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Colin Powell visits Southeast for Speakers Series


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Arrow 2012 Issue: Sept. 19-25

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Colin Powell visits Southeast for Speakers Series

  1. 1. Â 4 ARROW • week of Sept. 19 - 25, 2012 NEW DIRECTOR HIREDCOMMENCE For the full story about the Show Me Center director visit​SHOW Me Center directorSOUTHEAST GRADUATE WILLIAM GORMAN TOOK OVER AS DIRECTOR ON MONDAYGen. Colin L. Powell visitsSoutheast for Speakers Series According to the biography provided by theANDREA GILS Washington Speakers Bureau, during his timeCOPY EDITOR as chairman, Powell oversaw 28 crises, inclu- ding the U.S. invasion of Panama in 1989 andRetired Gen. Colin L. Powell, the son of Jamai- Operation Desert Storm in 1991.can immigrants and later became the Secre- Powell has received awards from moretary of State, is coming to Southeast Missouri than 24 countries, including an honoraryState University. knighthood bestowed by H.M. Queen Eliza- Powell has devoted over 50 years of his life beth II of Great public service. He held senior military posi- Finance and accounting major Robin Frohntions, earned several civil and military awards said he is looking forward to the event since heand has held diplomatic positions throughout has had an interest in U.S. politics for a longthe presidential administrations. time. Powell was the National Security Advi- “My feelings toward the U.S. became increa-ser during President Ronald Reagan’s term, singly negative during the war in Afghanistan,the first African-American officer to become Iraq, as well as their government and Repu-chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff during blicans,” Frohn said. “When Colin PowellPresident George H.W. Bush and President Bill came out and spoke of his failings and theClinton’s terms and he served as Secretary of truth, it restored a lot of my faith in the U.S.State during George W. Bush’s presidency. government having good people. I have Powell is part of the University Speaker always respected him for his intelligence andSeries, coordinated by Campus Life. He will dedication.”speak at 7:30 p.m. Oct. 2, at the Show Me Shaver said there will be a round-table dis-Center. cussion for 20 students, who will be invited to This year’s coordinator of the event is join the meeting. Shaver is working with seve-Joanna Shaver, campus programming ral entities on campus including the ROTCcoordinator. Office, the Department of Political Science and war veterans to select those 20 students.“When Colin Powell came out “We are looking for students that are intelli- gent — they are aware of current events, theyand spoke of his failings and have a genuine interest in getting this wonder-the truth, it restored a lot of my ful opportunity to meet Colin Powell almost on a one-on-one basis,” Shaver in the U.S. government If Frohn was given the chance to have a one-on-one interview with Powell, he said hehaving good people. I have would ask Powell if he could get him a job as an intern in the White House, in the Senate or Retired General Colin L. Powell. Submitted Photoalways respected him for his in Congress. Shaver said she is working with theintelligence and dedication.” Southeast Bookstore to have some of Powell’s books available for sale, but she does notRobin Frohn believe he will sign any of them. Powell’s best-seller “My American Journey” Campus Life has worked with several has been published in more than a dozen lan-speaker agencies and contacted the Wash- guages. It chronicles his life and its influences,ington Speakers Bureau to bring Powell to as well as what he has learned during his lifeSoutheast. The selection of speakers and about personal rules and character.topics for this year’s Speakers Series began in His second book, “It Worked For Me,” wasthe spring. published in May. Powell’s speech is entitled “Diplomacy: Per- Students can get free tickets by presentingsuasion, Trust, and Values.” He has another their Southeast ID on the second floor of theprepared speech about leadership, but Sha- University Center. General admission is $10.ver decided not to choose it because another For more information about tickets contactspeaker of the series, former St. Louis Cardi- the Show Me Center box office at 573-651-5000nals manager Tony La Russa, will speak on that or online at Shaver said she wanted to have diversityin the topics presented. Walk over to get: • Allergy Meds • Vaccines for Flu, HPV and Meningitis • Bandages • Aspirin & More15% OFF YOUR ENTIRE PURCHASE # 1 274 S. MOUNT AUBURN RD. LOCATED NEAR McALISTER S DELI (573) 335-8207 Most major insurance acceptedA Partnership with Southeast Missouri State University and Rust Communications • To advertise, call 573-388-2741