How to Save Big on your Business Expenses


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How to save big on your business expenses by choosing open-source software alternatives.

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How to Save Big on your Business Expenses

  1. 1. Open Source is the Future
  2. 2. I spend a lot of time researching the alternative side to everything in life. I have tested loads of software, ranging from the expensive programs to their open-source alternatives. Open-source software is a way of licensing making it free for anyone to use. With my recommendations, I have helped businesses save thousands of dollars. It takes some adjusting but it is worth the hassle in the long run. Read on to learn more!
  3. 3. This Slideshare follows up on my last article: Cost-Analysis of aVirtual Assistant. Along with saving $65-$70,000 by contracting with a VA instead of hiring a FT employee, I am going to show you how to save money on other business expenses.
  4. 4. Majority Purchase Open-Source AlternativesSoftware Cost Software Cost GIMP Free $700+ (My favourite tool!)Photoshop (Upgrade fees every Photoshop’s Online Free couple years) Editor Pixlr (web-based) Free
  5. 5. Majority Purchase Open-Source Alternatives Software Cost Software Cost Open Office Free $140+Microsoft Office (Upgrade fees every Google Docs couple years) (create & share docs Free online)
  6. 6. Majority Purchase Open-Source Alternatives Software Cost Software Cost $80+QuickBooks (Upgrade fees every Gnu Cash Free couple years) $100+ Sage 50 (Upgrade fees every Turbo Cash FreeAccounting couple years)
  7. 7. Majority Purchase Open-Source Alternatives Action Cost Program Cost PDF files Free USB Memory Printing $0.15+ per page Free Sticks Emailing Free $1+ per local page, HelloFax Free Faxing $2+ per LD page (50 per month) (can upgrade to +50)Whether or not you are involved in the “go green” movement, think before you print. Isit really necessary to print that 25-page rough draft? With updated PDF software, you can highlight and make notes on a document, save your work and share with anyone.
  8. 8. Majority Purchase Open-Source AlternativesSystem Cost System Cost $120+ Linux/Ubuntu* FreeWindows (Upgrade fees every *Linux bonus: no antivirus needed, it is a couple years) secure operating system I do not have Mac on this list because it is illegal to run Mac OS on a PC. Apple’s software is only intended for apple products.
  9. 9. Majority Purchase Open-Source Alternatives Software Cost Software Cost $55+ CCleanerNorton Antivirus (Upgrade fees every Spybot Free year) Avira* $40+ *Above programs can all be scheduledMcAfee Protection (Upgrade fees every automatically to run/scan/fix your year) computer.
  10. 10. Majority Purchase Open-Source Alternatives Provider Plans Cost Software Cost Skype computer to computer Free Skype local & LD unlimited $20 - $500 $30 Phone Plans in North America (One year) (per month) NetTALK VOIP device $40 Magic Jack $40+VOIP (Voice over internet protocol) phone devices connect to your computer or routerand have all the same features as your phone company. It runs solely over the internet.MagicJack is the same as VOIP but has an extra plug for your landline so you can turnyour landline into a cheap unlimited calling system. If you go through your computer for calls, invest in a solid headset with a microphone. Have a look at Jason Belsey’s blog here for some great ideas for VOIP calling.
  11. 11. Software expenses: One year Alternative software: One year Photoshop $700 GIMP FreeMicrosoft Office $140 Open Office Free Quickbooks $80 GnuCash Free Faxing $360 ($30/mth) HelloFax Free Printing $720 ($60/mth) Email/USB/PDF Free Windows OS $120 Linux OS FreeNorton Antivirus $55 CCleaner, Spybot, Avira Free Phone Plan $1800 ($150/mth) VOIP Phone Plan $40 Internet Plan $1200 ($100/mth) Internet Plan $1200 TOTAL $5175 TOTAL $1240 Nearly $4000 savings ..What would you do with this much extra money?
  12. 12. • If you search Google for “open-source alternatives” for your favourite program, you will find endless options. I hope you will try out some of my recommendations if you haven’t already.• Most of the program alternatives I mentioned have free apps that you can get on your smartphones and tablets as well. Contact me if you have any questions or need any advice :) Happy Saving!