Disney Live! with Buzz


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Arrow 2012 11-02-6

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Disney Live! with Buzz

  1. 1. Â 6 ARROW • week of Nov. 7 - 13, 2012 ICELESS ICE RINKCREATE Student Activities Coucil organized bringing an iceless skating rink to the Student Recreation Center-North Nov. 7. Read the full story at southeastArrow.com for moreSHOW Me Center eventDISNEY LIVE! MICKEY’S MUSIC FESTIVAL TO INCLUDE CHARACTERS FROM DISNEY MOVIES AND SHOWSDisney Live! event brings classiccharacters to Show Me CenterANDREA GILS Mickey Mouse.COPY EDITOR “He’s our boss,” Manna said. “He truly is such a rockstar, so it’s a nice hug like saying,Children and young-at-heart grown ups will ‘Have a great show, pal.’”be able to see Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Manna said children can run to the frontDonald Duck and Goofy perform in Disney of the stage and give characters a high fiveLive! Mickey’s Music Festival at Southeast at Mickey’s Music Festival, which is a brandMissouri State University. new show that has not travelled through the There will be other special guests, inclu- U.S. before.ding Sebastian and Ursula from the Little Manna has performed in different places,Mermaid, Woody, Buzz and Jessie from Toy including Canada, Japan, Taiwan, the Philip-Story, and Aladdin, Jasmine and Genie from pines, Singapore, Australia and the U.S.Aladdin. “I had a great experience in Australia, but Disney Live! Mickey’s Music Festival is a honestly I’d say every country has been veryrock festival that includes singing, dancing, welcoming to us,” Manna said. “I wouldacting and storytelling. recommend that if you had the opportunity, Although the event is targeted to children go travel overseas as much as you can. It’s aand families, according to Show Me Cen- wonderful experience.”ter marketing director Joshua Hanlon, it is Manna said he does not get bored in hisfun for people of all ages, and Disney shows job.have always been a success at the Show Me “Every city we travel to there is somethingCenter. new, a new experience,” Manna said. “Seeing According to Nick Manna, who will per- families and children smile makes you loveform in the show as Buzz Lightyear from the what you are doing.” Nick Manna will play Buzz Lightyear in Disney Live! Mickey’s Music Festival Nov. 10 atToy Story movies, the show is a rock concert Calandra Jones-Jackson, a Southeast the Show Me Center. Submitted photofor families, but families could be any age. junior and mother of 2-year-old Cami- “My grandparents came to the show, and lle Moore, plans to take her daughter to thethey loved it,” Nick Manna said. “And my show. Jones-Jackson said her daughter wat- Disney, they learn from it more, they get begin at 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. on Nov. 10 at theyoung nieces came, and, of course, they ches Disney Channel, plays games on the more out of it,” Jones-Jackson said. Show Me Center.loved it as well.” Internet that have to do with Disney and lis- The show is 90 minutes long with a Tickets are $15, $23, $32 and $50, depen- Before performing in traveling shows, tens to Disney Radio on Pandora. 15-minute intermission. ding on the seats’ proximity to the stage, andManna danced in parades and shows at the “I like seeing her reactions because she “I believe live theater is such a great tool, can be purchased online at www.showme-Walt Disney Resort until 2010. gets so excited about seeing the characters,” and I think it will truly change their lives,” center.biz, at all Ticketmaster outlets or by “I was ready for a new experience, a new Jones-Jackson said. “She doesn’t know they Manna said. calling 800-745-3000.adventure. ... This is taking Disney to new aren’t real characters, and she learns so much Hanlon said he expects between 2,000 to There is no student discount and childrencities and new places,” Manna said. from them.” 5,000 people to attend the show. under 2 years old do not need to purchase a Manna will rollerblade and dance in the Jones-Jackson said she thinks it is impor- “If you have children, your kids will love ticket.opening number with Aladdin and will per- tant for children to be exposed to Disney you for taking them,” Hanlon said. “The There will be a $5 per vehicle charge andform the scene “Out of Space” portraying because they can learn so much from it. audience will leave the Show Me Center with $10 for premium parking, both collected inBuzz Lightyear. As a ritual before starting “Sometimes as a parent you don’t know a smile.” the Show Me Center lots.every show, Manna said he gives a big hug to how to teach kids some things, and with Disney Live! Mickey’s Music Festival willCrisp museum features environmentally friendly exhibitsSAVANNA MAUE Quick-to-See Smith became Wednesday, Ambrose-Smith said or an etching, or it’s a wood cutONLINE EDITOR interested in the environmental he began painting at 22 months because that’s the tradition that I aspects of art at an early age. She old. From the time his mother gave came through.”Mother and son artists Jaune accredits this to her father and her him some chocolate pudding to eat, Quick-to-See Smith’s workQuick-to-See Smith and Neal tribe. Ambrose-Smith also cares his style of art has constantly been addresses issues pertaining to theAmbrose-Smith are featured in the about the environment and has evolving. Native American experience, espe-current exhibit at Rosemary Ber- been teaching non-toxic printma- Many of Ambrose-Smith’s earlier cially what’s going on today. Ngu-kel and Harry L. Crisp II Museum king for five years. pieces centered around animals. yen said “even when we look atat Southeast Missouri State Quick-to-See Smith creates work From there he expanded his work someone’s work we tend to look atUniversity’s River Campus. addressing the myths of her ances- to cover another aspect of his child- what they’re focusing on, and even The Tribal Diversity exhibit has tors in the context of current issues hood. Ambrose-Smith spoke about though they’re focusing just on spe-been in the planning stages for facing American Indians while his 1966 Batman comic book that cific subject matter if we look at itover a year now and is being shown Ambrose-Smith often mixes tribal was the basis for one of his prints. more broadly it can be applied tothrough Jan. 27. Quick-to-See Smith imagery and humor with current Recently he has completed a few other elements and issues.”and Ambrose-Smith presented their events and political issues. more pieces using different printing While lecturing Quick-To-Seeworks and have both lectured and “I would describe Neal’s work as types to achieve different styles. Smith said some of her main focu-offered workshops at a printma- more experimental. He’ll use many “Everything that I do is the com- ses are “humor, community andking conference at the River Cam- techniques, so I would describe plete opposite of what you are sup- tribe. When we come together Jaune Quick-to-See Smithpus Nov. 1-3. them in the difference between the posed to do in a professional print that is when America is the stron- discusses one of her pieces being “Compared to the other ones two. His work’s images to me are shop,” Ambrose-Smith said. “I break gest. Nature and medicine are also shown in Crisp Museum. Photo by[exhibits] that we have done, this more contemporary and where as all of the traditional rules. I don’t use together. Nature is our church; it is Savanna Maueone I think for me has a stronger Jaune’s work is more traditional,” any newsprint; I put a shower cur- our place of worship. And medicineconnection with the artists because Nguyen said. tain on the press bed because then comes from the nature. Wisdom exhibitions and lectured at moreI had to work with them to put this Many of Ambrose-Smith’s newer I can just wipe it off. I’m not genera- and knowledge are also for the elder than 200 universities, museums andexhibit together,” museum direc- works incorporate elements of his ting waste, and I’m not using water people. We celebrate elders for their conferences internationally, mosttor and art instructor Peter Ngu- past such as comic books while also and I’m just cleaning up with a dry great wisdom.” recently at five universities in China.yen said. using aspects from his Native Ame- rag if there’s any residuals.” Quick-to-See Smith has had Rosemary Berkel and Harry L. Nguyen also said that he does not rican heritages as well. Ambrose- Quick-to-See Smith spoke about over 100 solo exhibits in the past 40 Crisp II Museum is open from 10think the mother and son have wor- Smith’s pieces are classified as her son’s creativity saying, “My work years and has done printmaking a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Fri-ked together very much and that it various media but are mainly classi- is old fashioned compared to my projects nationwide. During that day and 1-4 p.m. on weekends.is rare to have an exhibit where they fied as prints. son’s, who I consider to be cutting time, she organized and/or cura-show their work together. During the Smiths’ lecture last edge. My work is either a lithograph ted more than 30 Native AmericanA Partnership with Southeast Missouri State University and Rust Communications • To advertise, call 573-388-2741