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Early detection a.fletcher

  1. 1. Medical Advisory Board Quality assurance Maine Cancer Registry US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Cancer Treatment Centers and Cancer Treating Hospitals Treatment and Complications (Per Memorandums of Understandings) American Cancer Society Public Health Education, client referral via call center Maine Breast and Cervical Health Program Client Referral Healthy Maine Partnerships Public Health Education/recruitment Maine Tribes Client Recruitment and Referral/Education Free Clinics Client Recruitment and Referral Maine Primary Care Association/ Federally Qualified Health Centers Client Recruitment and Referral Maine CDC/Comprehensive Cancer Control Program Program planning and oversight, fiscal management, provider contracting, public education, cost data collection and tracking, evaluation and outreach, client In-reach to MBCHP Maine Health Systems: MaineHealth, MaineGeneral, Eastern Maine Health System, Central Maine Healthcare Eligibility determination, screening and diagnostic follow-up services, referral to cancer treatment, patient support services and data collection and reporting Medical Care Development Program and Data Management Cost/screening data collection and tracking, fiscal management, and provider contracting Maine Center for Public Health Evaluation Burgess Advertising & Marketing Maine Colorectal Cancer Control Program Design
  2. 2. • Build a supportive infrastructure for a statewide CRC screening program by January 1, 2010. • To establish procedures and protocols to guide the screening program by January 1, 2010. • To develop data collection and tracking tools by January 1, 2010. • To implement the statewide screening program within the priority population by June 30, 2010. • To develop and implement a public education campaign to raise awareness of the colorectal cancer screening program by June 30, 2010. • To develop and implement a comprehensive evaluation plan for the colorectal cancer screening program by June 30, 2010. • To establish a contingency plan to ensure effective handling of complications and cancer diagnoses by December 1, 2009. Maine Colorectal Cancer Control Program: Year 1 Goals (2009-2010)
  3. 3. Maine Colorectal Cancer Control Program: Clinical and Service Quality Data for Year 1 Indicator CMHC EMHS MG MH Total CDC Benchmark Number of calls received to the toll-free number. 45 208 83 109 445 Number of persons enrolled (as of Jun-29, 2010). 14 69 18 43 144 Number of persons screened with colonoscopy 9 39 7 9 64 250 Number of persons screened with FIT. 0* 0* 0* 0* 0* Number of FIT testing requiring f/u diagnostic colonoscopy. N/A* N/A* N/A* N/A* 0* Percent of abnormal test results with diagnostic follow-up completed. 7/7 18/18 4/4 2/2 31/31 ≥90% Number of CRC cases detected overall. 0 0 0 0 0 Number of polyps detected and removed. 4 35 13 4 56 Percent of diagnosed cancers with treatment initiated. NA NA NA NA NA ≥90% Percent of cancers diagnosed with treatment initiated within 60 days. NA NA NA NA NA ≥80% Data Source: Primarily from the CCDE Database; call-related information obtained from program coordinators at each participating health system. Notes: *FIT offered, but not utilized in Year 1 of implementation. NA= Data not available at the time of compilation of this report.
  4. 4. • Cancer Plan Goal 9: Early Detection Promote, increase, optimize, and support the use of high quality cancer screening tests and follow-up services in Maine for all detectable cancers. Objective 9.3: Increase to 80% the proportion of adults ages 50 and older who have ever received a colonoscopy or sigmoidoscopy by 2015. (Baseline: 72.6%, BRFSS, 2008) Maine Colorectal Cancer Control Program: How are we contributing to the implementation of the Cancer Plan?
  5. 5. Thank you! Andrea G. Fletcher Comprehensive Health Planner Maine Comprehensive Cancer Control Program andrea.fletcher@maine.gov