Greeks reinstate judicial boards


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Arrow 2013 03-08-11

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Greeks reinstate judicial boards

  1. 1. SEXUAL ASSAULT AWARENESS MONTH Â 11 ARROW • week of March 13 - 26, 2013 REINSTATE Southeast will have a 5K run and one-mile walk to raise awareness of Sexual Assault Awareness Month on April 18. Students can sign up by March 29 for a T-shirt and glow in the dark items.+​ GREEK community to self-govern GREEKS WHO VIOLATE THEIR ORGANIZATION’S RULES ARE NOW PUNISHED BY THEIR PEERS INSTEAD OF THE OFFICE OF STUDENT CONDUCTA member of each Greek organization to compose reinstated judicial boardANDREA GILS go through student conduct, and the judicial set up have not been followed in the past few She said that these types of measures willCOPY EDITOR boards could also hear it so that they could years either, Loy said. help them grow and learn not to do these provide their own sanctions,” Loy said. “We were supposed to have been having things while not being detrimental to theThe Interfraternity and the Panhellenic Coun- Infractions of the bylaws or the consti- it, but they [IFC and NPC] just weren’t being organization.cils at Southeast Missouri State University tution of the individual council, such as informed,” Loy said. “By taking away one chapter’s phi-have reinstated judicial boards this semester. recruitment or T-shirt infractions, would go to Loy added that all of the issues that would lanthropy, that organization isn’t getting thatStudents who violate the rules in their Greek the Greek judicial board. have been handled by the Greek judicial money, it’s not really hurting that chapter butorganization’s bylaws are now punished by A T-shirt violation could occur when a board were automatically sent to the Office of that organization,” Loving said. “I want ourtheir peers and no longer by the university’s Greek member volunteers during freshmen Student Conduct. Greek community to thrive and grow and bet-Office of Student Conduct. move-in day and wears a T-shirt including According to Skinner, reinstating both ter ourselves, and I think that we can do that.” Christine Loy, interim assistant director the letters of their Greek organization, ins- boards does not mean Greek students will Loving said that she was picked for herfor fraternities and sororities, said the aim of tead of wearing the university-issued one. Loy have a less severe punishment when it comes position because she was believed to behaving these boards is to provide the Greek said that wearing a T-shirt with Greek letters to sanctions. unbiased, to be able to hold all of the chapterscommunity with self-governance. If there are could be considered giving that organization “It’s scrutiny from their peers, which I think up to a higher standard and said that conflictsany issues, people can choose to report it to an unfair advantage because students will be is far more effective than the university always of interest would not be a problem.the judicial board of their council first, instead more familiar with it. being in the position of ‘You did this wrong, “I don’t think that [conflict of interest] willof sending it to the Office of Student Conduct A recruitment violation example would be so here’s your sanction.’ Now it’s your peers be an issue,” Loving said. “I won’t let it be anas it was done before. when Panhellenic sororities give anything saying ‘Here’s our policy, here’s why we believe issue.” Each judicial board is formed by one mem- to a potential new member or contact them you did that wrong and here’s the sanction,’ According to the Southeast IFC bylaws, ifber of each greek organization in the coun- during the recruitment process. Loy said and students relate better to students, some- the chief justice of the IFC Judicial Board, incil, who applied and interviewed for the posi- Greek students can only promote Greek life as times better than they do to an administra- this case Vining, is a member of the accusedtion, with one of them being the appointed a whole during recruitment process. tor,” Skinner said. or accusing fraternity, he must excuse himselfchairperson. Patrick Vining, pre-med major, is Bruce Skinner, assistant vice president for Loving said that by reinstating the boards, from hearing the case.the chairman of IFC’s board, and Tory Loving, student success and director of Residence the Greeks wanted to take some of the pres- Skinner also said that they have found that,exercise science and pre-physical therapy Life, will work with students if they have any sure off the university. in general, students are more interested inmajor, is the chairwoman of NPC’s board. Loy questions regarding university policy. Skin- “We think it’s really important that it [judi- being heard by the administrators than theiroperates as an adviser to the board but does ner said that IFC and NPC provide each indi- cial board] is in place and starts off right the peers because peers tend to be harsher.not have any voting privileges. vidual governing council with best practices, first time so that the university can see that we If a sorority or fraternity member makes an Loy said every officer received training one of which is having some kind of judicial can handle these things ourselves instead of infraction, an infraction form will be sent toat the beginning of the semester and both mechanism in place. them just cutting us down because they don’t Loy. If Loving decides a hearing is necessary,boards had a mock trial to see how a normal “Nationally, Panhellenic is required to understand the kind of punishments or con- other steps would follow, resulting in a twohearing would take place and decide on sanc- have judicial boards, and we’ve had them set sequences would really be helpful for us and to three week process, Loving said. She alsotions for a sample case. She said that the uni- up in the past but in recent years we haven’t, to be effective as a whole,” Loving said. said that after alcohol and other violations atversity still would know about an infraction so we’re pretty much just bringing back Loving’s aim is to give punishments that the beginning of the academic year, the uni-if there is a violation of the Student Code of something that we should have been having benefit Greeks educationally or service- versity is looking at Greeks and waiting forConduct. all along,” Loy said. wise such as requiring a set amount of ser- them to “mess up.” She said that the new judi- “If it’s something that is serious enough, It is also recommended that IFC has a vice hours as opposed to “fighting them and cial board would give more credibility to thelike a hazing case, then it would automatically board, but the bylaws that a judicial board is taking away things from their chapters.” Greeks. Worship Directory These local places of worship welcome you. 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