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Swan Lake - Cover


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Arrow 2013 04-19-1

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Swan Lake - Cover

  1. 1. A Partnership with Southeast Missouri State University and Rust Communications • To advertise, call 573-388-2741Â1 ARROW • week of April 24 - 30, 2013StudentselectSACofficersfornextyearSAVANNA MAUEONLINE EDITORWhen Anna Kauffmann and AngelaJacobs ran together in the StudentActivities Council executive electionthey were together as more than justrunning mates — they also areroommates. Kauffmann found out shewas elected president of SAC for the2013-2014 academic year on April 5 infront of Kent Library while her runningmate Jacobs was elected as vicepresident for the same term.“I felt pretty confident about it, but Ialso know that you can’t completely putyour hopes into it and not win,” Jacobssaid.“I had the mind set and washopeful that I was going to win. But Iknew the other person that wasrunning also, and I knew that theywould do a good job and so if they gotelected I would be OK with thatbecause that was how it was supposedto be.”The duo said they work welltogether and have similar ideas for howthey plan to run SAC in the fall.“Mainly maintain what [SAC] is nowbecause this year we’ve made a lot ofgreat changes and our attendance hasincreased like crazy,” Kauffmann saidabout their plans.“I really want to reacha different group on campus, I want toget a different groups of studentsinvolved in our activities and ourevents and bring in a lot of newmembers and just make our meetingsfun and a positive atmosphere.”SAC normally has 30 studentsattend its weekly meetings, but there isalways room for new members.“With the members of SAC, it’s justcoming together,” Jacobs said.“I feelthis year some people have been kindof distant and we haven’t had thecommunity that we have wanted. Ireally want to be able to build thatcommunity so that people will speakand the meetings are really open up towhat they want to see on campus andwhat they want to change with SAC andjust improvements.”Other members elected to theexecutive board were administrativeassistantTim Rosemann, special eventscoordinatorsTyler Rosemann and BenMulholland, comedy coordinator KaylaMengwasser, music coordinator KynliSmith, graphic designer StevenAmrhein, social media coordinatorTrevor Mulholland, films and lecturescoordinator Chris Dzurick andhistorian JennaWehner.According to Kauffmann, aspresident of SAC she will be responsiblefor leading the meetings, which consistof weekly executive and general bodymeetings as well as managing eventsand making sure they are completedsmoothly with enough volunteers.The vice president’s role, accordingto Jacobs, is to talk to prospectivestudents about SAC on Show Me Days,award points to SAC members whoparticipate in events as well asvolunteer, award member of the monthprizes, plan the holiday parties andoffer support to the president.SAC operates on a point system forits members.Those who volunteer andparticipate gain a point for each activityand once they reach a certain goal theyare rewarded with a prize. Jacobs saidthis is a great way to keep people activein the organization.“There’s a lot of students that reallyenjoy volunteering who show up atalmost all our events and they get lotsof points,” Jacobs said.“It’s a goodincentive and it’s also a way ofrewarding those who are volunteeringand supporting SAC fully.”Both executive members said theyare excited for next year and hope tokeep the meetings fun and open forstudents to express their opinions onwhat they would like SAC to become inthe future. Meetings are at 7 p.m. onTuesdays in the University CenterRedhawks room.AnnaKauffmann(left)andAngelaJacobs,thenewlyelectedpresidentandvicepresidentofSAC,intheirroomonMonday.PhotobyDrewYountSOUTHEAST MISSOURISTATE UNIVERSITYSTUDENTPUBLICATIONAPRIL 24-30, 2013Student run since 1911BRIEFSExpandAutism Center expands after receivingnew programming and federal fundingIn the last few months, there have been changes to how theAutism Center at Southeast Missouri State Universityoperates. In January the center accepted programmingfrom the University of MissouriThompson Center inColumbia, Mo., according to the director of the centerConnie Hebert.This entitled the center, the lone resource of its kind forthe southeast Missouri area, to funding.“There are a number of Southeast students who have anautism diagnosis,” said Dr.Victoria Moore, a clinicalpsychologist who is employed at the center.“Some of themparticipate in services here at our center, such as social skillsgroups. Our primary purpose is to provide diagnosticservices and direct therapies, so the majority of our clientsare not of college age. Most of our clients come from thecommunity, and we’ve served families from Arkansas,Tennessee, Kansas and Illinois as well as those fromsoutheast Missouri.”Since assuming this increase in area after the first of theyear, three behavioral analysts have been added to thefull-time staff at the center. Also, the staff at the center hasincreased to include a second psychologist to handle theworkload of the diagnostic evaluations, Hebert said.Read the full story at bank will close May 17 and willre-open on July 1 under new managementCommerce Bank will close on campus on May 17 whileuniversity officials install US Bank in the University Center.On July 1, students, staff and faculty will be able to use USBank on the first floor of the UC.The Board of Regents approved US Bank’s bid andSoutheast will replace Commerce Bank with US Bank.Commerce has been the bank in the UC at Southeast since2008, when it offered the best bid.The university must allownew bids for banking services every four years per Missourilaw.DebateSoutheast will host eighth congressionaldistrict debate at River Campus on May 28The four candidates attempting to win Missouri’s 8thCongressional District will debate at Southeast MissouriState University on May 28 in the Robert F. and Gertrude L.Shuck Music Recital Hall. KFVS and the Southeast Missou-rian will livestream the event, which is expected to last 90minutes, at 6:30 p.m.The four candidates for the vacancyare Doug Enyart, Steve Hodges, Bill Slantz and Jason Smith.FASHION FRIDAY. PAGES 8-9 + ​SwanLakeThe Russian National Ballet Theatre will perform Swan Lake on Friday in theBedell Performance Hall. Read the story on page 5 + ​