A Partnership with Southeast Missouri State University and Rust Communications • To advertise, call 573-388-2741SWAN LAKE ...
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Russian National Ballet Theatre returns to perform Swan Lake


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Arrow 2013 04-19-5

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Russian National Ballet Theatre returns to perform Swan Lake

  1. 1. A Partnership with Southeast Missouri State University and Rust Communications • To advertise, call 573-388-2741SWAN LAKE WILL BE PERFORMED AT 7:30 P.M. FRIDAY AT THE DONALD C. BEDELL PERFORMANCE HALLSWAN Lake last in touring series seasonÂ5 ARROW • week of April 24 - 30, 2013ENTERTAINSENIOR SHOWCASEThe 2013 Senior Showcase will be at 7:30 p.m.May 4 and at 2 p.m. May 5 at the Wendy KurkaRust Flexible Theatre.+​TheRussianNationalBalletTheatrewillperformatSoutheastforthethirdtimeonFriday.SubmittedphotoRussianNationalBalletTheatrereturnstoperformSwanLakeANDREA GILSCOPY EDITORThe Russian National BalletTheatre willdance at Southeast Missouri State Universityfor the third time since 2009 and will performSwan Lake, one of the world’s most popularballets.Swan Lake tells the story of a princess,Odette, who is turned into a swan by an evilsorcerer’s curse and shares a love story withPrince Siegfried, who helps Odette lift thecurse.Bob Cerchio, the assistant director of theEarl and Margie Holland School ofVisual andPerforming Arts, said he always tries to bringin full-length classic Russian ballets perfor-med by a classic Russian company.“You really can’t get better than that,” Cer-chio said.Cerchio said Russian dancers are true tothe old-style Russian classical ballet.Alexander Daev, associate artistic directorand ballet master, has toured with the RussianNational BalletTheatre for 12 years. Daev is incharge of keeping the performances“fresh”and making sure they are always held to thehighest standard.Daev said the company is dancing a per-formance that has been handed down tothem through their mentors and teachers forgenerations.“The Russian School of Ballet is the‘goldstandard’ for ballet training all over theworld,” Daev said in an email.Daev said that Swan Lake combines manyelements that are conceived by artists who arethe greatest in their fields.“The music byTchaikovsky is magnificent,”Daev said.“The choreography by Lev Iva-nov and Marius Petipas is exquisite. Our sets,lighting and costumes are all beautiful andtraditional. All of these things combined takethe audience to another place.”Cerchio said it is a breathtaking experience.The Russian National BalletTheatre isrepresented by Columbia Artists Manage-ment, one of the top three agencies in theworld as far as representing excellent artists,Cerchio said.Rachel Hunsell, Southeast senior anddance minor, said bringing companies likethe Russian National BalletTheatre, guestartists and choreographers and compa-nies from NewYork, Chicago and Los Ange-les helps students create more connectionswhen they meet the guests. Students unfor-tunately will not be able to meet the RussianNational BalletTheatre dancers because theywill be on a tight schedule.The Earl and Margie Holland School ofVisual and Performing Arts had the support ofthe Bank of Missouri to bring the company.Cerchio said any touring show can costfrom $12,000 to $35,000 depending on thecompany, expenses and whether the com-pany is fully booked or not, among other fac-tors.The payment is done by the end of theperformance, and if sales are not enough tocover the costs, the Board of Regents agrees tofund the losses, Cerchio said.Cerchio said he brings some shows that healready knows they can’t break even on, likethe St. Louis Symphony that he plans to bringnext year. If Cerchio wanted to break evenwith the St. Louis Symphony, he said the RiverCampus would have to charge $100 for tic-kets, which it will not do because then ticketsales would be affected.“Our ticket prices are where they should be,but there are a lot of people that think pricesare too high,” Cerchio said.Cerchio said it would be impossible tobring companies like the Russian NationalBalletTheatre if the River Campus box officedid not charge $34 to $40.Cerchio said people are seeing the sameshow they would see in Los Angeles or NewYork City and are saving a significant amountof expenses by reducing traveling costs.Cerchio has been booking touring agen-cies for 35 years, and he said his experienceand expertise has shown him what works andwhat does not.“I try to end up by the end of the year witheverything working out, the right amountof audience, right performance for the rightprice,” Cerchio said.“It’s a bit of an art itself.”Any profits made in shows go to the RiverCampus account, where the River Campusbox office will get funds to cover other shows’losses. Cerchio said he usually breaks even,and if there is any profit, it is not that much.Students need to see Swan Lake and per-forming arts because it is part of life, Cerchiosaid.“The arts represent the pinnacle of a cul-ture,” Cerchio said.“It represents movingbeyond merely sustaining our society to ele-vating it.”Hunsell said that one off the first thingsdancers read is Swan Lake.“It’s an iconic ballet, so it’s really awesometo bring something like this to SEMO,” Hun-sell said.Cerchio said people do not need to know alot about ballet to enjoy Swan Lake.“You hopefully will walk out feeling like abetter person, or being a better person,” Cer-chio said.For those who wish to pursue ballet dan-cing as a career, Daev said that ballet requirestotal commitment and hard work.“If you love it, it’s a wonderful life,” Daevsaid.Cerchio said sales have been normal so farand thinks sales will go well.“I hope people understand how special it isto have those companies in Cape Girardeau,”Cerchio said.“Some people go through alltheir lives and do not see what kind of art wepresent here.”Cerchio said a common reason people donot see performances is because they are toofar away.“This is right here, in your backyard, andwe hope people appreciate it and take advan-tage of it,” Cerchio said.The Russian National BalletTheatre willperform Swan Lake at 7:30 p.m. Friday at theDonald C. Bedell Performance Hall. Generalaudience tickets range from $34 to $40, whilestudents get a 50 percent discount when theypresent their Southeast ID.Tickets are availa-ble at the River Campus. For more informa-tion, visit rivercampusevents.com.