Max my weight loss review


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Max my weight loss review

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Max my weight loss review

  1. 1. MAX MY WEIGHT LOSS REVIEWThe program does NOT involve any of the following:• NO pills• NO crash diet• NO starving your body• NO surgery• NO weekly meetings• NO crazy foods• NO hard exerciseNow I have no doubt you’ve already come across plenty of bogus products.You know what I mean…The ones promising “overnight weight loss” with justa few pills a day. Perhaps you’ve even tried a few programs already? If so… IBET they required you to do AT LEAST ONE of the following…• Subtract All Food Out Of Your Diet• Do Crazy Exercises• Attend Weekly Meetings• Take Pre-Package Foods• Ect…SureAll of those things CAN make you lose weight.Let Me Give You a Sneak Peek Of What You’ll Discover Inside This WeightLoss Plan:• Healthy eating habits• How to lose weight without dieting• How you can easily burn extra calories• The role of exercise in healthy weight loss• Everything there is to know about fitness and nutrition• Exactly how to keep those extra pounds off your body for good• And so much more that cannot be explained right now due to timeconstraintsCLICK HERE TO ACCESS MAX MY WEIGHTLOSS…Healthy & Unhealthy Foods and Preparation:Let’s start with the simple rules for this manual:No Fried FoodNo Soda (pop)No Fast FoodHere are some easy tips to remember in order to help you not only optimizeyour health and nutrition but keep the fat content low as well.Do not go to the store hungryMake a list beforehand to avoid impulse buys which are usually unhealthy
  2. 2. Eat nothing that has more than 30% of its calories from fat. If the labelshows the product has 200 calories, then the maximum amount of fatcalories should be no more than 60.Avoid processed foods as they are usually deficient in nutrients and highin Trans FatsBuy fast and easy snacks like single serving yogurts, apples, bananas,and grapesLook for whole grain breads that have 8 or more grains… not just browncolored breadCommon recipe items you should be sure to have in the pantry: Proteinor Whole Wheat pasta, olive or canola oil, brown rice, beans, and brothsBuy whole wheat tortillas and save some calories over breads with wrapsrather than sandwichesThe following are some tips on healthy preparation:Cut up veggies and place them in snack sized Tupperware or baggies foreasy additions to tomorrow’s lunchboxPrepare a tray of skinless chicken on a Sunday, divide it up, package itand use it for lunches throughout the weekBreak out the Crockpot, you can throw some broth, veggies, andbrowned lean steak in it before work and have a healthy and filling mealready when you get homeCook with vegetable oil instead of margarine or butterRemember, for every pound of lean muscle you possess, you will burn about50 calories a day.If you have less muscle, which can account for less weight on the scale, youwill also burn fewer calories, which slows your metabolism. Once yourmetabolism has slowed, any increase in calorie intake will undoubtedlybecome stored fat. You must keep your focus on body fat percentage, as it isa true indicator of fitness and health.Unless you are morbidly obese or close to it, do not expect to drop 10pounds a week. Most people can safely reduce their weight, more specificallytheir body fat, by about two pounds a week. There will always be times youlose more or less but that is a very respectable number when applying properdiet, cardiovascular, and strength exercises.Progressive overload is simply a weight training approach that forces yourbody to adapt to greater demands by becoming bigger, stronger, and/ormore efficient. This allows your body to slowly increase its performance untilyour goals or genetic limits are reached.10 tips for better life…1. Quit smoking – Beyond its ill effects on your training it clearly leads toheart & lung disease.
  3. 3. 2. Limit Saturated & Trans Fats & – To help avoid coronary artery disease.3. Alcohol in Moderation – 1 drink for women, 2 for men per day.4. Eating Natural – Prescribe to former Ultimate Fighting Champion Rich“Ace” Franklin’s mantra of, “If it doesn’t grow or eat something that grows, Idon’t eat it.”5. Sodium – Consume fewer than 2,300 mg (about one teaspoon of salt) ofsodium daily.6. Reduce stress – Doing this reduces cortisol, a hormone that causes fatstorage. Treat yourself to a massage or take a random day off from work.7. Limit your caffeine intake – caffeine constricts blood vessels and impedesperformance at the gym.8. One Day of Rest – Take one day off from the gym a week to give yourbody time to heal9. Read – The more you understand your body and what should, andshouldn’t go in it the more apt you will be to stick to good habits.10. Experiment – Try new exercises and routines often. They stimulate youmind and body, keeping the gym fun and challenging.CLICK HERE TO ACCESS MAX MY WEIGHTLOSS…