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Andrea Cook Bio History Portfolio Summary


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People ask me, "What do you do?"

Here's my story. Just an overview. I'd like to learn more about what you are specifically interested in knowing so I can share details.

I'm seeking the right opportunity to make an impact with an innovative and influential organization in NYC.

Let's connect.

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Andrea Cook Bio History Portfolio Summary

  1. 1. Social. Visual. Innovator. Andrea Cook, Consultant for Hire Twitter/andreacook
  2. 2. Andrea Cook is a digital media communications professional with 14 years of creating award-winning marketing and design programs including: - branding event marketing community management content development
  3. 3. The portfolio of clients she has acquired includes Fortune 500 brands, top tier law firms and some of the industry leading digital and social agencies.
  4. 4. The roles have varied. Here are some highlights…
  5. 5. Curated content from a 5-city conference circuit into contributed blog posts, photos and infographics that have received engagement of over 50K re-shares.
  6. 6. Content Marketing
  7. 7. Content Marketing Created and published 50 pieces of real-time content covering SXSW that reached over 802K impressions on Twitter. 95% of content was produced by one smartphone and mobile apps.
  8. 8. PR, Content Strategy, Media and Influencer Outreach Content strategy and influencer outreach results included brand and link placement on leading influencer blogs and social sharing. One opportunity allowed for client to showcase spring fashions on the Today Show.
  9. 9. Integrated Marketing
  10. 10. Integrated Marketing Spearheaded a global rebranding rollout leading to the acquisition of 200 leads from Fortune 500 brands generating $10 million in sales.
  11. 11. Integrated Marketing, Community Development Launched a user blog in 2005 with 100% client registration as a tool for customer service and community development.
  12. 12. Branding Rollout Implemented rebranding program for a 500+ attorney law firm with an award-winning on-demand brochure system across multi-practices.
  13. 13. Digital and Social Strategy, Facebook Campaigns Digital and social strategy included a $500 Facebook campaign budget that resulted in $80K ROI in 30 days.
  14. 14. Social. Visual. Innovator. Klout Score: 66 (as of Oct 2013) Recommendations available upon request. Andrea Cook, Consultant for Hire Twitter/andreacook