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Designing a Strong Accelerator Curriculum


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How to design a curriculum for your startup by Andrea Barrica with 500 Startups

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Designing a Strong Accelerator Curriculum

  1. 1. / /// Designing a Strong Curriculum with Andrea Barrica, Venture Partner
  2. 2. / /// Questions To Ask Stage of the company? Accelerator VS. incubator? Is this a “doing” or “learning” program? General or specific industries? One point of contact VS. general mentors? What does success look like at the end of my program?
  3. 3. / /// Keys to Great Accelerator 1) Quality and Curation 1) Community 1) Iterate, Iterate, Iterate
  4. 4. / /// Quality and Curation Activity: Turn to your partner and present your curriculum and how you have curated it for top quality and specifically for your audience.
  5. 5. / /// Community Discussion Topic: Why is building community important for an accelerator?
  6. 6. / /// 1) “Batch” sizing 2) Social Media + self-organization 3) Some staff support just in beginning Bonding = great NPS scores & future deal flow! Community
  7. 7. / /// Iterate, Iterate, Iterate
  8. 8. / /// Iterate, Iterate, Iterate
  9. 9. / /// Iterate, Iterate, Iterate Some actual Mid-Batch feedback from B14 co’s:
  10. 10. / /// Iterate, Iterate, Iterate “The mentor network has very little experience in with the medical market. It would be great to be able to tap into existing relationships and get more help understanding the sales cycles in this market.” - B14 founder in Digital Health track
  11. 11. / /// Iterate, Iterate, Iterate “I would like to get very specific with developing a fund-raising plan and working on all the key steps to execute against it... I would like to see [POC] force me into some structure and accountability.” – B14 founder
  12. 12. / /// Iterate, Iterate, Iterate We've been struggling to get the most out of the program while also maintaining focus on growing our team and growth and operations back in South Africa. It's definitely meant that we haven't felt like we could engage as much as we would have wanted to with the amazing people and resources that are available. - B14 founder
  13. 13. / /// Designing a Strong Curriculum with Andrea Barrica, Venture Partner Q&A @abarrica