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Quilts made with clothing


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Up-cycle clothing into a quilt. Here are examples of a variety of quilts made from an assortment of clothing types. Too Cool T-shirt Quilts can take your old and special clothing and make a quilt for you!

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Quilts made with clothing

  1. 1. Quilts Made With Clothing Repurpose your clothing into a Too Cool quilt. Here are some examples of a variety of clothing quilts we have made. Too Cool T-shirt Quilts You are more than welcome to call us here at Too Cool T-shirt Quilts with any questions you have about your T-shirt quilt. 269-749-9249 Copyright 2013 Too Cool T-shirt Quilts Inc. and Too Cool T-shirt Quilts International LLC
  2. 2. Quilt Made With PJ’s
  3. 3. Quilt With Dance Outfits
  4. 4. Quilt Made With Wool Skirts Doilies
  5. 5. Quilt Made With Men’s Dress Shirts
  6. 6. Baby Clothes Quilt
  7. 7. Quilt Made With Golf Shirts
  8. 8. Quilt Made With Patches
  9. 9. A Quilt Made From Grandmother’s Clothing
  10. 10. A Quilt Made From Grandfather’s Clothing 10