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Creating Happy Workplaces with Henry Stewart


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Slides of our monthly Management 3.0 meetup in London.
This session was led by Henry Stewart, CEO of Happy Ltd, about how to create more happy workplaces. Finding our strenghts, having the freedom to put them to use and a trusting environment that helps build human connections and friendships at the workplace.

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Creating Happy Workplaces with Henry Stewart

  1. 1. London M3.0 Meetup Changing the way we manage Andrea Darabos Lean Agile Coach, Trainer LEAN ADVANTAGE Ltd. Ryan Behrman Agile Coach EPAM Systems
  2. 2. Creating a Happy Workplace & Great Customer Service Henry Stewart Happy Ltd
  3. 3. Less than 2 Years More than 2 Years Been at your organisation
  4. 4. Loredana Madonna I prefer
  5. 5. Avoid Mistakes Celebrate Mistakes
  6. 6. Attitude Skills and Qualifications Recruit for
  7. 7. NoYes Each day at work I get to do what I am best at
  8. 8. Being told what to do Complete Freedom I prefer Freedom Within Guidelines
  9. 9. No Yes I have a good work-life balance
  10. 10. NoYes People are good
  11. 11. I believe people are… (Theory X) Unmotivated Work only for reward Need supervision (Theory Y) Self-motivated Want to do well Eager to learn
  12. 12. My company believes… (Theory X) Unmotivated Work only for reward Need supervision (Theory Y) Self-motivated Want to do well Eager to learn
  13. 13. Nice to HaveKey Priority Happy Workplace
  14. 14. Creating a Happy Workplace Henry Stewart Happy Ltd
  15. 15. Best Workplaces: UK Top 20
  16. 16. People work best when they feel good about themselves
  17. 17. How would your organisation be different if the focus of management was making people feel good?
  18. 18. Alex Edmans, Wharton Business School £100,000 £231,000
  19. 19. Its not about fun….
  20. 20. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Self -actualisation Self-esteem Belonging Safety Physical Needs: Eat, Sleep
  21. 21. Pyramid of Management Needs Trust Freedom Challenge Support Communication Reward
  22. 22. Pre Approve It
  23. 23. What could you pre-approve?
  24. 24. Good communicator Express interest Be productive and results-oriented Empower, don't micromanage Help with career development Key technical skills Be a good coach Clear vision Project Oxygen
  25. 25. 1. Be a good coach 2. Empower, don't micromanage 3. Express interest 4. Be productive and results-oriented 5. Good communicator 6. Help with career development 7. Clear vision 8. Key technical skills. Project Oxygen
  26. 26. Principles Targets Job Ownership Feedback Support
  27. 27. Who would you recruit?
  28. 28. Choose who manages people based on how good they are at ….
  29. 29. Choose who manages people based on how good they are at …. managing people
  30. 30. Roles of Management Strategy Decision Making Supporting Challenging Coaching
  31. 31. Roles of Management Role A Strategy Decision Making Role B Supporting Challenging Coaching
  32. 32. Choose your manager
  33. 33. Play to your strengths
  34. 34. At your best
  35. 35. 1. Get people to do what they are good at 2. Give them the freedom to do it well 3. Make them happy
  36. 36. One thing I like about these ideas...
  37. 37. Creating a Happy Workplace Henry Stewart 07870 682442 Twitter: happyhenry
  38. 38. 1. Trust Your People 2. Make Your People Feel Good 3. Give Freedom within Clear Guidelines 4. Be Open and Transparent 5. Recruit for Attitude, Train for Skill 6. Celebrate Mistakes 7. Community: Create Mutual Benefit 8. Love Work, Get a Life 9. Select Managers Who are Good at Managing 10. Play to your strengths