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Andrea Gangemi: project portfolio


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My projects since 1998 (Last update: March 2016)

Published in: Engineering
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Andrea Gangemi: project portfolio

  1. 1. Andrea Gangemi Projects Portfolio (1998-2016) Andrea Gangemi last update March 2016
  2. 2. My Projects ●Flextronics (since 2011) oPortable Medical Devices ●Pietro Fiorentini (2009 - 2011) oEVCD Firmware ●Motorola (2005 - 2008) oSymbian Uiq Multimedia features oRFC4975 (MSRP) ●Laben (2002 - 2005) oAGILE oSHARAD oPCDF ●Galber ASE (1998 - 2002) oDigital Inclinometer prototype oLiquid Level Gauge prototype oDiving Computer Firmware
  3. 3. Flextronics (1/2) Portable Medical Devices ●System Engineer/Technical Lead oResponsible for analyzing, defining, and implementing system requirements. oScouting new solutions in the HW/SW domain (Wireless technologies, wearable devices etc). oSupporting the Program Manager in planning the project schedule. oParticipating in dFMEA, Fault Tree Analysis and Cybersecurity assessments. oActing as technical front-end for the customer. oCoordinating the design of subsystems (mechanical/Electrical/Software) and integration of the system.
  4. 4. Flextronics (2/2) Portable Medical Devices ●SW Development lead oSW and Algorithms requirements and architecture. oDesign of cryptographic/anticounterfeit features. oDesign of virtual file systems based on the USB MSC standard. oDesign of algorithms to detect the positioning of the device wrt the patient skin. oC development on RTOS (uc/OS II) with MISRA compliance. oDefining the SW release plan. ●Product Validation oFMEA and Fault Tree Analysis . oSemi-Automatic generation of the SW documentation . oPython/C Configuration & Validation Tools. oSupporting the validation campaign for EMC, IP and Shock.
  5. 5. Pietro Fiorentini Flow Computers (EVCD) for Gas Metering ●CTR (UNI-TS 11291) Communication Protocol oRequirements Analysis & Negotiation. oUML SW Architecture. oCryptographic Algorithm Analysis & Implementation from scratch. oCode Performance Analysis (CacheGrind). ● Low Level Drivers oPressure & Temperature I2C bus management. oRTC Quartz Parabolic Compensation. oC language implementation on Nucleus and Proprietary OS (NEC 78K0R, Freescale ColdFire and TI MSP430). ●Product Validation oPython/C Configuration & Validation Tools oEMC Test Support
  6. 6. Motorola MSRP (RFC4975) ●Text based protocol for exchanging binary contents. oRequirements analysis. oUML SW architecture. oC language implementation on Linux mobile platforms. oLeading the international development team (up to 10 Engineers). oShowcasing prototypes in USA. Symbian Uiq ●Multimedia Domain Lead (Media Player, streaming etc.) oSOW definition. oRequirements negotiation. oFollow up internal and third-parties development.
  7. 7. SHARAD ●Subsurface sounding radar for the NASA Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. oRequirements negotiation and SW architecture. oLed the design team of the On-board SW. oC and ASM development of data acquisition, signal processing, high resolution timer algorithm and telemetry (Virtuoso RTOS on AD DSP). oDirectly involved during the Assembly, Integration & Verification phase (AIV), including Satellite integration in USA. Laben (1/2)
  8. 8. Laben (2/2) AGILE ●ASI satellite for Gamma Ray Observation. oDriver development of satellite high energy detectors. oSW version management using CVS. PCDF ●Microgravity life science experiment for the International Space Station. oC development (VxWorks RTOS) of serial driver, motor controls and Telemetry management. oHW/SW integration.
  9. 9. Galber ASE Diving Computers Firmware ●Calculate and display Nitrogen absortion in human tissues during scuba-diving. oRequirements negotiation. oImpact Analysis for algorithm implementation on 8-bit microcontroller. oC implementation (NEC-78K0 series) Transducers development ●Level meter oHW and FW design. oInvolved in mechanical specification (IP65). o100% PIC ASM, including fixed point math, ADC, I2C, keyboard and display. ●Bi-axial tilt meter oHW and FW design. oC and ASM development on TI MSP430. oRS485 custom protocol. oLabWindows PC interface.
  10. 10. Contacts: Andrea Gangemi email: tel: +39 340 5987091 skype: andreagangemi linkedIn: