 t 206 467 1869 The signature choice for today’s interiors.