Backlink beast review


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Backlink beast review

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Backlink beast review

  1. 1. BACKLINK BEAST REVIEWBacklink Beast is system built, it has built a complete onpage SEO process,along with the perfect backlink building process by topic. It will help your siteto top Google in the shortest time. The best part about Backlink Beast is thatit’s scalable. So the more users we get in the system, the better it is foreveryone involved.SEO brain, Matt Callen, just released an extremely powerful backlink buildingsoftware that gets massive link diversity, which is the #1 thing that isREQUIRED to rank high in 2013. He and his clients now have over 6,500 TOPGoogle, Bing, and Yahoo rankings from using his software. And this is recentstuffMatt and his team have created other SEO services and software programs,all which are top notch... and this is no different, except its brand new withtwists that his other programs dont offer!Click here to go to the official site ofbacklink beastBut Backlink Beast is built it to allow the average website owner (like youand me) to be able to afford and use the power their SEO knowledge and linkbuilding software can give people.Its nowhere near the pricetag of his previous programs, yet has crazyauthority and ranking power with Google.Trust me, youll be super pumped about the price! :) I know I was.Anyway, enough of the "hype", go watch the video for yourself. I guaranteeyoull be impressed with this software.Why Backlink Beast is the single BEST link building software on the market…1/ Massive link Diversity:Post Panda and Penguin, link diversity is no longer an option… it’sREQUIRED! Backlink Beast can provide more “hands off” link diversity thanany other program on the market.Backlink Beast automates your link diversity by building you THOUSANDS oflinks from…+ Social Network Site Submissions+ Web 2.0 Article Sites+ Social Bookmarking Submissions
  2. 2. + PDF and Document Sharing Sites+ Web 2.0 Profile Links+ Press Release Submissions+ RSS Link Promotion+ 1000′s of Custom Sites built on platforms such as BuddyPress, Drupal,WordPress, Oxwall, Social Engine, and more!2/ Unlimited Tiered Link Building- Protect Your money site.Using Backlink Beast you can automate all link tiers. Protect your money sitewhile hammering it with reputable links from what we call “buffer links”.These buffer links act as barriers to any potential over-optimization of usingtoo many exact match target keywords in the links to your money site.Essentially, the link tiers act as a “buffer” for your money site! And THIS ishow to protect your money site. Do NOT hammer away at your money sitelike we did back in the day with nothing but our target keywords.3/ Hands Off Link Building.No more hand holding and babysitting your software!Unlike other so-called automated link building programs, Backlink Beastdoesn’t require you to sit and watch its every move.+ Automatic account creation. Almost instantly create 1000′s of accounts onthe fly+ Automatic submission of your content!+ Automatic anchor text diversity.+ Automatic Link Reports generated for you after each successfulsubmission.Click here to go to the official site ofbacklink beast4/ Super Fast Submission Time.Backlink Beast’s multi-threaded submission process is like having 100employees creating your accounts, submitting your content, building yourlinks, and generating your reports at the exact same time!But two other features of Backlink Beast. Check it out!!Easy 5 Steps process:See for yourself how easy it is …Step 1: Create email addresses(FULLY automated)Step 2: Create accounts on sites where Backlink Beast submits your contentand builds links(FULLY automated)
  3. 3. Step 3: Verify your email addresses and activate accounts from step 1 and 2(FULLY automated)Step 4: Enter your content to be submitted with your links in it(FULLY automated… plus, it accepts spin formats and unlimited keywords!)Step 5: Press Start. Come back in a few minutes and grab your BacklinkBeast link report!(you guessed it… FULLY automated)You also get…Video Training CenterBacklink Beast is super easy to use, but as you can imagine with everythingit does, everything Google looks for when updating their algorithms, and allthe changes the sites do that we build your links on, there is a lot to thesoftware. And there are different SEO strategies that you can use to take fulladvantage of it.For this reason, we have created step by step, walk-throughtraining videos to take you all the way through Backlink Beast, showingexactly how to set things up, start building links and increasing your rankingsthe RIGHT WAY …Plus… it that’s not enough, you get free software updates…Backlink beast is Simple to use, easy to manage your backlink, and belowadvantages which Backlink Beast could bring to you:• Similar to SEnuke XCR but simpler to use.• Able to build backlinks very swiftly and with barely any effort.• Does virtually everything for you.• Link building done automatically.• Links-tier protects your sites from the dreaded Google sanbox!• Multi-threaded submission – make it very fast.• Auto pilot campaigns.• Automatic link indexing using Linkpipeline.Short video about Backlink Beast you can watchYou should consider Backlink Beast if:• You understand the impotance of backlinks and want a singleautomatic solution• You want to spend more time doing things other than worrying aboutbacklink.• You want to manage your backlinks.• You want to easily in SEO.etc. and a lot more….If you don’t see phenomenal results following guides of this product, they willgive you a full refund – no question ask. No risk, so WHAT ARE YOUWAITING FOR? Try it, for only 7$ then you can choose 67$/month or 397$lifetimeClick here to go to the official site ofbacklink beast