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Blog optimization seo best practice


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Brief summary what to think about when writing a blog

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Blog optimization seo best practice

  1. 1. Blog Optimization – SEO Best Practice SEO/SEM & Search – Web Presence Optimization Andrea Berberich 1
  2. 2. Blog Optimization – SEO Best Practice When writing a blog consider SEO and think Mobile. Think of your blog as another way of promoting your company, products, purpose, and solutions. Remember that you are also promoting yourself as a blogger as well. Here are some items to consider:  Work with experts of the subject you want to blog about  Review web sites and blogs with high authority & trust • Do keyword discovery, research and competitive analysis and select high search volume keywords, keyword phrases 2
  3. 3. Blog Optimization – SEO Best Practice 2-3 • If you refer to a specific website consult with the owner about the keywords they want you to use • Use recommended keywords or keyword phrases within your blog and link back to the pages you are blogging about • Make sure you have the original URLs you want to link to, don’t use vanity URLs • Find out whether any other promotional items were created such as infographics, graphics, videos, PDFs, deck, “free download,” etc. Consider to address them and link to them • Cross link to existing blogs with reputable third party web- and blog sites 3
  4. 4. Blog Optimization – SEO Best Practice 3-3  Graphics are great in blogs especially when they are linked from        Pinterest, Flickr, etc. Make sure to add the primary keyword in the file name, add titles, description & alt text Cross link your blog with press releases, articles & web pages that are created simultaneously Make sure to promote your blog on Social Media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and/or any other social media channels your audience uses Make sure your blogs are published on Technorati and alike vertical search engines ( Encourage your co-workers & friends to “like” and re-share your blog Have you setup your Google+ account yet? Make sure to add “rel Author” tag plug-in 4
  5. 5. Thank you! Andrea Berberich 5