I6100 Syllabus Fall09 Hartranft Revised 10 01 09


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Lighting Fundamentals - Corcoran College of Art + Design, Master of Interior Design Program

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I6100 Syllabus Fall09 Hartranft Revised 10 01 09

  1. 1. CORCORAN COLLEGE OF ART AND DESIGN COURSE INFORMATION ID 6100 INTERIOR LIGHTING DESIGN Instructor: Andrea Hartranft Email address: andreahartranft@hotmail.com Cell # 240-731-1058 Semester: Fall 2009 Time: Tuesday – 1:30pm – 6:00pm Course Objective: This course is an introduction to the effects of light on interior space, as well as to the various light sources and lighting systems in use. Students will learn what the lighting challenges are for interior spaces and how to effectively meet them. This course teaches the basics of lighting design, lighting terminology, and the lighting designer’s role in the interior design process. Students will be expected to produce a complete lighting package, including a fixture schedule and lighting plan. Class Assignments: Reading Assignments PhotoJournal Assignments Luminaire Design Project Light Box Project Retail Lighting Design Project Residential Lighting Design Project Restaurant Lighting Design Project Office Lighting Design Project ID6100 Lighting Design Syllabus Page 1 of 4
  2. 2. Grading: Class Participation (including attendance, max. two excused 12% absences. Working on assignments/projects in class) (5) Reading Assignments pass/fail PhotoJournal Assignments 15% (1) Luminaire Design Project 10% Lightbox Assignment 15% (4) Conceptual Lighting Design Projects (12% each) 48% Total 100% Grading Scale: A – 100-90% B – 89-80% C – 79-70% D – 69-60% F – 59% and below Late Assignments will not be accepted unless there are extenuating circumstances subject to instructor’s approval. Textbook: Interior Lighting for Designers- 4th Edition by Gary Gordon, IALD, IES & James L. Nuckolls, IALD Other recommended reference books: Architectural Lighting Design by Gary R. Steffy Course Schedule: First half of each class is typically photo presentations, lecture and critiques. Second half is studio time. Students are expected to work on assignments and projects in class. Plan on bringing supplies to class. Attendance Policy: Students are expected to attend all class sessions and course related activities for each course in which they register. Students may not attend any class for which they haven’t officially registered. Three absences within a given class, or 20% of the semester, are grounds for automatic failure of the course. In exceptional circumstances, the Director of Student Affairs in coordination with the Administrative Chair or Program Head may approve emergency absences for medical or other legitimate reasons. In such cases, students are required to provide medical ID6100 Lighting Design Syllabus Page 2 of 4
  3. 3. or other supporting documentation. Absences due to religious holidays must be pre-approved by the instructor one week in advance of the absence. Although students may miss up to two class sessions, they are not relieved of the obligation to fulfill all course assignments, including those that can only be fulfilled in class. Honor Code: (Refer to Student Handbook Pages 19-25 ) Session Topic PRIOR TO FIRST CLASS – READ CHAPTERS 1-4 IN COURSE TEXT. 1 Introductions; Course Overview; Lighting Terminology; Electromagnetic Spectrum; Light & Vision; Lighting Quality; Applications: Good Lighting vs. Not So Good Lighting; Assign PhotoJournal Assignment, Assign Reading Assignment 1 (Course text Chapters 6,7) Plan to be quizzed on reading assignment. 2 Review Photojournals; Overview of Light Sources. Introduce Lightbox Project, Assign Reading Assignment 2 (Course text 3rd edition Chapters 10,12, 4th edition Chapters 9, 12 (Light Control) 3 Review Photojournals; Diffussion, Reflection, Refraction, Luminaires; Assign Luminaire Design Project, Studio Time Assign Reading Assignment 3 (Course text 3rd edition Chapters 11, 4th edition Chapters 10 Photometrics), Studio Time 4 Review Photojournals; Calculations; Assign Reading Assignment 4 (Course text 3rd edition Chapters 9, 4th edition Chapters 11 (Electricity)) 5 Review Photojournals; Controls; Guest Speaker; Assign Reading Assignment 5 (Course text 3rd edition Chapters 13, 4th edition Chapters 13 (Design)), Studio Time, luminaire design project review No photojournal due for class #6. 6 Solar Decathalon field trip – Meet at the Mall 7 Review Photojournals, Design Process: Concept Development; Lightbox Progress Presentation/Critique, No photojournal due class #8 8 Present Luminaire Designs – Guest Jurors; Studio Time, No photojournal for Week #9. 9 Museum/Retail Lighting Considerations – Trip to museum (TBD); Assign Retail Lighting Project; ID6100 Lighting Design Syllabus Page 3 of 4
  4. 4. 10 Review Photojournals; Review Retail Lighting Project; Residential Lighting Considerations; Slides of Residential Lighting Applications; Assign Residential Lighting Project; Studio Time. No photojournal due for class #11. NO CLASS NOVEMBER 17, 2009 11 Friday, November 20 - Field Trip to Philips Lighting – Somerset, NJ 5am – 9pm 12 Review Photojournals; Present Residential Lighting Project; Restaurant (Hospitality) Lighting Considerations; Slides of Restaurant (Hospitality) Lighting; Assign Restaurant Lighting Project 13 Review Photojournals; Present Hospitality Lighting Project; Office Lighting Considerations; Office Lighting Applications; Warn about Office Lighting Project; Studio Time No photojournal due class #14. 14 Conduct Office Lighting Project; Design, Energy, Maintenance, Economic Issues; Studio Time No photojournal due class #15. 15 Final Class - Present Lightbox Project Extra Credit Read “Empires of Light” by Jill Jonnes. Be prepared to verbally discuss the history of lighting and electricity during Session 15. Please confirm extra credit participation with the Instructor by Session 4. ID6100 Lighting Design Syllabus Page 4 of 4