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This power Point explains key points about how doing business with mexico

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Mexico pi

  1. 1. Andrea Miles Caro AguerrebereRoberto Samaniego Fay Espinoza CindyOrduño Armando Alarcon
  2. 2. Thecentertheflag, thewhitestrip e, has a shield, thisshield comes fromtheAztechieroglyphusedtor epresentthefoundationof TenochtitlanGreen: symbolizesthehopeofthepeople in thedestinyoftheirraceWhite: representsthepurityoftheidealsofthepeopleRed: symbolizesthebloodspilled by thecountrysheroes.
  3. 3. TheConstitutionoftheUnitedMexicanStates initsarticlesprovides fundamentalguaranteeofequalitytoannouncethatmenandwomen areequalbeforethelaw, andwhichprovidesthat nodistinctionshall be, interalia, byethnicornationalorigin, bygender, age, disability, socialstatus, anyotherthatundermines humandignity. Fromthiswe canremovetointerpretworkplaceand laborrightsforboththewomanandtheman arethesame, howeveritisimportantto notethatwomen by their socialandphysicalconditionswehave socialsecurityrightsinherent inmotherhoodandchildren. InourConstitutionalsorecognizestherightandfreedomtohave adecentjob, lawfulandsociallyuseful.
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  5. 5. Which is the Capital city of Mexico?Mexico DFWhich is the Language of business in Mexico?Spanish is¿What is the meaning of the Mexican flag?The center the flag, the white stripe, has a shield, this shield comes from the Aztechieroglyph used to represent the foundation of TenochtitlanGreen: symbolizes the hope of the people in the destiny of their raceWhite: represents the purity of the ideals of the peopleRed: symbolizes the blood spilled by the countrys heroes.Is family a fundamental value in Mexico?Yes, a fundamental Mexican value is that of the family and the place it holds insociety.
  6. 6. In Mexico, is time considered to be flexible, relaxed and circular, and istherefore unlimited?TrueMention 3 key negotiation pointers:Business lunches are a favorable method of conducting business in Mexico.Business is rarely conducted at the weekend, which is normally reserved forfamily.Hierarchy and social status are particularly significant in Mexican culture and theboundaries they create should be observed.How generally takes the final decision at business in Mexico?A central authority figureDoes cultivating close personal relationships and building trust is necessary?Why?True. Mexicans prefer to do business with people whom they know/trust and it isnot uncommon to find many family members working for the same business
  7. 7. Are handshakes a good way to start a meeting?Yes, during an initial business meeting, the most appropriate form of greetingis a warm and firm handshake.How personal introduction does helps you to reduce communication noise?The use of personal introductions through a mutual friend or an appropriateprofessional is crucial for establishing trust and ensuring your future businesssuccess in MexicoMention something you can do:DO take your time during business dealings with your Mexican colleagues andavoid pressing for final decisions, remember that time in Mexico does notalways equal money, as in some western countriesMention something you can’t do:DON’T be overly aggressive while negotiating business deals, as it isconsidered rude.
  8. 8. Time is considered as same in Mexico as in USA:FalseMention 5 taboos:Saying “i don’t know”; instead say something like “Let me find out.”Saying no; instead try to say yes first then add something that keep things veryvagueDon’t talk about politics (Peña Nieto)Don’t add sexuality topics (sex, homosexuality, etc.)Avoid awkward silence (just add silly comments such as, and how you doing?)Which titles are appropriate while doing business?Courtesy titles such as “Mr” (Señor), “Mrs” (Señora), or “Miss” (Señorita), andprofessional titles (i.e. “Licenciado”, “Doctor”, “Profesor”) should beused, followed by a surname.