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From prevention to the chronic patient management


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Fabrizio Conicella - Direttore Generale del Bioindustry Park Silvano Fumero - è intervenuto ad Explore Talks on Healthcare, che si è svolto giovedì 18 maggio presso il Polihub di Milano, con un contributo sul paradigma delle cure in medicina nel prossimo futuro.

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From prevention to the chronic patient management

  1. 1. Science Park and cluster managing company focused on life sciences and health, created with the support of Regione Piemonte in the EU programs framework (beginning 90’s) - Operational since 1998. § 25.000 sqm labs, office spaces § R&D shared facilities and services § Support and acceleration of start-up/spin off § Consultancy in biomanagement § Networking and clustering(bioPmed) § Conference centre Key elements Bioindustry Park Silvano Fumero
  2. 2. The Bioindustry Park value creation process From the identification of promising scientific results to the growth of a successful company: • Incubation • Acceleration • Settlements • Managerial consulting • Clustering • International projects • Scientific support (outsourced) Incubation and company acceleration Facility management and General services for lessees Exploitation of scientific results and scientific services Consulting, TT support, Cluster development and International projects
  3. 3. The Italian health care system • In 2000 Italy's healthcare system was regarded, by World Health Organization's ranking, as the 2nd best in the world after France • Healthcare is provided to all citizens and residents by a mixed public-private system. The public part is the national health service, “Sistema sanitario nazionale (SSN)”, which is organized under the Ministry of Health and is administered on a regional basis.
  4. 4. The vision for the future of health management Strategic Trajectories Areas of Scientific & Industrial Interest Ageing and chronic pathologies Converging technologies Personalised approach and integration of therapy /diagnosis New diagnostic systems Prevention Innovative medicines and therapeutic approaches E-Health • “”4Ps” paradigm approach • “Patient-centric” approach • “Value based” approach
  5. 5. Health care ecosystem Source: ecosystem-officer-new-leaders-innovation-health-lawer
  6. 6. “4Ps” paradigm Prevention Prediction Personalisation Participation Personalised healthcare approach Source:
  7. 7. Personalised medicine • Genetically-determined drug response variability • Increased safety and efficacy • Pharmacogenetics represents an ‘evolution’ not a ‘revolution’ in medicine • Increased presence of personalised medicine, not just at a genetic level
  8. 8. “Disruptive” role of IT ▫Innovation and change element: ▫Management/analysis/visualization of data; ▫“Ubiquitous” health management; ▫ IoT; Source:
  9. 9. Consequences on the health system • Citizens are considered in general if they have a disease • Patients are not empowered • Hospitalization is the “usual” way to manage care • Private providers are a “premium” or a “low cost”choice and they are solution suppliers • Health care is based on cost management • The citizen is considered life long • “4ps” approach: hospitalization for acute phases and personalized treatment • Advanced prevention, diagnostic, monitoring systems • New role for families, society and private providers • Health care is based on value management Prevention and care management health care models Acute phase health care models
  10. 10. Consequences at patient level Elements: • Patient Empowerment • Life long health management • Prevention/prediction as priority • ……. Issues: • Privacy • Decision power • Cost/sustainability • ……..
  11. 11. Potential opportunities for companies 4P Agening Cost pressure Patient empowerment 4P paradig
  12. 12. Potential opportunities for companies New market and innovation spaces and segments e.g. Biotech and combined products (therapeutics and diagnostics) Telemonitoring Private diagnostic services New models to “manage” elderly Prediction through analysis of genomic data Wereables and implantables devices Social innovation solutions for chronic diseases
  13. 13. A possible example… Source: Josip Car, Woan Shin Tan, Zhilian Huang, Peter Sloot and Bryony Dean Franklin “eHealth in the future of medications management: personalisation, monitoring and adherence”, BMC Medicine201715:73
  14. 14. Meet In Italy for Life Sciences
  15. 15. It is the team that wins, not the single player Bioindustry Park Silvano Fumero SpA bioPmed Health Cluster Via Ribes, 5 10010 Colleretto Giacosa (TO) Italy Tel. +39-0125-561311 Fabrizio Conicella Thank you