Glasford Network Profile 2009


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Glasford Network Profile 2009

  1. 1. OUR HUNTING INSTINCT IS TRULY SECOND NATURE 330 HIGHLY QUALIFIED Glasford International is one of the fastest growing and most successful executive search organisations, and our success is a CONSULTANTS AND reflection of our distinctive personal style. Our extensive network reaches talent in all corners of the world. Our people share the RESEARCHERS IN same values and visions, and we adhere to the same rigorous OVER 50 OFFICES methodologies. This places us in a position to perform highly effective cross-border and local searches, but most importantly, IN 35 COUNTRIES. to deliver superior results to our clients time after time. Visit us @ Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Malaysia, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Qatar, Russia, Singapore, Slovakia, Spain, South Africa, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, U.A.E., UK, Ukraine, USA and Vietnam 22 The Grapevine | March 2009
  2. 2. NETWORK PROFILE GLASFORD International search profile Glasford International How do you encourage the about different cultures - and doing the Glasford International name and it is sharing of assignments across business together! the Board’s clear intention to encourage partner businesses? more Partners to make this transition. All Glasford International Partners operate How are partner businesses However, Partners who do currently use independently in their geographical branded - are they allowed to their local brand name also feature the regions, so this provides us with strong retain their identities or are they Glasford International identity in their local expertise in each country. To satisfy marketed under a single brand? various marketing material and follow our clients’ global hiring needs, it is critical Some time ago we considered the issues our corporate style guides for conformity that partners share international assign- of single and dual branding and created purposes. Irrespective of which branding ments. Being able to support our clients a model that maximised the benefit of model they adopt, our Partners are proud with strong local expertise whilst offering the global Glasford International brand to be part of Glasford International and the a much wider reach also makes us think whilst allowing partners to retain their association definitely makes them stronger and act globally. Additionally, Partners strong local trading names. Members in their local markets. benefit from sharing assignments through of Glasford International are under no a fair fee sharing model. The idea of obligation to change their business How is the network structured? supporting and helping all parties involved trading name and many retain their local Glasford International Holdings BV is is one of the founding principles of our trading names. However, they can elect the holdings company which has a full organisation. Glasford International is to use the Glasford International brand financial reporting structure. Member much more than a global business as their domestic trading name should companies pay an annual membership fee network; it’s a network of friends sharing they prefer to do so. Today, about one and the company has a structure that is knowledge, thoughts and ideas - learning in four Partners have decided to adopt comprised of Board Directors, Shareholders March 2009 | The Grapevine 23
  3. 3. NETWORK PROFILE GLASFORD and new Partners. Directors lead functional of independently owned companies. committees that are made up of members, The networks have been established to all of whom focus on developing the primarily drive, support and benefit each group’s business performance, which other. Thus, I feel that there is a greater ultimately benefits all members. The supportiveness in networks than the accountability for searches depends on corporate rivalry prevailing in single firms. which country leads a project and acts as There is also a far greater willingness to the contact person for the client. There learn from each other in the networks. I is an agreed fee split for cross-border believe networks are more flexible and assignments. A small percentage of the can react faster to changes in customer fee is payable to Glasford International requirements and regional or cultural Holdings BV and the balance is split challenges. between the involved countries by using recommended guidelines that have been Where have your biggest areas designed to reward all parties fairly for the of growth been, both in terms of workload involved. geography and sector? Ten years ago Glasford International What is the greatest challenge you was a European search organisation face in managing an international represented in five countries. Today we are network of firms? one of the fastest growing organisations Managing an international network of in the world, with representation in thirty- independent firms means managing five countries. Being represented in most different people, different cultures and European countries, we have experienced different expectations. That’s what our biggest growth in Asia-Pacific and makes this task so exciting. To have the the Americas. There will be even stronger opportunity to involve people from all representation in the Americas, Australia over the world and get them to work and Africa in the near future. We are together on global business development specialised across multiple business activities, marketing tools or how to sectors. Globally most of our clients’ core establish a knowledge management business is in Manufacturing and Process system is one of the most fascinating Industry, ITC and Electronics, Finance and responsibilities I have ever experienced. FMCG. In some regions we are also strong Two very important factors for success in Healthcare/Pharmaceutical, Automotive are, firstly how to involve people and and Transport sectors secure their commitment and, secondly, how to get everyone thinking globally and believing in opportunities, not in What do you look for in a risks. For me, this makes the whole thing potential partner business? really enjoyable. We seek Partners that are committed to our common values, methodologies, ethics What are the benefits of search and to providing the highest standards of networks over single firms with David Buchberger professionalism. Our partnership is based multiple offices? Chairman on trust and respect for each other, as Glasford International There are several benefits with networks. professional executive search consultants Having worked in single firms operating and also as individuals. Every partner takes globally, I realise that the level of responsibility for each other and helps motivation and support for each other Glasford International grow, not only as a in different parts of the world is much global executive search network, but also lower in single firms than in networks as network of friends. 24 The Grapevine | March 2009