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Explore Talks on "Manufacturing 4.0" | From mass customization to hybrid manufacturing

ELSE Corp è una startup italiana che sta facendo disruption nell’ambito del fashion retail grazie allo sviluppo di una piattaforma Saas e BtoB rivolta ai produttori di calzature e ai grandi brand della moda. Durante gli Explore Talks Andrey Golub,Co-Founder & CEO di ELSE Corp, ha presentato il progetto comprensivo di scanner da inserire nel virtual point of sale dei brand.

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Explore Talks on "Manufacturing 4.0" | From mass customization to hybrid manufacturing

  2. 2. 2© 2016 ELSE Corp S.r.l. A Tailor of the Latest Fashion
  3. 3. Today: Factory 4.0 The Fully Connected Way of Making Things 3© 2016 ELSE Corp S.r.l. SOURCE: Roland Berger Strategy Consultants
  4. 4. 4© 2016 ELSE Corp S.r.l. Once in the past… The Origins
  5. 5. ELSE Corp 5© 2016 ELSE Corp S.r.l.
  6. 6. INDUSTRIAL “MADE TO MEASURE” MADE SIMPLE 6© 2016 ELSE Corp S.r.l. The Core Concept
  7. 7. Unique Value Proposition: a META platform for… 7© 2016 ELSE Corp S.r.l. 3D Fitting - Fitting for 3D model of a products - 3D avatar of customer Virtual Fitting Startups Scan Input - Good hardware development - Cloud services for better avatar creation & analysis Body Scanners Startups - Real - time product display on a digital mirror - Product color replacement Virtual Mirrors Startups Try - On Features
  8. 8. Management at 100% Virtual Retail in the Cloud ON -DEMAND / SMART MANUFACTURING PRODUCT DESIGN ANALYTICS INDUSTRIAL MADE TO MEASURE SMART SUPPLY CHAIN 3D PRINTING AT THE ENTERPRISE Consumers Manufacturers PRODUCT CONFIGURATOR VIRTUAL SHOPPING 3D BODY SCANNING PERSONALISED CLOTHES STYLE ANALYTICS New Distribution Model Integrable to Any DistributionDesignerBrand Agile Manufacturing Sales Channel Store 3D Service Providers V.I.P. e-commerce platform 8© 2016 ELSE Corp S.r.l. ELSE’s Direct to Consumer Model
  9. 9. 9© 2016 ELSE Corp S.r.l. Service Delivery & Supply Chain: !Powered by” DISTRIBUTIONOPERATIONMANUFACTURING Online Brand Store Department Store Franchising Virtual Franchise A Virtual Franchise B Virtual Franchise C Offering Brand Catalog Brand’s CRM Brand’s Customer Order Management Virtual Shopping / Product Configuration of Brand Brand’s Payment Management Brand’s Logistics Raw Materials Supplier Manufacturer Samples Manufacturer Components Supplier
  10. 10. DISTRIBUTIONOPERATIONMANUFACTURING 10© 2016 ELSE Corp S.r.l. Service Delivery & Supply Chain: “VIRTUAL MERCHANT” Regional Hub Regional Hub Atelier Corner PoS Regional Hub Customer Salon Purchase Salon Purchase Franchising Network Distribution Management ELSE Merchant Logistics Virtual Shopping / Product Configuration Regional Hub Regional Hub Payment Management Brand’s Catalog MTM Club Catalog Distribution Management Brand’s Manufacturer Samples Manufacturer 3D Hub White Label Manufacturer Components Supplier Raw Materials Supplier
  11. 11. Andrey Golub Co-Founder & CEO Riccardo Isola General Manager Javier Orduño Art Direction & Brand Identity Taira Colah Research & Development Daria Kosheleva UI, UX & 3D Mirei Ong Interaction Design, UX & UI INNOVATIONTEAMMTMCLUB Shirin Hamzelou 3D Design Irene Lionetti Fashion & 3D Design Beti Büyükdemirci Business Analyst Alina Shagiakhmetova Brand Manager Minji Lee South Korea YongMing Wang China Konstantin Karavaev Russia Andrey Vinogradov UX & Front-end Migyeong Jo 3D Design Jad Ghorayeb Middle East 11© 2016 ELSE Corp S.r.l. E.L.S.E. People- the Team at Polihub
  12. 12. © 2016 ELSE Corp S.r.l. 12 Pioneering the Virtual Retail Revolution
  13. 13. Now 25% are willing to pay a premium price (+20%) (Deloitte, 2015) 45% spend money on personalization (Forrester, 2015) 45% are comfortable waiting longer to get a personalized product (Deloitte, 2015) “By 2020, 15% of the clothing Americans buy will be customised. That is $35 Bn worth in sales in apparel alone.” Merjin Helle VP SAP America The Future “Hyper-personalisation has started to grow in 2015 and will become a more important part of the customer experience over the next couple of years” Craig Cannon IBM Business Development Manager Luxury Products Customisation: Now & The Future 13© 2016 ELSE Corp S.r.l.
  15. 15. Integration into Brand Offer 15© 2016 ELSE Corp S.r.l. MTM MTO customisation In Store E-Commerce In Store Inventory (Local stock) To hide all complexity Store assistant does things for you Style Suggestions
  16. 16. Mass Customisation at INDUSTRIAL SCALE 16© 2016 ELSE Corp S.r.l.
  17. 17. Each Virtual Capsule collection is comprised of a selection of items that follow the theme or mood of the collection. Each product within the v.c.c. is made up of elements, and each element has it’s own set of possible configurations. Basic Product Customization Logic 17© 2016 ELSE Corp S.r.l.
  18. 18. Brand View for V-Retail: A Virtual Shoe Collection 18© 2016 ELSE Corp S.r.l.
  19. 19. New Service: Needs to be tested and fixed from the trial results. New UX: Customers need to be ready to buy. If it's a good niche for such a service, convince people with advertising and brand name. Market Strategy: step by step… 19© 2016 ELSE Corp S.r.l.
  20. 20. Brand Experience Corner: A Virtual Retail Console 20© 2016 ELSE Corp S.r.l. A physical point of sale where the end user can tangibly experience the brand’s configuration process Virtual Point of Sale (brand’s design)
  21. 21. Mobile Controller Main Application Controller Configurator T h e B o u t i q u e serves as a sort of ‘homepage’ from where all other ‘ s c r e e n s ’ a n d applications are accessed. ELSE VR Application: A Virtual Boutique 3D 21© 2016 ELSE Corp S.r.l.
  22. 22. Integration with e-commerce merchants websites. Integration into e-commerce technology. Integration into e-commerce service provider’s platforms. ELSE is an infrastructure for Virtual Retail services (own and 3-rd parties), and a way to build custom Virtual Shopping applications V - CRM DAM 3D Services Real Time Recommendations Service Delivery Scenario: e-Commerce Integration 22© 2016 ELSE Corp S.r.l.
  23. 23. Client View for V-Retail: A Virtual Shoe Configuration 23© 2016 ELSE Corp S.r.l.
  24. 24. How it Looks: a 3D view and fitting experience 24© 2016 ELSE Corp S.r.l.
  25. 25. How it Works: a 3D foot scanning experience 25© 2016 ELSE Corp S.r.l.
  26. 26. Made to Measure scenario: IN PROGRESS 2016 26© 2016 ELSE Corp S.r.l.
  27. 27. The Virtual Shopping CX Scenario- MyShoe 27© 2016 ELSE Corp S.r.l.
  28. 28. From Direct to Consumer to Industry 4.0 28© 2016 ELSE Corp S.r.l.
  29. 29. “For the next 5 years, I do not see many things happening. In 30/50 years you will be measured by a body scanner, the measurements will be sent to a production facility completely run by computers, the suit will be assembled without any human touch and then it will be sent back for trial. The client will try it on and the suit will be loosen or tighten where the client feels it. The suit will be made using nanotechnology that when connected with the client brain will alter itself without any human intervention. Probably the person that will assist you in store will be just a facilitator totally unaware of fashion trends because, for them, you will look at styles and ideas just from famous bloggers on the social media platforms.” Giovanni Luigi Bordone - SCABAL Brand Ambassador E.L.S.E. is working to reach this scenario many years before this prediction: Made to Measure in “5 to 50” Years? 29© 2016 ELSE Corp S.r.l.
  30. 30. Hybrid Manufacturing for the Footwear Industry 30© 2016 ELSE Corp S.r.l. Product Manufacturing Innovation ADDITIVE TRADITIONAL
  31. 31. Summary of Macro Processes of Shoe Making 31© 2016 ELSE Corp S.r.l. TRADITIONAL MANUFACTURING Closing / Machining Lasting & Making Clicking / Cutting Finishing
  32. 32. Main Challenges for Additive MTM Manufacturing 32© 2016 ELSE Corp S.r.l. In an MTM scenario, where products are made on demand based on the measurements of the customer, the main challenges we face are to find the optimum input to give to manufacturers regarding Creation of MTM Shoe Last for each customer. They are very complex objects made from several parts. SHOE LAST SOLES LEATHER (and other natural materials) Creation of MTM insoles, midsoles, outsoles. Today they require specific equipment and are made by specialized companies. Use of natural components (eg. made from leather) together with 3D printed components.
  33. 33. Shoe Last: Uses + Examples 33© 2016 ELSE Corp S.r.l.
  34. 34. Fully 3D Printed Shoe Lasts. but… 34© 2016 ELSE Corp S.r.l.
  35. 35. Parts of Traditional Shoe Lasts: it’s complicated! 35© 2016 ELSE Corp S.r.l.
  36. 36. For now? 36© 2016 ELSE Corp S.r.l. NEW SDF-HS The best technology for a higher productivity HS ALSO FOR TRADITIONAL TECHNOLOGY Newlast beats the only existing competitor AUTOMATIC INJECTION LAST Newlast automatic solution for managing injection last production DIGISCAN2014 FULL First robotic fully automatic structured light last scanner EASYFIT FOOT SCANNER High precision Laser Foot scanner NL-EASYLAST3D vs. 3.0 The last frontier of CAD/CAM for the modification of last WORLDWIDE LEADER IN CAD FOR LAST DESIGN & MANUFACTURING
  37. 37. Soles: Uses + Examples 37© 2016 ELSE Corp S.r.l.
  38. 38. Basic Process - 3D Printed Sole or 3D foot print 38© 2016 ELSE Corp S.r.l.
  39. 39. For a leather Soles for a TRUE “Made in Italy” Product 39© 2016 ELSE Corp S.r.l.
  40. 40. Materials Cutting: Uses + Examples 40© 2016 ELSE Corp S.r.l.
  41. 41. Use of materials, generated directly by 3D Printing Lab, already MTM (as needed for every single order) Components are printed to measure and then assembled. No waste - save on cost + (some environmental benefits) No cutting - time saving 3D DESIGN 3D PRINT END PRODUCT 3D Printed, Made to Measure Materials (No cutting needed) 41© 2016 ELSE Corp S.r.l.
  42. 42. The materials? hmmm 42© 2016 ELSE Corp S.r.l.
  43. 43. ATOM is a company leader in the field of cutting soft and semi-rigid materials. - from footwear to the various industrial applications An industrial partner of ELSE for Footwear 4.0 Best of class (& traditional)- advanced Industrial Cutter 43© 2016 ELSE Corp S.r.l.
  44. 44. 3D Scanning: Uses + Examples 44© 2016 ELSE Corp S.r.l.
  45. 45. The Structure Sensor is a 3D sensor that, when attached to an iPad, can scan in 3D with existing apps, turning the iPad into a portable 3D scanner. Occipital now has access to algorithms developed by Lynx that make 3D depth mapping far more accurate than ever before. PROS: Innovative 3D sensing platform. Can serve as a 3D scanner. Good opportunity for software developers to create related apps. Compact. Seamlessly integrates with iPad. CONS: Best for software developers and early adopters. Few apps are currently available for this device. Occipital Structure Sensor x Lynx Laboratories 45© 2016 ELSE Corp S.r.l.
  46. 46. Example: Right Shoes 3D Scanner (feet scanning) 46© 2016 ELSE Corp S.r.l.
  47. 47. In Store & Portable - Fully Integrated with E.L.S.E. 47© 2016 ELSE Corp S.r.l. A 3D foot scanner specially designed for footwear shop assistants to use easily in store. HOW: 1. A customer can have their feet scanned in store 2. The scanned data is saved on the cloud 3. The data is accessible by the customer through their profile 4. The data is used by the manufacturer to make the shoes to measure. BENEFITS: • easy installation & usability • easily portable: lightweight & wireless • quick • low cost • provides automatically a 3D model • more than twenty foot measures
  48. 48. Example: Bean Bag Module by TechMed3D (feet scanning) 48© 2016 ELSE Corp S.r.l. To allow a pre-correction. Can be used with TechMed3D’s Structure Sensor or BodyScan (scanners). Provides reference points to the scanner while scanning.
  49. 49. Advanced 3D Scanning for High Heels in-store 49© 2016 ELSE Corp S.r.l. • To obtain an accurate scan of the customer’s foot in the position needed for wearing the high heel shoe • This also helps with accurate AVATAR creation for Virtual Fitting. HOW: 1. Each shoe in the collection will have a corresponding transparent heel base 2. Customer places foot on transparent heel base during scanning process 3. The scanner captures the customer’s foot arch and shape at the particular height they want 4. The scanned data is used when manufacturing the MTM shoe + avatar Scan Scan Result Heel Samples Example
  50. 50. 3D Printing: Uses + Examples 50© 2016 ELSE Corp S.r.l.
  51. 51. Rapid Prototyping: From Design to Printed Shoe 51© 2016 ELSE Corp S.r.l.
  52. 52. How: United Nude 3D Printed ‘Float’ Shoes. Designed and printed the shoe (on the CUBE Printer) in three parts that just simply link into each other, forming the final product. The fact that the shoe is made out of three parts actually adds to the design. To make the shoe more comfortable they added a hand cut rubber outsole. Designed & Printed in 3 Parts 52© 2016 ELSE Corp S.r.l.
  53. 53. HOW: The stainless steel heels and the heel decorations of dyed polyamide are 3D printed. combining-3d-printing-in-plastics-steel-with- traditional-craftsmanship Combining 3D Printing with Traditional Craftsmanship 53© 2016 ELSE Corp S.r.l. HOW: The stainless-steel heels and alumide lattices (front) are 3D printed.
  54. 54. 3D Printing with Different Metals 54© 2016 ELSE Corp S.r.l.
  55. 55. Gold Plated Heel Generated from Unique Algorithms 55© 2016 ELSE Corp S.r.l. Francis Bitonti Studio X United Nude X 3D Systems collection Mutatio. The collection mixes both new a n d t r a d i t i o n a l c r a f t i n g techniques. HOW: Each shoe in the edition is u n i q u e g e n e r a t e d b y a n algorithm developed by the designer. The heel of the shoe is SLS printed in a nylon and then gold plated. The Upper is made of leather.
  56. 56. Comfort, Not Only Great Design, Thanks to 3D Printing 56© 2016 ELSE Corp S.r.l. present-futurecraft-3d-printed-sneaker-the-future-of-running- shoes.html printed-futurecraft-soles-to-mimic-runners-footprints/ Adidas teamed up with M a t e r i a l i s e t o p r e s e n t F u t u r e c r a f t 3 D p r i n t e d sneaker, the future of running shoes. Adidas has unveiled a 3D- printed shoe sole that can be tailored to the exact contours of the wearer's feet.
  57. 57. 3D Printed Stamps for Leather 57© 2016 ELSE Corp S.r.l. source: Print-Your-Own-Leather-Stamps/?ALLSTEPS 3D Printed Stamps can be created to make unique patterns for leather stamping. HOW: • 3D modelling program to create the stamp design • 3D printer - here they use Objet Connex 3D printers which are UV cure resin printers that print at a very high resolution in a few different materials. • A hard 'ABS like' material printed with a glossy finish • D M L S ( d i r e c t m e t a l l a s e r sintering)
  58. 58. With 3D Systems’ new Fabricate platform, brands can 3D print onto mesh fabric. HOW: Fabricate packs can be purchased on the 3D Systems site, with a $149 Fabricate Design Pack buying designers a filament cartridge, textile squares, and six Fabricate .textile designs; however, a Fabricate Starter Pack comes with a Cube 3D printer, cartridges, textile squares, and a set of six .textile designs for $1,199. 58© 2016 ELSE Corp S.r.l. 3D Printing onto Mesh Fabric to Apply onto Shoes
  59. 59. 3D Cutting: Uses + Examples 59© 2016 ELSE Corp S.r.l.
  60. 60. Add ons & Elements: 3D Cut 60© 2016 ELSE Corp S.r.l. Sophie Webster Add ons & decorative elements can be 3D cut & then attached to the shoe
  61. 61. Charlotte Olympia 3D Laser Cut to Create Unique Textile 61© 2016 ELSE Corp S.r.l. The material is 3D laser cut to create a unique textile that is used for the body of the shoe.
  62. 62. Personalized Patterns & Monograms 62© 2016 ELSE Corp S.r.l.
  63. 63. Customers may personalise the patterns on their insoles, either by: 1. choosing from a selection of patterns or 2. they may be invited by the brand to collaborate on the pattern design and create a unique pattern. HOW: Patterns may be digitally created in-store or online and printed in-store on the insoles or at the time of manufacture. Personalized Pattern: Insoles 63© 2016 ELSE Corp S.r.l. Source:
  64. 64. Personalized Pattern: Soles 64© 2016 ELSE Corp S.r.l. The sole of the shoe can be decorated, embossed, embroidered or printed according to how the customer would like to personalize it
  65. 65. Personal Messages & Monograms: Embroidered or Printed 65© 2016 ELSE Corp S.r.l.
  66. 66. Quality & Comfort 66© 2016 ELSE Corp S.r.l.
  67. 67. EXAMPLE: RS Scan for dynamic gait analysis and Materialise for 3D printing, have joined forces to create the newly-founded RS Print. MTM 3D Printed Insoles from 3D Scan 67© 2016 ELSE Corp S.r.l.
  68. 68. Sent to customers with their MTM shoes 3D Printed Personalized Shoe Tree (Tendiscarpa) 68© 2016 ELSE Corp S.r.l.
  69. 69. A Shoe From the Future? 69© 2016 ELSE Corp S.r.l. 3D Printed by Delcam Crispin with Leather Upper
  70. 70. Virtual Retail in Virtual Reality- the (not so far) future? 70© 2016 ELSE Corp S.r.l.
  71. 71. Virtual Retail and Mixed Reality: E.L.S.E.’s SDK x VR 71© 2016 ELSE Corp S.r.l.
  72. 72. KNOW MORE ABOUT 72© 2016 ELSE Corp S.r.l.
  73. 73. Thank You! Andrey Golub, Co - Founder & C.E.O. 73© 2016 ELSE Corp S.r.l.
  74. 74. Disclaimer Brands’ logos inserted in this presentation belong to their respective owners and ELSE Corp Srl does not claim rights over them. Data and information provided in this presentation belong to public sources of digital access. ELSE Corp Srl has no responsibility for the accuracy of these sources. The pictures that are on this document are copyrighted to their personal owners. The credit is to the owner and in no way we are claiming the right to these photos. The pictures are taken from URL’s on the web and believed to be public. 74© 2016 ELSE Corp S.r.l.

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    Apr. 2, 2020

ELSE Corp è una startup italiana che sta facendo disruption nell’ambito del fashion retail grazie allo sviluppo di una piattaforma Saas e BtoB rivolta ai produttori di calzature e ai grandi brand della moda. Durante gli Explore Talks Andrey Golub,Co-Founder & CEO di ELSE Corp, ha presentato il progetto comprensivo di scanner da inserire nel virtual point of sale dei brand.


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