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Sample inside pages of an Italian restaurant: LA TRATTORIA (Fiction)

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La commedia trattoria amp

  1. 1. La Trattoria Bienvenuto! ANTIPASTI ZUPPABruschetta Zuppa del GiornoA nice blend of tomato, onion, and basil mixed with Please ask your server for the soup of theolive oil and seasonings with mozzarella cheese on Italian crustini 4.95 7.25 MinestroneInvoltini di Melanza con Ricotta Traditional Italian vegetable soup in tomatoA nice blend of tomato, onion, and basil mixed with broth with penne pasta.olive oil and seasonings with mozzarella cheese on 4.45an Italian crustini 9.45 Tratoria Bread BowlProsciutto e Melone Our famous bread filled with your favorite soup.Imported Prosciutto di Parma with fresh melon 5.95 8.25 INSALATEInsalata Paesana Insalata di Frutti di MareMixed greens tossed with pecans, gorgonola, Shrimp, calamari and mussels, marinated incheese, red onions, apple, tomatoes and fig in a lemon, olive oil, garlic, herbs and julienne oflight balsamic dressing vegetables. 9.00 9.00Insalata Caprese Insalata di CesareFresh buffalo mozzarella chseese and ripe tomatoes, Crisp romain and croutons tossed with trad-topped with basil pesto and red onions tional Casesar dressing. 11.00 11.00 PIZZAQuattro Formaggio VeronaParmesan, Provolone, Mozzarella, and Feta Grilled chicken, fresh roasted garlic, caramel- Small 8.50 / Large 10.50 ized onions, and pancetta with alfredo sauce Small 8.50 / Large 10.50MargheritaSliced roma tomatoes, fresh basil, parmesan, and Vegetalemozzarella Broccoli, mushrooms, red onions, and roma Small 8.50 / Large 10.50 tomatoes with mozzarella Small 8.50 / Large 10.50La Trattoria
  2. 2. LA PASTAFettucine Alfredo Spaghetti alla BologneseItalian egg noodles prepared with fresh cream Crisp romain and croutons tossed with tradtionaland parmigiano cheese. Casesar dressing 14.00 11.00Gnocchi al Gorgonzola Penne ArrabiataPotato dumpling past filled with gorgonzola Penne pasta tossed with a hot and spicy tomatocheese prepared with a fresh cream sauce and garlic sauce and topped with fresh basil.cloves of roasted garlic. 14.00 17.00 Pene VeneziaSpaghettic Aglio e Olio Penne pasta with jumbo-lump blue crabmeatSpaghetti pasta with fresh garlic slivers, olive mushrooms and sun-dried tomatoes in a creamoil and a touch of red pepper flakes. sauce. 14.00 24.00Spaghetti al Pomodoro con Basilico Ravioli TrattoriaSpaghetti pasta served in a tomato garlic sauce Italian egg noodles prepared with fresh creamand topped with fresh basil. and parmigiano cheese. 14.00 14.00 IL PESCE LA CARNE Served with rice and vegetables Served roasted potatoes and vegetablesCape Sante Petti di Pollo o Vitello al MarsalaSea scallops sauteed with shallots, galic, and Your choice of chicken or veal sauteed withroma tomatoes in a scampi sauce. mushrooms in a Marsala wine cream sauce. 24.00 21.00/25.00Dentice alla Mediterraneo Dentice alla MediterraneoFresh local snapper filet sauteed with capers, Fresh local snapper filet sauteed with capers,fresh tomatoes, garlic slivers and lemon in a fresh tomatoes, garlic slivers and lemon in awhite wine butter sauce. white wine butter sauce. 25.00 21.00/25.00Filetto di Manzo alla GrigliaGrilled filet mignon served with a rich tomato, Picatta di Petti di Pollo o Vitellomushroom, red wine demi glace topped with Your choice of chicken or veal sauteed withgorgonzola cheese. capers, lemon and fresh herbs. 32.00 21.00/25.00 Buon Appetito! We appreciate your patronage and patience. All menu items are prepared to order. Gratuity may be added to parties of six or more. Grazie! La Trattoria