Happy birthday grandpa!! 1 22-12 - final


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Love you Grandpa!

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  • Dad,I do not even know where to begin thanking you for all you have taught me, all the inspiration and life lessons. I can only hope that you are as proud of me as possible because you and mom made me who I am today.I remember being afraid of storms until you explained that the angels were bowling, showing me how zippers locked at the top, explaining how being warm to shovel sidewalks sure beat a fashion show, how to leave bird nests alone until after the birds were gone. You’ve taught me how to love unexceptionally, how to live each day to the fullest – of course with some responsibility involved, but most of all to be myself since nobody else would.In closing, I thank God everyday for a dad like you. I love you.Kelli
  • Happy birthday grandpa!! 1 22-12 - final

    1. 1. Happy BirthdayWith Love!
    2. 2. The Year 1932
    3. 3. The Year 1932 David E. Spitzley was born to Leo and Theresa Spitzley, the 3rd of 13 children David grew up to be a husband, father, grandfather, great- grandfather and farmer. Also in 1932 the economy continued to deteriorate and unemployment increased further in 1932 to 24.1% , there were few jobs and many ordinary Americans were forced into living in the streets or in old cars. Towards the end of the year in November the American voter used the power of Democracy to show Herbert Hoover what they thought of his term of presidency during these bad times and voted strongly in favor of Franklin D Roosevelt by 472 electoral votes to 59.
    4. 4. The Year 1932How Much things cost in 1932• Average Cost of new house $6,510.00• Average wages per year $1,650.00• Cost of a gallon of Gas 10 cents• Average Cost for house rent $18.00 per month• A loaf of Bread 7 cents• A LB of Hamburger Meat 10 cents• New Car Average Price $610.00
    5. 5. The Year 1932•13 million Americans unemployed.•More than 24.5% of the population are unemployed•10s of thousands load up all belongings and live in cars going from place to place looking for work•Hoovervilles or shanty towns appear around the country built by homeless people using wood fromcrates, cardboard, scraps of metal, or whatever materials were available to them•43,000 marchers Inc. 17,000 World War I vets ( Bonus Army ) march to Washington DC and set upcampgrounds demanding early payments of cash bonuses to help survive the Great Depression.•Troops under the orders of General Douglas MacArthur advanced with bayonets and sabers drawnunder a shower of bricks and rocks, but no shots were fired. In less than four hours, the troops cleared theBonus Armys campground using tear gas.•Comptroller of the Currency (or OCC) announces temporary halt by banks of foreclosures•The Revenue Act of 1932 raised United States tax rates across the board, with the rate on top incomesrising from 25 percent to 63 percent.•The first federal gasoline tax part of the Revenue Act of 1932 taxes apply of 1 cent per gallon.•The Emergency Relief and Construction Act enacted July 21, 1932 was the United Statess first major-relief legislation to fund public works hoping to put millions back to work, enabled under Herbert Hooverand later adopted and expanded by Franklin D. Roosevelt as part of his New Deal.•Government and Companies implement wage cuts up to 30% for those lucky enough to be inemployment•Government and Companies cut working hours for those in employment hoping to provide more jobsfor those who are unemployed.•Due to Malnutrition and poor health Tuberculosis becomes widespread throughout the US•The Communist Party of America organizes a “March on Hunger” in Detroit•Franklin Delano Roosevelt wins a landslide presidential election on November 8th•The United States forced 10s of thousands of Mexicans out of the country during the recession years•American loans to help rebuild the German economy end
    6. 6. The Year 1932Pop Culture• Al Capone convicted for Income Tax Evasion• The Tenth Summer Olympic Games Opens in Los Angeles• New York Radio City Music Hall Opened• Amelia Earhart becomes the first woman to make a solo air crossing of the Atlantic Ocean• The Winter Olympic Games are held in Lake Placid, New York, United States• The parking meter is invented in Oklahoma
    7. 7. The Year 1934 The year of JoAnn
    8. 8. The Year 1934 JoAnn, (wife, mom, grandma, great-grandma, saint) was born – Love of his life! 1934 saw the turning point in the great depression in America with unemployment decreasing to 22% . But in other parts of the world some of the political changes occurring would cause the next world war , in Germany Adolf Hitler declared himself the fuhrer ( ultimate ruler ) , in Russia Stalin began his massacres and in China Mao Tse- Tung spread the communist doctrine. The further weather drought problems in the US Midwest continued in 1934 and some 35 million acres of farmland were utterly destroyed and a further 225 million acres were in danger. The president set up public works around the US including bridges, roads and flood control Dams in an attempt to put America back on its feet. The FBI had considerable success ending the careers with celebrity criminals and John Dillinger , Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow, Pretty Boy Floyd and Baby Face Nelson.
    9. 9. The Year 1934How Much things cost in 1934•Average Cost of new house $5,970.00•Average wages per year $1,600.00•Cost of a gallon of Gas 10 cents•Average Cost for house rent $20.00per month•A loaf of Bread 8 cents•A LB of Hamburger Meat 12 cents•Studebaker Truck $625.00•Arrow Mens Shirt $2.50
    10. 10. The Year 1953 All because two people fell in love…
    11. 11. The Year 19531953 saw the growth of the buy now pay later mentality with carmakers leading the way by allowing longer and longer periods topay for your new car. Queen Elizabeth II crowned queen of England.The unions gained strength with more and more workers belongingto unions, with wage and price controls ended and unemploymentat 2.9% the increases in standard of living continued to grow andappear to have no boundaries. A teachers average salary was$4,254 and a pound of round steak was 90 cents. The first colortelevision sets appear selling for $1,175, and transistor radios start toappear for sale•Average Cost of new house $9,550.00•Average wages per year $4,000.00•Cost of a gallon of Gas 20 cents•Average Cost of a new car $1,650.00•Kodak Brownie Flash Six-20 $13.00•Chain Saw $225.00
    12. 12. January 14, 1953 St. Mary’sWestphalia, Michigan
    13. 13. Korea --- The Korean War EndsMore Information and Timeline For The Korean War1. 1945 - American & Soviet troops agree that the 38th parallel will be the military dividing linein Korea after WWII ends2. 1948 - The Soviet Union aids in the creation of the Peoples Democratic Republic of NorthKorea3. 1948 - The United States recognizes the Republic of South Korea4. 1949 - US & Soviet troops withdraw from North and South Korea5. June 1950 - North Korean troops invade South Korea6. 1950 - US President Truman sends American troops under General MacArthur to thedefense of South Korea, the United Nations approves and sends other troops7. October 1950 - UN Forces recapture nearly all of South Korea below the 38th parallel andthe UN authorizes troops to continue into the North8. November 1950 - The Chinese Communist Army fights UN forces driving them back downthe peninsula9. 1951 - General MacArthur is dismissed from his command after months of insubordination10. 1952 - Fighting continues amidst tense negotiations over whether or not there will bemandatory repatriation for Chinese and North Korean defectors11. 1953 - US President Eisenhower informs the Chinese that he would not be afraid to usenuclear weapons or invade China in order to end this, North Korea decides to allow voluntaryrepatriation12. July 1953 - An armistice is concluded at Panmunjom, it provided for a demilitarized zoneand a conference to discuss the future of Korea, however, the conference never came topass. During the Korean War 33,629 US troops, about 3,000 UN troops, about 50,000 SouthKoreans, and an estimated 1.5 million Communists from China and North Korea died.
    14. 14. Spitzley Farms Est.1959
    15. 15. The Year 1960 Sharon
    16. 16. The Year 1962 Kimberly
    17. 17. I can’t even begin to know how to thank you foreverything you’ve ever done. I sincerely think ofyou as the best father I’ve ever even heardanyone talk about. I love the conversations we’vehad over morning coffees. I love the conversationswe’ve had over happy hours. I love theconversations we’ve had in the car, on thetractor, in the pickup, in the big trucks, in thecombine, just walking around, or just hang out.You’ve not always agreed with some of mydecisions and ideas, and you let me know it, butyou have always at least tried to see things theway I was seeing them. You and mom have ralliedaround me and held me up through some prettybad times and again I can’t thank you enough forthis. We have had so many good times as a familythat it’s hard to talk about just one time. I guessI’m just trying to let you know that I hope and prayI’ve let my kids see what great parents are reallylike and hope that they see some of that in me asa parent. Dad, thank you so much for the love, forbeing you, and for being the parent you’ve alwaysbeen. ~Love Kim
    18. 18. The Year 1964 Kelli Jo
    19. 19. Dad,I do not even know where to begin thanking you for all youhave taught me, all the inspiration and life lessons. I can onlyhope that you are as proud of me as possible because you andmom made me who I am today.I remember being afraid of storms until you explained that theangels were bowling, showing me how zippers locked at thetop, explaining how being warm to shovel sidewalks sure beata fashion show, how to leave bird nests alone until after thebirds were gone. You’ve taught me how to loveunexceptionally, how to live each day to the fullest – of coursewith some responsibility involved, but most of all to be myselfsince nobody else would.In closing, I thank God everyday for a dad like you. I love you.Kelli
    20. 20. The Year 1966 Scott
    21. 21. Dad (David),Through out the years, you have taught us to never forget wherewe came from – and yet to always look towards the future……..Youhave taught us to be strong in our beliefs and never forget ourmorals – yet to be wise enough to know that every situation isunique and different……..You have shown us that a marriage isprecious and is built on mutual respect, love and fun………and thatbeing great parents is a lifetime commitment.Thanks for your wisdom “throughout the years” – it has been OURprivilege!We love you and wish you a wonderful 80th birthday! Love, Scott and Natalie
    22. 22. "By the time a man realizesthat maybe his father wasright, he usually has a sonwho thinks hes wrong." -Author: Charles Wadsworth
    23. 23. Krystals Top 10 Reasons Grandpa is Awesome:1. None of my friends can say theyve ridden a combine before2. He and grandma treated us with Happy Meals, old Hanes T-shirts and Barbies with REAL perfume when Andrea and I spent the night.3. I think he may have opened a John Deere safe in the store just by feeling for the clicks, Italian Job-style when I was little. Or maybe I dreamed about it, but either way I wouldnt put it past him.4. I really believe hes a card shark5. He once told Tyler hed shoot him in a Euchre game (see #4)...awesome.6. He has taught me by example that you can work hard and play hard.7. Anyone who can get up at 5am every day without fail for coffee at Swedes is amazing.8. He was able to fire me from picking rocks in the most polite way possible, so politely I didnt even realize it until years later :)9. He stood in line with me at Space Mountain for 45 minutes while I started having an anxiety attack about pregnant women and people with heart conditions, then never made a fuss as we quietly bowed out of the line before I had to get on that death machine. And then he still did the same for me on the Magnum at Cedar Point a few years later (successfully, I might add).10. He spends sooo much time with his family, and has the sarcastic sense of humor we all enjoy so much...like the time he got all his daughters hair brushes for the hotel New Years Eve...hint hint :)I love you Grandpa, Happy 80th Birthday!!!
    24. 24. Dear Grandpa,I not only love you as my grandfather, I really, really like you and respect you as ahuman being. So, today, on your 80th birthday, with gratitude and love…a little bit ofawe, I want to tell of the things that couldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for you.If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have believed that real, passionate, mad kind of lovebetween a husband and a wife could last almost 60 years…If it wasn’t for you, I would have never known what it meant to work hard, play hard. Ilearned from you that if you want to succeed in life you don’t have to be highlyeducated or even remotely book smart, you just have to work hard at learning andnever stop learning. Listen and respect people and good things happen.If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have known that any dish could be SIGNIFICANLYimproved by adding a little Debbie at the end of every meal.And finally, if it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have known that an undying, vibrant senseof humor combined with a passionate, hungry, almost greedy love of life, could beconsidered an official, personal religion. I learned it from you and doing my best topractice it every day.I love you Grandpa, Happy Birthday! All my love, Andrea
    25. 25. 1984 Travis
    26. 26. 1986 Dusty
    27. 27. 1987 Tyler
    28. 28. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDPA!!What children need most are the essentials that grandparents provide inabundance. They give unconditionallove, kindness, patience, humor, comfort, lessons in life. And, most importantly, the best food EVER. Grandpa you are the best man I know and one day I wish I will be half the man you are. You have done so much for me and I want you to know how much I appreciate you and how much I love you, which this slide will never be able express. With you Grandpa every moment is a blast, even if you can tell me the cards I’m holding in my hand I still love you and look forward to many more birthdays to come. love you, Braidy
    29. 29. Grandpa,Happy Birthday!You’re one of the coolest guys I’ve everknown. You’re someone that everyonelooks up to and turns to for advice.I’ll never forget the lessons learned at theeuchre table as I’m sure most the grandkidswill never forget. I’m glad I learned fromone of the best.I hope you have a great birthday and I wishI could be there for your party.Love Jake
    30. 30. Happy Birthday GrandpaHappy 80th Birthday I figured a combine would suite this event very well because when I think of you I think of all the hard work that you have done over these last 80 years! Probably did not help when your grandsons thought it was a good idea to make highways through your wheat fields hoping you wouldn’t notice..wooops. Anyways thank you for everything you do and I hope you have a good birthday! Love, Kramer
    31. 31. Grandpa, 1992 me just say happy birthday to an amazing man! You Let Victoriaare really such an inspiration to me with everything you do! Youhave gotten where you are today with such hard work anddedication, Grandma and yours life has always motivated me toget a job and work hard so that I can get to where you are todayand have a great life like you guys have. It may not have beeneasy at times but you have always shown that it is worth it. Youare such an amazing role model for me and for everyone thatknows you. I am so lucky to have you in my life and I would liketo say thank you for being the person that you are today andalso for always being there for me! I love you and happy birthdayagain! Love, Victoria
    32. 32. Grandparents make the world...a littlesofter, a little kinder, a little warmer.~author unknown
    33. 33. Dear Grandpa Throughout the years of my childhood I have always noticed how much of a pillar you are to this family, you are always willing to help out your daughters and your son as well as all of your grandchildren. My favorite memory is every holiday, the whole family getting together and you are always running the card table. You employed me for many summers of my life working on your farm, that hasbeen greatly appreciated and a big learning experience to the workinglife. You have taught me many things over the years, how to drive thegators, how to minimize your time picking rocks, how to clean semis andtractors and most importantly, always lead trump. It is an honor to have youas my Grandfather. Happy birthday Grandpa.Happy Birthday, Love Matt
    34. 34. Dear Grandpa,1996 Jill th Birthday! You are such a wonderful Happy 80 Grandpa and I appreciate everything you do for me and our family. Thanks for always watching on JD, taking us to the hotel on New Years and for making sure we are okay when my parents are out of town.I think you are a great farmer and are very smart. I love talking and laughing with you and Grandma and spending time with you guys on holidays.I love you and hope you have a great birthday! Love, Jill (your favorite granddaughter)
    35. 35. A zest for life is one of the mostimportant examples a grandparent can pass on to their grandchildren. ~author unknown
    36. 36. A Grandpa is someone younever outgrow your need for..“ Author: Unknown
    37. 37. 2007 Austin
    38. 38. 2010 Megan
    39. 39. 1 Corinthians 13:4–8aLove is patient, love is kind. It does notenvy, it does not boast, it is not proud. Itis not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is noteasily angered, it keeps no record ofwrongs. Love does not delight in evil butrejoices with the truth. It always protects,always trusts, always hopes, alwaysperseveres. Love never fails ...
    40. 40. All praise to You, Lord Jesus,Lover of children:Bless our family,And help us to lead our children to You.Give us light and strength,And courage when our task is difficult.Let Your Spirit fill us with love and peace,So that we may help our children to loveYou.All glory and praise are Yours, Lord Jesus,For ever and ever.Amen.
    41. 41. Some boys take a beautifulgirl, and hide her away fromthe rest of the world.I wanna be the one to walk inthe sun.Oh,girls, They wanna havefu-un. Oh,girls,Just wanna haveThats all they really want.....Some fun....
    42. 42. Here’s to toast tothe future, a toastto the past, and a toast to our friends, far and near. May the future bepleasant; the past a bright dream; may our friends and family remain faithful and dear.
    43. 43. Blessed are You, loving Father,For all your gifts to us.Blessed are You for giving us family and friendsTo be with us in times of joy and sorrow,To help us in days of need,And to rejoice with us in moments ofcelebration..Father,We praise You for Your Son Jesus,Who knew the happiness of family and friends,And in the love of Your Holy Spirit.Blessed are you for ever and ever.Amen.
    44. 44. For the Birthday of a family memberHeavenly Father,We praise You for all Your gifts to us.In a special way,We thank You for David/Dad/Grandpa.Bless him always in Your love.Bless us too, Holy Father,Help us all to praise You and give Youglory, through Jesus Christ our lord.Amen.