SEMO exploring the option of adding sorority


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SEMO exploring the option of adding sorority

  1. 1. ATHENAEUM SERIES Â 7 ARROW • week of Feb. 6 - 12, 2013 CONSIDER Dr. Jennifer Bengtson will present “Toward an Archaeology of Childhood in the Central Illinois River Valley.” The event will be at noon Feb. 6 in Kent Library.+​ SEMO exploring option of adding sorority FORMAL PROCESS TO ADD NEW GREEK CHAPTER HAS NOT BEEN STARTEDSorority members representing all chapters at Southeast posing for a photo during 2012 fall recruitment. Submitted PhotoSoutheast may add new sororities to campusFive of the six social women were feeling this way, so I decided to to see what they would think about it and “Most sororities like to expand and have do research and take action. If you don’t like they said that nationally, they are all interes- more chapters, it just means a bigger sis-Panhellenic sororities something — change it.” Loy said adding a new sorority on cam- ted,” Loy said. Having more sororities on campus would terhood,” Loy said. “If they [other chapters] would see the benefits of SEMO, that we doare over their totals pus is a structured process, which could take anywhere from a semester to a year. mean potential new members would have more options to choose from. have a strong student population, the Greek system is very strong here and it’s growing, it’s “Our sororities have been growing pretty “Some people are worried that it would something that would be attractive to otherANDREA GILS much every year for the last few years, and take away members that they could get, but I sororities.”COPY EDITOR currently five out of the six are over total,” Loy don’t really think that’s much of an issue since A new chapter would mean the need for a said. there are so many women that go through new Greek house. The housing issue is one ofAs Greek recruitment grows at Southeast Mis- Southeast sororities have a limit of 80 recruitment, and not that many spaces for Nesbit’s concerns.souri State University every year, university members, but they are allowed to go over that them,” Loy said. “There is already not enough room forofficials contemplate the idea of making new total if they reach quota through recruitment. Public relations major and the annual pro- living on Greek hill,” Nesbit said. “Not havingsorority additions to Southeast’s Greek life Five out of the six sororities on campus are gress report chair of Alpha Xi Delta, Elaine all the chapters on Greek hill already placesoptions. over total. The other, Sigma Sigma Sigma, has Quitos, said new sorority additions would be some fraternities to be shunned from some Christine Loy, interim assistant director 58 members. The bigger a chapter is, the grea- good for Greek life at Southeast since there events and being noticed. There just isn’t anyof fraternities and sororities and Greek hall ter the quota is during formal recruitment. are more fraternities than sororities on cam- room for the increase of new chapters.”director, said she has talked about the possi- Any chapter that has not met its membership pus. Quitos said she believes her sorority’s Loy said that if a new chapter opened, itbility of additions to a number of sororities quota can do informal recruitment during the recruitment would not be affected. would not have a building on Greek hill.casually, but no process has been started yet. spring semester. “Having new chapters will allow for eve- “If they are here at Towers, they would be Loy said she has received requests from “The fact that the sororities are so different ning out in numbers for each chapter,” close enough and probably just as benefi-transfer and new Southeast students who are in size and some of them are so much hig- Gamma Phi Beta member Chelsea Nesbit cial. ... But it is possible that they do not have ainterested in starting a new chapter. her over total, means that if we were to add said in an email. “This could also go in a nega- house,” Loy said. another sorority, it would kind of equalize tive direction by having more girls/guys being She said that there are some Greek organi-“A lot of people are worried things,” Loy said. more interested in a new chapter that does zations in other universities that do not have The process to add a new sorority would not have any title already.” a house and if this were the case, they wouldthat we are just gonna add one begin with forming an interest commit- Any sorority that opens a chapter at just need to find a place to have their mee-[sorority] and they are gonna tee that would go through statistics and recruitment numbers to analyze if Southeast Southeast would have one or two consultants that work for the organization to recruit and tings and events. “The most important thing to remember iscome in a month or something, can support another sorority on campus. The committee would provide the Panhe- get an interest group started at Southeast. that it’s not definite yet,” Loy said.but it’s a long process, so it’s llenic Council with a recommendation about Social sororities on campus whether a new organization should be addedpossible we won’t have it at or not. Loy said they have not even started theall.” process. “A lot of people are worried that we are justChristine Loy gonna add one [sorority] and they are gonna Alpha Chi Omega come in a month or something, but it’s a long Alpha Delta Pi Sophomore Samantha Vogel said she likes process, so it’s possible we won’t have it at all,”Delta Zeta chapter because its members Loy said. Alpha Xi Deltavolunteer for speech and hearing organiza- National headquarters of the sororitiestions like the Starkey Hearing Foundation. that are not at Southeast have already been Delta Delta Delta “When I rushed I dropped out halfway contacted. Gamma Phi Betathrough and only got asked back to one of “Our National Panhellenic Conference hasthe six houses,” Vogel said. “That feeling advisers for every district, and the adviser of Sigma Sigma Sigmawas absolute rejection. I was aware a lot of our district has already talked to headquarters A Partnership with Southeast Missouri State University and Rust Communications • To advertise, call 573-388-2741